Thermador Oven (2021 Review) – Everything You Need to Know

Thermador Oven (2021 Review) - Everything You Need to Know

There’s nothing quite as sleek as the Thermador oven. If you are looking for a new oven for your kitchen, Thermador wall oven boasts premium cooking features, a modern yet timeless design along with a pleasing price point.

Since manufacturing the first stove in 1947, Thermador oven continues to innovate and introduce feature sets for today’s home cook. Choosing a wall oven is a great choice for anything you’d like to bake, braise, roast, broil and more. Before you buy your first Thermador oven, here’s all you need to know about the brand and the vast selection.

We also crafted an in-depth video to give you more information and great visuals on Thermador Wall Ovens.
Our Top Thermador Ovens

Brief Overview of Thermador Oven

Thermador appliances are one of the first US-based premium residential brands that focused purely on kitchens. BSH Appliances, better known as Bosch, the third-largest home appliances manufacturer in the world, owns Thermador.

The brand carries the badge of honor for making the first built-in wall oven and the first smoothtop/glass cooktop. Also, Thermador oven has been credited for using the convection technology inside an oven.

Thermador Wall Oven Review

Why should you consider a Thermador wall oven? Before we answer the big question, let’s look at the Thermador ovens in detail…

Thermador Oven Design: Masterpiece vs Professional Series

Thermador oven offers two design collections, the Masterpiece and the Professional series. Both are very similar, except in racks, max broil, and rotisserie. The Professional collection design features include cast metal knobs and chrome accents. The Masterpiece collection maintains an integrated look with stainless steel handles and an elegant finish.

Thermador Professional and Masterpiece Wall Ovens
Thermador Professional and Masterpiece Collections

Let’s dive deeper into the two Thermador oven series:

Similarities between Masterpiece and Professional Series Thermador Ovens:

  • Both collections got the recent facelift with the new gray accent and the TFT liquid display.
  • Both collections are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely.
  • Both now have standard select and deluxe feature sets.

Differences between Masterpiece and Professional Series Ovens:

  • The clear difference between the Masterpiece and the Professional Collection lies only in the external design and control style.
  • The Professional collection makes use of cast metal knobs while the Masterpiece uses a digital control panel.
  • The Professional collection comes with professional style handles while the Masterpiece maintains contemporary stainless-steel handles.
  • Masterpiece collection model numbers begin with ME while Professional begin with PO.

You can install flush with your cabinets
For your kitchen design, Thermador wall ovens allow you to choose between the standard “proud” installation that slightly sticks out of the cabinet and the “flush: installation style which complements the design of your kitchen.


Thermador also recently overhauled their lineup, giving them a gray glass on stainless-steel look. This, added to the sleek design of their wall ovens, is a significant point in Thermador’s favor.

Size and Configuration of Thermador Ovens

Thermador ovens maintain a 30-inch width for the entire product lineup. In the past, the company used to make 27-inch ovens. Therefore, make sure to measure your set-up before purchasing a replacement oven. You can also choose between a single or double Thermador oven.

Thermador Oven Types

Thermador PODS301W Steam Oven

Thermador oven goes beyond the traditional function to bake and broil. Specialty configurations offer rich options to those who seek wellness oriented cooking alternatives without spending endless hours in the kitchen.

As an example, the convection speed oven configuration is best for kitchens without extra space for a microwave oven. You will have a fully functional convection oven supplemented with the power of a microwave in one appliance.

Do you sometimes wish that is was easier and faster to cook healthy? Steam ovens fulfill this wish with flying colors. Thermador makes a 30-inch wide, spacious steam oven so you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. Try cooking fish, and vegetables simultaneously. You will notice no flavor and odor transfer with a restaurant-quality presentation.

Thermador PODMC301W Combination Speed Oven

You can do so much with the Thermador steam oven. It comes with a “true convection” fan with a heating element. The broiler is great for browning.

