Spread Some Holiday Cheer by Decorating Your Appliances

Spread Some Holiday Cheer by Decorating Your Appliances

Decorating your home is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. From trimming the tree and hanging twinkling lights to decorating the mantle, there are endless possibilities when getting your home ready for the holidays. But have you ever thought about decorating your appliances? After all, they are the focal point of your kitchen!

From adding a wreath on your range hood to having some fun with your fridge, there are so many simple ways to incorporate your appliances into your holiday decor . And let’s face it….it’s been a hard year. So who isn’t looking for an excuse to make things extra festive?

1) Add a wreath to your range hood

decorate your range hood
Place a decorative wreath on the range hood

Your range hood provides the perfect spot to make your kitchen feel more festive. A simple wreath adds so much warmth and comfort to your space and can easily be switched out depending on the holiday. For the winter, we recommend greenery with snow covered pine cones or seasonal flowers for small pops of color. This look can be created using damage-free command hooks or magnets.

2) Incorporate decorative towels

dishwasher door decoration
Use decorative towels to add color to the oven or dishwasher door

There’s a reason decorative towels are a staple in so many homes – they’re both beautiful and functional. These can easily be placed on the handle of your oven or dishwasher for the perfect touch of color. You can also mix and match solids and patterns to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen decor. These towels are also super cost effective and easy to find in just about any home decor or craft store.

3) Add a decorative sign over your stove

Place a decorative sign over the stove 

Looking for a way to take up some space on your backsplash? Try adding a decorative sign over your stove to add some dimension to this often overlooked space. You can choose a seasonal sign or something more evergreen that can be kept up year-round. Just be sure to use a metal sign to prevent a fire hazard.

4) Have some fun with your fridge

Wrap the refrigerator like a present for a festive look

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids in on the action, try having them help you decorate the refrigerator. If you have a white fridge and want to go for more playful decor, have them cut circles out of construction paper to make a snowman. You’ll also want cutouts of a carrot nose, a scarf, and a top hat to make sure your snowman is fully dressed and ready for the winter.

Want a more classic look? Use oversized ribbon to wrap your fridge like a present. If you have a french door or side-by-side refrigerator, make sure to cut the ribbon accordingly so that it won’t prevent your fridge from opening.

Overall, your appliances are a huge part of your overall kitchen design. So shouldn’t they also be a big part of your holiday decor? Tell us in the comments whether or not you would use these ideas in your kitchen. And don’t forget to show us your pictures and tag us on social media using #DAInspired.

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