Samsung vs GE Dishwashers – Best Brands in Style and Technology

Samsung vs GE Dishwashers - Best Brands in Style and Technology

We understand that making a decision on which dishwasher to purchase might take some research time. To make your life a whole lot easier, we’ve put together this guide to compare two top-rated brands: Samsung vs GE dishwashers.

Although Samsung dishwashers are a relatively new player on the market, company offers promotions are very solid when combined in a kitchen or laundry package.

Buying American made is undoubtedly pleasing for many. A lineage of reliable products, a reputable service organization that spans the entire country, abundant availability of parts are benefits of going with a brand such as GE dishwashers.

When it comes to dishwasher technology, GE has been a thought leader and a driver of patents. Making quiet dishwashers when the rest of the market was still building tanks or leading the pack with “smart” appliances are a few examples.


Today, GE dishwashers come under under the GE, GE Profile, and Cafe brands. You can find more than 100 dishwashers in the current GE catalog ranging from legacy models to specialty units such as under the sink units, portable dishwashers to many others. In many ways, GE might be better suited to trim down the line up to focus on the needs of the modern customers.

GE GE branded dishwashers are affordable but lack advanced features and sound insulation.

GE Profile These dishwashers feature modern designs with new technology. Price points are higher than the straight GE brand.

Cafe Greater color selection (matte black and matte white) ultra quiet operation, pro handles with accents define GE Café dishwashers.


What do we expect from a modern dishwasher?

Dishwasher technology has come in leaps and bounds from a decade ago, with so many important features that we have come to rely on and expect. So, how do Samsung and GE dishwashers stack up against each other?

We publish our best dishwashers list on a monthly basis. The evaluation criteria we use to do our ranking is as follows:

1) Quiet Operation

Is it really possible to have a dishwasher with a noise level that you will hardly notice? Thankfully the answer is yes! Quiet operation is the most important feature when it comes to buying a new dishwasher. Loud and annoying models are making their way out. So how do you understand what noise level is right for you?


The noise level of a dishwasher is measured in decibels (dB), and the smaller the number, the quieter the machine will be. If you think about the sound of a normal conversation – this sits at about 50 dB, and a quiet library is 40 dB – so you really don’t want to get anything over 50 dB as this will start to interfere with your family activities and rest time. Today a dishwasher on around 44-47 dB level is considered at a quiet and acceptable performance level. However, if you are looking for super quiet, you will want to get a model rated between 38-44 dB, but do be prepared to pay the extra cash for it.

Both GE and Samsung offer dishwashers with different levels of sound insulation. In GE, you’ll find an acceptable range of between 40-51 dB. Again, we skipped through 10’s of legacy models ranging from 55 dB to 62 dB. Not sure why GE still offers these, but we simply cannot recommend them to a household.

Samsung offers less than 10 dishwashers (excluding color combinations). Noise levels range between 38 (impressive quietness) and 50 dB. Here, we omitted the super loud 55 dB DW80R2031US in the interest of not cluttering the article with sub-standard products.

If you’d like to read more about noise levels, check out our blog post on the quietest dishwashers. Or watch the best explainer video on the topic:

Our Video Review of Quietest Dishwashers

2) Style/Design

Even though dishwashers can be almost similar in features, often it is their style and design which makes them match our kitchen.

All Samsung dishwashers are beautifully designed. While Samsung, unfortunately, hasn’t released any panel ready options as yet, you’ll find different color options to suit any modern kitchen – their black stainless steel models are absolutely stunning. One design feature genuinely worth noting is the blue LED light on the handle area which adds tone and variety.

When it comes to design, GE offers many choices both concerning style and color. The new Ge Cafe Matte Black and Matte White colors are noteworthy. Slate, Black Slate, Black Stainless Steel are rich, and of course, you will have the regular white, black and stainless steel. GE offers 18″ and panel-ready models.

GE Dishwasher Color and Styles:

GE Profile and Ge Cafe Dishwasher Styles:


3) Cleaning and Drying Related Unique Features

While many of you may be happy with just a few simple functions, larger families and household cooks will undoubtedly appreciate extra cleaning and drying functions in their dishwasher.

GE and Samsung aren’t too different when it comes to washing and drying features –
Samsung keeps it simple even on most advanced units at 7 cycles and 7 options (4 on basic models), while GE also offers up to 7 cycles and 10 options (5/2 on basic models) for the upper models.

In both brands, you’ll find Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Express and Rinse Only cycles as well as a brilliant leakage sensor, and you can also find Half Load, Hi-Temperature Wash and Sanitize cycles in some models.