You probably noticed the “triple stack” oven on the picture above. The double oven combined with a warming drawer is not a super popular. However, it is designed to address the needs of legacy customers across all kinds of brands, who have this size oven and now wish to replace it.

Last, you may have heard the term combination wall oven. It is a variation of a double oven where the top functions as a microwave, while the bottom gives you a fully functional oven. Thermador took this idea further with their new oven series. The company now combines the convection speed oven with a regular large capacity oven (example:PODMC301W or a convection steam oven with a standard oven (e.g. PODS302W).

Swing Style

You may not consider the door swing style a vital feature, until you may need to lift a heavy turkey out of the oven. That is when you will find the traditional drop-down oven door less desirable.

Fortunately, Thermador also manufactures wall oven models with a side swing door. They may make it hard to achieve a flush finish (because of the extra cabinet hinge space), but they offer better convenience.


Cooking Power of the Thermador Oven

The oven’s cooking ability is the most critical feature. A Thermador oven is designed to make you the hero of your family and friends.

In addition to the standard bake, roast, and broil cooking modes, Thermador also offers a “true convection” mode for even results. In true convection, the heating element is placed behind the fans for better heat distribution. There is also the “fast pre-heat option” that gets the oven ready for cooking in about seven minutes. Thermador wall ovens are all powered using electricity.

Connectivity and Other Unique Features

HomeConnect Smart App

Thermador wall ovens score pretty high in connectivity. The Wi-Fi and smart features actually work, unlike is obtainable in some other brands. With the Wi-Fi feature, you could connect to the Home Connect App to download recipes online, receive notifications, and also control the wall oven remotely.

Thermador has some outstanding and unique features that are not easy to find in other wall oven brands.

Large Capacity

To start with, Thermador has some of the largest wall ovens in terms of size and capacity. The brand is credited with having the largest steam ovens, which can cook a 14-pound turkey in about 90 minutes.

Fast Self-Cleaning

Thermador wall ovens have a fast self-clean property that keeps the interior walls and rack system neat. The wall oven can clean its entire interior in two hours. This is a big point in the brand’s favor, as most other brands take as long as four hours to self-clean. With Thermador wall ovens, you also do not need to take out the racks before running the self-clean program.

Multi-point Temperature Probe

The multi-point probe feature allows you to take temperature readings from three points to ensure consistency and precision. The oven also shuts off at a certain internal temperature to ensure perfect cooking.


The probe is an important part of the wall oven that plays a vital role in guided cooking. It connects to the guided cooking applications or to guided cooking menu so the program knows what to do. Other wall oven brands (except Miele) make use of a single point probe. So, Thermador’s three point probe is really a big deal.

Soft Close Hinges

The Soft Close Hinge technology prevents the oven door from slamming shut. This keeps the machine safe and also guards against hazards and sudden surprises.

Basic Feature Set vs Deluxe Feature Set

Thermador offers their oven lineup with a basic feature set and with a deluxe feature set. This isn’t exactly clear when your browsing the brand’s official website, so we’ve added convenient filters on our website to make your shopping process easier.

The Deluxe Feature set is essentially an upgrade to the basic Select set with extra features to improve convenience and performance. Here are some key takeaways…

  • Deluxe has three smooth and telescoping racks as against one telescoping and two standard racks in the basic Select.
  • Deluxe has a built-in rotisserie motor and cooking mode for crispy and juicy results. The feature is absent in the basic Select.
  • Deluxe has a larger and full-width broiler for more passes and loops, while the basic Select only covers about half the width of the oven cavity.
  • Standard Select Feature set has the normal temperature probe, which takes reading at one point. Deluxe gives you the actual multi-point temperature probe advantage.

Thermador wall oven models with the Deluxe feature set have a D as the third letter in their model numbers. For example, the MED301WS is equipped with the Deluxe feature set.

Why Should You Consider a Thermador Wall Oven?

