Smeg Refrigerators – What you need to know before buying [REVIEW]

Smeg Refrigerators - What you need to know before buying [REVIEW]

How fashion-forward Smeg Refrigerators strike perfect harmony between function and fashion.

Throwing back to the days of Marilyn Monroe and Rock-Ola Jukeboxes, Smeg fridges blend 50s charm and sleek Italian style. With alluring minimalist design, high-profile collaborations with lifestyle brands, and a little Hollywood help, Smeg is now one of the most loved and sought-after names in home appliances. Their rounded sides, thick metal handles, and bright, colorful bodies may make you want to dim the lights.

Founded in Italy in 1948, Smeg takes its name from Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. The brand is best known for its “retro” refrigerators, but their success has inspired them to introduce wider-range of chic products from coffee machines to faucets and fireplaces.

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Today, the company’s tagline is “technology with style,” and they no doubt live up to it. Smeg has teamed up with iconic brands like Mini Cooper, Disney, and Dolce and Gabbana to create some of the most eye-catching appliances to ever hit the market. You can find YouTube celebrity, Meg Turney, posing scantily clad next to these fridges. Smeg can be spotted in Hollywood hits like V for Vendetta or Transformers: The Dark Moon. The brand gained further attention a few years ago when it was reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decked out their home in France with Smeg appliances.

Who buys Smeg refrigerators?

Smeg’s designs are so powerful that they don’t just connect to a brand, but a lifestyle. Also, with higher price points than your average home appliance, Smeg is for those who value flair.

Aiming to suit a variety of tastes, these fridges come in an extensive array of colors to match any kitchen layout. The larger models are perfect for smaller kitchens and apartments. Smegs can be found in the man caves of Hollywood bachelors, idyllic home offices, or parked in dream garages next to matching Mini Coopers.

Boutique hotels and stylish inns use Smeg to conjure up 50s appeal or Italian luxury. Additionally, ultramodern offices and coworking spaces like WeWORK are sprucing up their kitchens with Smeg’s of all colors and sizes.

Where is Smeg from?

Hailing from Italy, Smeg started in the enameling and metalwork industry in 1948. While their name translates to “Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works” and alludes to humble beginnings, they’ve now collaborated with top fashion and design brands, including Italia Independent, Paul Smith, and many others.
Smeg stresses environmental friendliness and all refrigerators are packed using non-polluting, recyclable materials. They’ve also been awarded for energy efficiency by the National Environment Agency.


FAB5ULO Mini: Single door (H x W x D) 28 9/64″ x 15 57/64″ x 22 3/64″
MiniFABWeighing in at 65lbs and sporting a balcony shelf, bottle shelf, and two adjustable interior shelves, this bold and iconic piece, blends 50s style with modern innovation. For a fridge that’s less than three feet tall, you’ll have plenty of room to keep your favorite drinks and snacks as cool as a pair of Ray Bans sunglasses. With its ultra-low noise level, it’s a perfect choice for offices, dorms, home bars, and family rooms. Prices range around $1,000.

Regular: Single door. Freezer compartment inside. Capacity: 9.22 cu. ft. (hxwxd) 57½” x 23⅝” x 27½” – Also known as FAB28 models
RegularFABThink you might need a little more space? The range of FAB28 refrigerators provides significantly more space and can come with right or left-hand hinges. They’re extremely easy to clean thanks to their soft round lines and the automatic defrost – a useful feature that potentially saves a lot of time. This one-door refrigerator provides generous storage and adjustable shelves, racks, bins, and a convenient icebox. Prices range around $2,000.

Tall: Bottom freezer. Capacity: 11.7 cu. ft. (hxwxd) 75 13/16″ x 23 39/64″ x 26 41/64″
MiniFABNot only is this a statement piece, but it also provides excellent refrigerating capabilities. The tallest Smeg comes with about ten times the capacity of the Mini. It sports adjustable shelves, and a pull-down flap compartment, which allows you to organize your food and beverages perfectly. Inside the freezer is a Fast-Freezing compartment, which allows you to quickly chill drinks or freeze fresh food at the touch of a button. Prices range around $3,000.

How many colors?

The unique design can be coordinated with other Smeg products like dishwashers and washing with the same 50’s aesthetic. The large variety of available colors allows the kitchen customization according to fit personal tastes.
There are 16 color options in total: Black, Blue, Cream, Lime Green, Orange, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pink, Red, Silver, Stainless Steel, White, and Yellow. You can also get a fridge with the Italian flag, Union Jack, or US Flag.


Can you reverse the doors?

No, like a meal at a 5-star restaurant there are a variety of options, but no substitutions or modifications.

Energy Star Rated? Yes

If you enjoy the smooth shapes and pastels of Smeg’s fridges, you may want to check out their ‘50s style small domestic appliances. Their toasters, stand mixers, blenders, and kettles perfectly match the style of Smeg fridges and stand proudly on their own.

Smeg also makes a line of built-in dishwashers. They are another way to transform your kitchen from the mundane to a household sanctuary. All machines are exceptionally quiet and incredibly well designed. Dishwashers vary in style and load capacity.

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