The additional 3rd Rack in both brands is also useful as it means more space for your cutlery & espresso cups while leaving plenty of room for your pots and pans in the lower rack.


When it comes to drying, both Samsung and GE have their own unique features. Samsung includes an AutoRelease door function, which automatically opens the door after a cycle is finished to allow the outside air in to complete the drying process. This means that when you wake up in the morning, your dishes are thoroughly dry and ready to unload – without any musty smell.


GE doesn’t have the Auto Release door feature, but this technology is not needed in GE dishwashers as they already have the traditional heating element which eliminates all moisture. GE reinforces their excellent drying performance with the following features on higher-end models:

Fan Assist Dry – A fan pulls the air out and removes moisture from inside your dishwasher.
Heated Dry – More heat is used for fast drying but using this function will mean that your wash cycle is about eight minutes longer.
Power Dry – Uses heated water evaporation, but does make each load longer according to the cycle it is used with.

Unique Features of Samsung Dishwashers

Samsung dishwashers have many impressive features. Here is a quick synopsis:

a) WaterWall: Interesting way of deploying water on dishes without the use of traditional spray-arm.

b) StormWash: Dishwashers without the WaterWall feature have this special nozzle in the lower left corner for a targetted clean.

c) ZoneBooster: This feature goes hand in hand with the WaterWall function, with extra nozzles to target heavily soiled dishes in the lower rack.


Unique Features of GE Dishwashers:

GE has many exciting features. As a quick summary:

Steam Prewash: Steam Prewash softens baked-on food prior to the start of a cycle. Very effective and energy efficient way of cleaning heavily soiled dishes.

Bottle Jets: To ensure champagne glasses, baby bottles, and water bottles come out sparkly clean.

bottlejet bottlejet-1

Deep Clean Silverware Jets: Special jets that focus on your silverware to ensure dried-on food is removed.


Piranha™ Hard Food Disposer: Combined with a removable filter hard food disposer grinds larger food particles.

Reversing Quad Blade Lower Wash Arm: A unique wash arm that has 4 blades and 25 water jets which disperse water at different angles throughout the dishwasher.


4) Convenience and other smart features

You will find Wi-Fi connectivity to control and monitor your dishwasher in high-end models of GE and Samsung.

GE’s Wi-Fi capability allows you to use an app on your phone to monitor cycle times, check problem reports, and lock and unlock your dishwasher. This is really handy for those that have a big house and don’t want to have to keep going into the kitchen to check the machine. You can also connect your appliance with Amazon Alexa and have dishwasher detergent ordered automatically when you have run out.


For Samsung, you can also use your smartphone to monitor the dishwasher remotely, and even speed up the wash cycle with Express 60 when you have a light load.


5) Durability and Longevity

Both GE and Samsung are certainly reliable brands that make high-quality products. Both manufacturers offer a standard one-year parts and labor warranty.

6) Price

Samsung Dishwasher Pricing

  • Budget Models for under $499 – DW80R2031US Entry level products for Samsung. At 50 dB or above these units are not suitable for those who seek serenity in a kitchen.

  • In the $550-699 range you have dishwashers with StormWash: DW80R5060US

  • On models over $700 you will start experiencing the differentiating Samsung technology. Waterwall, Super silent operation 38-42 dB and many other features are prevalent on these dishwashers. DW80R9950US

GE Dishwasher Pricing

Unfortunately, GE’s budget options are not the quietest machines around. Even though the GDF510PSJ is a decent model in the $400-$500 price range, its 55 dB noise level lets it down.

Moving up to the $800-$900 price bracket, we have the GE Profile PDT845SSJ and GE Profile PDF820SSJ. Packed with GE trademark features and a superb quietness level of only 42, makes these both a great kitchen addition.

When you make a bit more investment, the higher end models in GE come with so many bells and whistles that we can guarantee you will be impressed. Looking at around $1,200, you can get one of the GE café restaurant quality dishwashers that will have you never wanting anything else.

Just check out these two: GE café CDT835SSJ GE café CDT865SSJ


Samsung Dishwashers:

  • Even the mid-level models are packed with trademark features
  • Higher-end units are at an impressive, virtually silent 38 dB to 42 dB range
  • Modern and up-to-date design
  • Great compliment to rest of your Samsung Kitchen
  • Generous manufacturer incentives to promote package sales
  • Easy to pick from less than 10 models

GE, GE Profile, GE Cafe Dishwashers:

  • One of the most reliable brands in the US
  • Three different families within the brand for wider reach
  • Over 100 models of dishwashers to choose from
  • Many budget friendly options for less than $499
  • Higher-end models are packed with features
  • Great manufacturer incentives to promote package sales

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