Wolf vs Thermador Range – What You Need to Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

Wolf vs Thermador Range - What You Need to Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

The reign of ranges: Wolf and Thermador. Similar in looks, high-performance versatile cooking features, and price point, both brands are known for premium professional quality and reliability that stands the test of time. What are the differences and how do you choose? It really comes down to how you and your family would like to experience cooking and baking.

Wolf and Thermador ranges are two great brands known for excellent customer care with Wolf edging out the competition by a razor-thin margin. Wolf range stands alone with its head-turning iconic red knobs that always create a recognizable statement piece. Thermador range, a trusted brand for over 85 years, is a bit more understated on the outside but remains a stalwart in the Thermador appliances kitchen suite lineup. Both offer different features that speak to today’s lifestyle and diet choices. Thermador offers a steam oven for baking bread, delicate desserts and healthier steamed side dishes. Wolf offers versatility and precision cooking features using technology such as an infrared grill and induction cooking surfaces. In addition, Wolf carries an amazing corporate culture around customer satisfaction which sets the company apart from all other appliance manufacturers.

In this guide, we’ll go into detail about Wolf and Thermador range to compare these two high-quality brands and help you choose the right one for your family.


Wolf Range Overview

Wolf range has three distinct styles available — gas, dual fuel, and induction. Wolf gas ranges fuel both the oven and the cooktop with natural gas or liquid propane. Dual fuel ranges, on the other hand, feature a gas cooktop and an electric oven, offering more baking power and adding the convenience of self-clean. Finally, Wolf induction ranges combine an induction cooktop with an electric oven. Otherwise, they share the same features like the dual fuel range.

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Comparison of Wolf Ranges

Series Main Configurations Price
Wolf Gas Ranges: Come in 30/36/48, or 60-inch width sizes. Dual stacked sealed burners and convection oven are standard. You can customize the top with grill, griddle, dual griddle or a French top. Start at $4,726
Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges: Share the same configuration as the all gas grills. However, the convection oven is electric powered with self-clean. Start at $6,480
Wolf Induction Ranges: 30-inch or 36-inch options. Share the same oven with the Dual Fuel ranges. Professional or transitional handle options. Start at $6,460

Thermador Range Overview

Thermador range offers two primary product series—Pro Harmony and Pro Grand. Pro Harmony ranges feature a 24-inch depth that smoothly fits in standard cabinets without protruding.

Pro Grand series ranges are indeed commercial-grade ranges, featuring a 27-inch depth and more cooking options—like a 22,000 BTU extra-power burner. They also offer more cooktop combinations.

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All Thermador ranges currently come paired with a free dishwasher promotion. Below is a table which explains differences:

Comparison of Thermador Pro-Harmony vs Pro-Grand Ranges

Series Pro-Harmony Pro-Grand
Depth 24-inches flush with cabinets 27-inches commercial depth
Width Options 30/36/48-inch 36/48/60-inch
Extra Low Simmer On 2 burners On 4 burners
Maximum Burner Power 18,000 BTU’s 22,000 BTU’s
Oven Options Gas or Electric Gas or Electric or Steam
Cooktop Options Grill, Griddle Grill, Griddle, Induction
Warming Drawer No Yes
Connected/Smart Yes Yes
All Gas Models Start at $4,849 Start at $8,099
Dual Fuel Models Start at $6,199 Start at $9,699

5 Important factors to consider when shopping for a new range

Let’s dive into the options available for Wolf and Thermador range when it comes to design, size and fuel type.

(1) Size and Fuel Options of Wolf and Thermador Ranges

Before we go any further, it’s probably important to define some terms. What exactly is a ‘pro’ range? Generally, a pro range is designed to bring the industrial kitchen look and functionality to your home. They feature bulky handles, heavy cast-iron grates, bigger, and thicker knobs and more cooking power than standard consumer ranges. High-end pro ranges offer high BTU output that can help you sear a steak. At the same time, burners can simmer sauces at super low temperatures. Oven cavities have well-circulated heat, air and humidity combination and precise temperature controls.

Both Wolf and Thermador produce professional-style ranges that can be used in regular home kitchens. Just make sure you have adequate ventilation.

Generally, stoves are classified by their widths. Both Wolf and Thermador come in 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60”, with the 48” and 60” ranges offering double oven configurations in both company product lines.

