Sub Zero Wine Fridge: 2021 Wine Coolers Reviewed

Sub Zero Wine Fridge: 2021 Wine Coolers Reviewed

The Sub Zero wine fridge will not only keep your bottles cool, but also contribute to the decor of your home in a meaningful manner. We love the zero clearance design and streamlined to the cabinet base, with articulating hinges and a flush finish that pulls us into modernity. It’s reassuring to peek through the glass door and know that your wine collection is stored at the perfect temperature.

Over the years, Sub Zero has proven to be at the forefront of the under-counter refrigerators; including the best wine fridge, ice maker, and beverage cooler. The company has maintained unbeatable product quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction in such a way that leaves all other competitors in its wake.

We’ve written this article to provide information on why Sub Zero wine coolers and undercounter refrigerators are so highly regarded. We will also cover the benefits of storing wine and food separately.

Sub Zero Wine Fridge and Beverage Cooler
Sub Zero Wine Fridge and Beverage Cooler Side by Side

Overview of Sub Zero Wine Fridge & Undercounter Refrigerators

There is no better way to quantify value than by considering the cost. The Sub Zero fridge has proven to offer ultimate value for the cost. The brand is the pioneer of built in refrigerators that decorate our kitchens. The Sub Zero wine refrigerator skips the usual “good, better, or best” retail selection formula and offers the best wine fridge possible. This unique practice of offering top-notch quality and service makes Sub Zero brand a leader in the refrigeration industry.

Let’s take a look at the best Sub Zero product models that fit under bar or kitchen countertops in each category.

1) Best Overall: Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator DEU2450W/R

Sub-Zero Wine Refrigerator DEU2450WR

Why We Like It:
While other companies may stand up to Sub Zero in other categories, Sub Zero is unrivaled in wine refrigeration and storage units. This is because the company takes the business of protecting wine seriously.

Over the years, Sub Zero has become the number one choice for “wine enthusiasts” around the world. This is due to Sub Zero’s ability to handle ambient UV light, vibration, humidity, and temperature expertly.

The DEU2450WR (which replaced Sub Zero UW-24/S) includes a number of impressive Sub Zero features: The 46-bottle capacity, independent storage zone (a.k.a. dual-zone) for both red and white wine, the UV-resistant glass door, the home security system integration, and the smart inventory tile system.

Key Features and Benefits:

All Sub Zero wine fridges come preset at 45°F (7°C) for whites and 55°F (13°C) for reds. However, you can adjust these temperatures based on your preferences. The Sub Zero wine refrigerator has dual evaporators that help to maintain constant humidity within the machine, customized for each zone.

Sub Zero recognizes that most refrigerators lose their effectiveness right at their doors. Oftentimes, door seals crack or simply stop sealing. This is why Sub Zero makes magnetic door seals to lock in cold air and maintain freshness.

Interior lighting adds a dramatic flair that keeps your bottles beautifully displayed. However, the warm temperature emitted by lights can be harmful if you intend to keep your wine for longer periods of time. Therefore, Sub Zero uses specially engineered soft LED lights inside the wine refrigerators.

A good wine refrigerator should also efficiently keep out sunlight. Sub Zero offers wine coolers with UV-resistant glass to stop sunlight from degrading your wine or making it age prematurely.

Serious “wine enthusiasts” also like to keep things organized. Using the optional inventory system, you can identify your bottles with metal ID tiles.

Sub Zero provides access links and programming to home security system providers to help monitor your wine refrigerator. Thanks to this integration, you will not only get an alert when there is unauthorized use, but also when there is a sudden temperature fluctuation or compressor problem.

Additional Design Considerations:

You can customize the outer bezel around the glass to match your kitchen cabinets. The two-handle, thin tubular handle, and professional handle styles all match the Wolf ranges and other Sub-Zero appliances.

The extension racks also provide easy access to bottles. They are designed with anti-vibration attachments to avoid throwing off the bottles on other racks within your wine cooler. If you want to store magnums, simply remove the rack above, and you’re all good. The Sub Zero design allows for natural cherrywood face on wire racks to be tainted or replaced with cabinet wood. You can also place your Sub Zero wine cooler next to the undercounter beverage cooler or refrigerator for an integrated look.