Finally, let’s answer the big question.

Thermador wall ovens are one of the best brands on the market. We find them quite reliable with an expected lifespan of 12 to 15 years. The 2-year factory warranty for parts and labor is double the offerings of most other brands.

Unlike any other oven brands, you can cook your entire Thanksgiving meals including that large turkey in a standard Thermador oven – thanks to its large capacity. And then there is the Wi-Fi connectivity along with guided cooking, which is absent in most wall oven models on the market.

In terms of pricing, Thermador wall ovens are more affordable than similar models from other popular premium brands. To top it off, the 1-2-Free program gives you additional incentives on package purchases.

Our 3 Best Thermador Ovens

We picked the following best Thermador oven models from each category.

1) Best Single Thermador Oven: Thermador MED301WS

Thermador MED301WS

The Masterpiece Thermador oven easily beats other models in the category, thanks to its Deluxe feature set. It has a built-in rotisserie with a 12-pound capacity. There is the fast self-clean feature, the SoftClose door hinges, the Wi-Fi connectivity, and the elegant Masterpiece finish.

In cooking performance, the Thermador MED301WS has a good range of cooking options, which include the Max Broil, Max Convection Broil, True Convection, and Speed Convection, among others. This gives it a better cooking power than other Thermador single wall ovens.

The MED301WS, essentially, has all the major Thermador oven talking points. It’s also less expensive than other similar premium models in the market.

2) Best Double Thermador Oven: Thermador MED302WS

Thermador MED302WS Double Oven

The Theramdor MED302WS is a Masterpiece series double oven that combines the excellent features of the MED301WS and some other extra properties. It has three telescopic racks and three standard oven racks. For interior lighting, it has the Halogen with SoftLight option.

Thermador oven cooking program on MED302WS includes the EasyCook and the PreHeat option alongside True Convection, Speed Convection, Max Broil, and others featured in the MED301WS. There’s also the Wi-Fi connectivity, SoftClose Door Hinge, and the multi-point temperature probe.

3) Best Combination Thermador Oven: Thermador PODMC301W

Thermador PODMC301W

The modular Professional Series combination Thermador oven has a true convection oven and a convection speed oven. It also rocks the unique features of the Deluxe feature set, such as the SoftClose Door Hinge, the Max Broil, Fast PreHeat, and the Fast self-clean among others.

The top cavity on Thermador PODMC301W is the microwave (1000W), while the bottom cavity is a speed oven with full functionality. It maintains the large industrial style rotisserie and the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. It also comes equipped with the CookSmart technology and 36 programs.


Thermador oven is one of the best cooking appliances in the industry. With its exceptional design, large capacity, innovative features, and Wi-Fi connectivity, it offers good value for money. The company also offers a 2-year parts and labor warranty on their wall ovens.

Thermador has other appliances like dishwashers, ranges, and refrigerators which are some of the best in the industry. Like their wall ovens, they all have exceptional features and maintain that consistent design that is unique to the company.

At Designer Appliances, we have special filters that will enable you to sieve through the Thermador wall oven catalog and get the right model for your kitchen. You can also read through our guides on Wolf and other wall oven brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Thermador ovens made?

While a German apppliances corporation owns Thermador (BSH a.k.a. Bosch), its wall ovens are manufactured in the United States.

How do I clean my Thermador oven?

Use a non-abrasive sponge, a mild cleaner, and hot soapy water to clean your Thermador wall oven. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

Can you self-clean Thermador double ovens at the same time?

Only one oven should be in the self-clean mode at any time. If both ovens are set to self-clean at the same time, the room may get uncomfortably hot.

Can you leave the racks in the oven during the self-clean cycle?

No. We recommend you remove the racks before running the self-clean cycle. If the racks are left in the oven during the cycle, they may warp or discolor due to the extreme heat generated. The racks themselves may damage the rack cavity with possible expansion and contraction.

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