Pros and Cons of Fuel Types

Trying to decide whether to go gas, dual-fuel, or induction for your range? Each brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Gas cooktops tend to be more popular and offer vivid visual feedback while cooking. Electric ovens boast faster preheating times and even cooking results. In addition, electric ovens generally provide the convenience of self-cleaning.

Induction ranges are the most efficient when it comes to the cooking surfaces. They are able to boil the water faster than gas as there is a minimum amount of heat loss between the glass cooking surface and pots.

Gas ranges use standard electricity for the igniter and the lights and generally come with a less expensive price tag. Meanwhile, electric and induction ranges require a 220V electrical outlet.

In general, we recommend dual fuel ranges. These allow you to enjoy the benefits of a gas cooktop with the power of an electric oven.

If you want more information on gas vs dual fuel ranges, please check out our earlier blog post.

(2) Cooking Performance & Customization Options

How do Wolf and Thermador stack up when it comes to power and customization of your cooking experience? Let’s find out.

Burner Types & Burner Performances

A Thermador range is widely known for its unique Star Burner design. These star-shaped burners aren’t just visually showy—they’re designed to transfer heat more effectively, resulting in better heat distribution and fewer cold spots thanks to 56% better coverage than a standard circular burner.


Thermador also offers multiple cooktop combinations and arrangements:
* 30-inch models: 4 or 5 burners.
* 36-inch models: 6 burners or 4 burners + built-in grill or griddle.
* 48-inch models: 8 burners or 6 burners + grill or griddle, 4 burners + grill and griddle or 6 burners + induction cooktop.
* 60-inch models: 6 burners + griddle or 6 burners + griddle and grill.


Depending on the model you select, your Thermador cooktop may feature a built-in griddle or grill accessories. Griddles are an excellent feature for cooking pancakes or heating up bread, while grills are perfect for meat, fish, or veggies. Thermador also offers indoor electric grilling, which features a fusion coating surface, non-stick, non-PTFE, and rust-proof cast aluminum grill. Ceramic briquettes enable even heat distribution while improving the efficiency of energy use.

When it comes to burner power, Thermador is no slouch. Their models feature up to 18,000 BTU on Pro Harmony models and up to 22,000 BTU on Pro Grand products. They also feature an ExtraLow burner designed to stabilize temperature around 100F, perfect for simmering, melting chocolate, or gently warming up food.

Wolf range burners, though featuring the standard circular design rather than the star pattern, are no less powerful. These dual-stacked sealed burners provide two rings of flame addressing both the need for power as well as low temperature simmer. Dual stacked burners are easy to clean and available in an array of different sizes to suit various sizes of pots and pans.

Wolf also boasts induction ranges with full induction cooktops. These are 30” wide with four heating zones or 36” wide with five heating zones. Users can also use burners together with custom bridging options to accommodate larger pans.

Wolf gas ranges feature 15,000 BTU max power for their burners, while dual-fuel ranges feature up to 20,000 BTU max power. Like Thermador, some offer simmering ability at low temperatures (as low as 300 BTU for perfect simmering).

Wolf’s charbroiler grill, included on some models, features a 16,000 BTU infrared burner, designed to offer the high-heat intensity that’s perfect for that grilled-in flavor and flawless sear. Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you have to miss out on grilling.


  • Wolf also has various cooktop combinations.
    • 30” models: 4 burners.
    • 36” models: 6 burners or 4 burners + built-in infrared Charbroiler or griddle.
    • 48” models: 8 burners, 6 burners + built-in infrared Charbroiler or griddle, 4 burners + infrared Charbroiler and griddle, 4 burners + double griddle, 4 burners + french top.
      60” models: various infrared Charbroiler, Griddle, French top and burner combinations.

(3) Oven Types & Oven Performances

Thermador offers steam oven options with convection capability, available in the 48” and 60” models. The steam cooking option keeps vitamins and juices inside your food, making it healthier and more delicious. It also allows for faster cooking than other options.

For convection cooking, Thermador uses the Speed Convection System for uniform heat distribution inside the oven. The result? Evenly cooked dishes, every time. Meanwhile, the third element convection design promotes airflow on multiple levels without flavor transfer.

Thermador ovens also offer pre-programmed cooking modes.

When it comes to Wolf, you’ll find a twin convection system with not one but two convection fans inside the oven. This system also offers independent temperature sensors that control the temperature and activate the fans the moment they’re needed. The result is perfect heat distribution and cooking. Wolf features a 30,000 BTU bake and 18,000 BTU infrared broil feature, too. Together with the convection capabilities of these ovens, they offer exceptional cooking results.