Sub-Zero Wine Refrigerator Next to Undercounter Fridge

The DEU2450WR replaces the legacy UW24 and 424 models with an updated compressor, internal rack system, and lights. Sub Zero also makes full-size wine refrigerators built-in or freestanding.

2) Sub Zero Beverage Center DEU2450BGR

Sub-Zero Beverage Center DEU2450BGR

Why We Like It:
Beverage Centers (also known as beverage coolers) are trendy because they can hold just about anything. The DEU2450BGR (which replaced Sub Zero UC-24BG) is built to handle your wines, cold drinks, beverages, fruits, and veggies. The temperature control is designed to keep even dairy products at an optimal temperature of 38°F (3°C) and within one degree of set-point. Just like the wine refrigerator, it has a UV-resistant glass door and magnetic door seals to lock in cold air.

Key Features and Benefits:
Sub Zero beverage coolers are some of the best in the industry and equipped with certain unique features.

Just like the wine coolers, top Sub Zero beverage centers have panel-ready designs. They are manufactured to accept custom panels to match your kitchen cabinetry, giving your kitchen a streamlined look.

Sub Zero wine fridge and beverage cooler built-in
Sub Zero Wine Fridge and Beverage Cooler with Custom Frame

The DEU2450BGR, our top Sub Zero beverage center, has a bright interior LED light that adds color and elegance to your kitchen. The brilliant lighting keeps the interior of your beverage center brightly illuminated, allowing you to find what you need quickly.

Sub Zero beverage centers are equipped with adjustable spill-proof glass shelves. This allows you to clean the glass shelves easily.

The crisper bin found in the Sub Zero UC24BGSTHRH is a feature that is rarely seen in most beverage coolers. They allow for more natural and better storage of your fruits and vegetables. The bin also has a seal that keeps these fruits and veggies fresh.

3) Sub Zero Ice Maker UC-15i

Sub-Zero Ice Maker UC15I

Why We Like It:
Sub Zero ice makers stand out as one of the best in the industry when it comes to producing pure, clear ice. With proper design, reliability, and a 2-year warranty, Sub Zero ice makers offer optimum convenience and low-cost maintenance. Sadly, at this time, Sub-Zero does not manufacture crescent or nugget ice machines.

Sub Zero Ice Maker

Key Features:
Ice makers produce clear ice by spraying water onto a metal grid at 32°F. Because only water can freeze at that temperature, impurities are left behind. But Sub Zero ice makers also have an extra filtration system to ensure that the ice is super pure.

The water is first passed through a metal filter to remove oxygen bubbles and toxins before the water is sent to the ice maker. When using a refrigerator and ice maker side-by-side, you can easily see the difference in their ice production.

Unlike ice makers, refrigerators make ice from the top down. This means small bubbles of air (and impurities) can get trapped in the ice, making it cloudy and sticky over time.

The UC-15i produces as much as 50 lbs of pure, clear ice per day. It can also store up to 25 lbs at a time, so you’ll never run out of quality ice.

The UC-15i also features a two-hour, four-hour, and eight-hour delay option, which pauses ice production temporarily. You can use this auto-delay function to stop production at a set time each day.

The bonus of this delay function is that it ensures you’ll only have ice when you need it. It also extends the life of your machine and limits the noise the machine generates. This means you won’t have to turn up the volume on the TV because of the machine’s operation noise.

Sub Zero Undercounter Ice Maker

The UC-15i has a built-in ice scoop, which is placed by the door for easy accessibility. The door also has magnetic seals to secure cold air.

Design Flexibility: Just like other Sub-Zero home refrigeration products, Sub-Zero ice makers come in a variety of styles to complement your kitchen cabinetry.

They come in sleek and classic styles to achieve an integrated and seamless look in your kitchen, as they are built to accept custom panels. The exterior has a sleek and elegant stainless-steel finish, while the interior is made of durable and thick plastic.

There is even an outdoor model: the UC-15i(P)O!

While the indoor model has multiple door panel options (including the custom wood panel), the outdoor model has only one door panel option – the stainless-steel panel with pro handle. The exterior portions of the outdoor model are made with weather-resistant materials, and the model itself is approved for outdoor use.

Pump vs Gravity Drain
Besides choosing between the outdoor model and the indoor model, you also need to pick a model with a suitable drain option. Ice makers usually come with one of two drain options: the gravity type and the pump type. If you have a gravity drain under the unit, then the gravity drain is right for you. Otherwise, the pump type is needed to discharge water from the unit. Please note that most people buy an ice maker with a pump.

4) Sub Zero Undercounter Refrigerator DEU2450

Sub-Zero Compact Refrigerator DEU2450CIR

Why We Like It:
Sub Zero has always had an extra leg up against other refrigerator brands. Thanks to the company’s best-in-class componentry and uncompromising attention to detail, Sub Zero fridges preserve food far better than others. The key differentiators between Sub Zero and other brands are an effective vacuum seal, air purification system, and a microprocessor-controlled temperature control system.

Besides being the hallmark of luxury for distinguished chefs and upscale homes, Sub Zero under-counter fridges have some strong points that are worthy of note.

Key Features:

Sub Zero undercounter combination units have separate temperature controls for the refrigerator and freezer. The temperatures are preset at 38°F (3°C) and 0°F (-18°C). You can opt for a model with an ice maker, like the UC-24Ci, or one without (if you have an ice maker already). Having a stand-alone Sub-Zero ice maker is preferable if you want steady, clear ice production.

Sub Zero fridges have various design options. You could opt for stainless-door finishes, cabinet doors, glass doors, and even an outdoor fridge design like the UC-24RO. These fridges also offer flush installation to create a streamlined look.

5) Sub Zero Refrigerator Drawers ID-24R

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers ID24R

Just like other Sub Zero refrigeration products, the ID-24R has a temperature control feature that keeps the interior within one degree of set-point. The doors have magnetic seals that lock in cold air to ensure freshness. Its high-humidity and low-temperature crisper and deli drawers also ensure maximum freshness.

Besides the refrigeration features, the ID-24R has the soft-close door technology and accepts custom panels.

The Sub Zero refrigerator drawers come with a rich selection of 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch widths, and as an all fridge, all freezer, or fridge/freezer combination.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your unit working properly, you need to clean the condenser every six to nine months. To do this, remove the toe kick at the bottom and carefully vacuum.

For proper cleaning, use a mild solution of water, soap, and baking soda only. Make sure you don’t get water on the control panel and lights. For the UV-resistant glass, we recommend using a standard glass cleaner.

Sub Zero Warranty

Sub Zero has the best warranty on the market – a 12-year repair/replacement warranty on product parts. This is in addition to the full 2-year warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

The generous warranty offers point to the care taken in manufacturing the products. The fridges tested rigorously and are built to last for 20 years. The craftsmanship and quality are second to none within the industry.

So Then, Is A Sub Zero Wine Fridge a Good Choice?

Here’s why you should go for Sub Zero wine fridges and undercounter refrigerators:

  • You get task-specific, uncompromising, best-in-class design

  • Temperature controls are built to perfectly suit the required task (ice maker, beverage center, or wine refrigerator)

  • Generous, industry-leading warranty offer

  • Superior testing that guarantees longevity

With Sub Zero undercounter kitchen appliances, you are getting the best the industry has to offer. Superior technology, unrivaled craftsmanship, excellent durability, and a best-in-the-industry warranty are some of the features which make Sub Zero the gold standard in undercounter refrigeration.

Be sure to check out our stand-alone guides on Sub-Zero wine coolers, beverage centers, and ice makers for detailed information on our list of Sub-Zero products.


What is the main difference between a wine cooler and a beverage center?
A wine cooler is used for storing and maintaining wine bottles at the desired temperature of 45°F (7°C) for whites and 55°F (13°C) for reds. Beverage centers can be used for storing wine, fruits, and any other beverage or drink – typically at 38°F (3°C).

What is the difference between wine coolers and wine refrigerators?
Wine coolers operate at higher temperatures than wine refrigerators.

What makes the Sub Zero wine cooler a choice brand, among others?
Unrivaled craftsmanship, innovative technology, and true value for your money have gotten Sub Zero appliances worldwide acceptance over the years in the wine cooler and refrigerator space.

Are Sub Zero refrigerator/wine coolers really worth the extra money?
Absolutely! Sub Zero appliances are designed and built with the utmost perfection. The company’s standards are second to none in the industry. You’ll be happy with your appliance investment in Sub Zero in the long-run.

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