Cleaning Options

Thermador’s cleaning features include a QuickClean base system for the cooktop, which features raised gas burners that make it easy to clean underneath. Thermador also boasts a powerful self-cleaning option for the oven, increasing the heat to extremely high levels to burn off stains. This self-cleaning cycle is also one of the fastest on the market at only 2.5 hours.

Wolf features sealed burners, also very easy to clean—unlike the Thermador star burners, they’re not raised above the surface of the stove. Wolf’s oven self-clean feature is very similar to Thermador’s and every bit as effective.

Please note, as it is customary on most pro ranges, the all gas version of Wolf and Thermador ranges do not have the self clean option.

(4) Smart Features and Accessories

Thermador’s HomeConnect feature notifies you when meals are ready and can even let you preheat your oven remotely from your smartphone—even by voice command. HomeConnect also gives you vital info about your appliance and even allows Thermador service experts to diagnose issues remotely.


So far, Wolf has not begun offering connected capabilities on their commercial-grade ranges.

(5) Racks, Knobs, Displays, and Other Accessories

Thermador boasts Full Access Telescopic Racks, which glide out smoothly with easy-grip handles. Because they slide so far out of the oven and can handle up to 45 pounds of weight, you can easily place an entire meal on them without having to reach into a hot oven to do so.

Thermador also offers touchscreen color TFT displays with a modern look and tons of functionality, plus an included multi-point meat probe that measures the internal temperature of meat in three different points and displays them on the touchscreen panel. This allows for precise meat cooking for safety and preference without over- or under-cooking.


Wolf offers their trademark stylish red knobs, but they’re not all just flash. Wolf also brings touchscreen control panels and displays to their ranges, plus luxury racks that (like Thermador) slide out fully to make removing and adding food to the oven easy and safe.


Top Picks

30″ Wolf Range: DF304 Dual Fuel Range


  • DF304 features a gas cooktop and electric oven, plus 4 sealed burners at 9,200, 15,000, 18,000, and 20,000 BTUs. It features a coaxial oven knob which displays key stats such as oven temperature, plus a tilting touchscreen panel that’s ergonomically designed and gives access to the 10 program modes. It also boasts a full-extension luxury glide rack and 4.5 cubic feet of oven space.

30″ Thermador Range: PRD305WHU Pro Harmony Dual Fuel Range


  • PRD305WHU is a 30” dual-fuel range with five-star burners and a convection oven that features 3rd Element Convection for effective heat distribution. The oven capacity is an impressive 4.4 cubic feet, and the cooktop features QuickClean bases for easy cleaning. You’ll also love the full-access telescopic rack and super fast 2-hour self-clean mode.

48″ Wolf Range: DF486C Dual Fuel Range


  • DF486C features a 48” dual fuel design, with six dual-stacked burners (one with 20K BTU power) and built-in infrared charbroiler functionality for perfect grilling results. It also features the double oven system with convection capabilities, plus a self-clean mode and ten built-in cooking programs.

48″ Thermador Range: PRD48NLSGU Pro Grand Dual Fuel Range


  • PRD48NLSGU is 48″ Dual Fuel Range with six star burners and an indoor electric grill with ceramic briquettes. The powerful 22,000 BTU power burner is perfect for getting serious heat, while the 1.4 cubic foot steam cavity easily accommodates a 14 pound turkey. The 5.1 cubic feet of convection oven space also brings its own quick self-clean mode, and with over 27 built-in easy cook programs you’ll always get your meal exactly right.


Both Wolf and Thermador consistently offer world-class quality in their ranges. We agree that the decision of choosing one over the other can be challenging but what it comes down to is which features and design elements matter most to you, your family and your cooking style. For example, in the 48-inch category Thermador offers a Steam Oven option and more power on their power burners, plus an innovative star-burner design. If you bake bread often or opt for healthy steamed side dishes, Thermador is a good choice. Meanwhile, Wolf offers a unique French top range option and powerful infrared grill technology—plus a full-induction cooktop range – for a versatile and precise cooking experience.

Thermador, for its part, offers a special promotion that includes a free dishwasher with any range purchase—plus access to their newest product line and improved looks.

Still not sure? You’re welcome to give us a call or stop by one of our NJ stores. Our friendly staff welcomes a visit to show off these fine ranges.

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