Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer: Top 4 Samsung Front Load Washers Reviewed

Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer: Top 4 Samsung Front Load Washers Reviewed

Samsung stackable washer and dryers are trendy. However, given the expansive catalog size, the selection process can be cumbersome. We’ve compiled a definitive list of the best Samsung front load washers and dryers to give you a solid point of reference.

In this review, we outlined the main features you should expect from a modern Samsung stackable washer and dryer, so you don’t miss out on the latest technologies in fabric care. Also, we will breakdown Samsung’s jargon and highlight real-life benefits in “spoken” language.

Most people ask us if they can stack their washer and dryer to save space. The asnwer is yes. A front load washer and dryer set from Samsung is stackable. Keep in mind that Samsung top load washer and dryers are tremendously popular and they will provide you with “high efficiency” cleaning technology.

4 Best Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer
Samsung is the market leader when it comes to washing machines. Here is our video review.

Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer Is Ideal If…

  • You want a large capacity washer and dryer set while saving space in a tight laundry room.
  • Samsung front load washers are stylish. You will be proud to display in an open setting.
  • If you want to sanitize your clothes, the steam cycle is effective both in the washer and the dryer. Also, there are many programs designed to fight allergens.
  • Samsung washing machines are quiet and operate with a minimum amount of vibration.

We are especially impressed with the new generation of Samsung stackable washer and dryer sets since they feature a simplified menu for all ages. In addition, a simple stacking kit which connects the dryer controls with the washer. This way you do not have to be tall to operate the dryer which is stacked on top of a washer.

Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer with Middle Controls
You don’t have to be tall to operate Samsung stackable laundry

You Will Not Benefit From a Samsung If…

If you have a tight space for your laundry pair, the Samsung stackable selection might not be ideal for you. A typical Samsung configuration is 27-inches wide x 78 1/2-inches high x 32-inches deep.

In addition, you need to make space for vent kit and hoses which will add to the depth an extra 3-inches. Therefore, we recommend ventless, compact washer and dryer for small spaces.

Samsung is one by far the best selling appliance brand in the US. As a result, it is also the company that gets most of the customer service issues. Samsung’s service network is relatively good in metro areas. If you live outside a metro area you may want to ensure that there is local service.

Overview of Samsung Stackable Washer and Dryer Models

Front Load Washers

Rankings Feature Upgrades
Best Budget WF45T6000AW 4.2 cu. ft., 1,200 RPM, SmartCare Wifi helps perform diagnois from your phone, in White from 799
Best Overall Value WF45R6100AW 4.5 cu. ft., Steam washer and dryer, Refreshes the tub with steam-clean, Upgraded drum for gentle wash, closet depth fit, in White, Platinum, Champagne from $899
Best Wash Speed WF45R6300AW 4.5 cu. ft. Steam, Wifi and Bixby voice assistant, Super Speed wash under 30 minutes, in White or Black Stainless Steel or Champagne, from $999
Best New Products WF50A8600AE and WF50A8800AV Features antimicrobial surfaces to fight mold, simplified smart menu, automatic dispenser, convenient stacking with middle controls, from $1,299
Samsung stackable washer and dryer types
Samsung washers come in 3 colors. The new lineup also includes simple controls

Specialty Samsung Washer and Dryers – FlexWash, Compact Washers

Model Main Features
FlexWash WV60M9900AV 6.0 cu. ft. capacity so you can do 4 loads of laundry simultaneously, pairs with FlexDry 2-in-One Steam Dryer, in White or Black Stainless
Compact WW22K6800AW 24-inch width, 2.2 cu. ft., QuickDrive which shaves up to 35% off washtime, Steam washer only, pairs with VENTED dryer, in White

Important Factors To Look Out For When Buying a Samsung Washer

If you’re investing in a Samsung front load washing machine, understandably, you should expect the best innovation coupled with effective cleaning. We understand that choosing the most suitable laundry can be overwhelming, therefore, we prepared our best washer and dryer set ranking list for you.

Here are some factors that will help you when evaluating your options:

1) Cleaning and Drying Performance

No matter what other features a washer might have, efficacy is paramount.

With its patented Steam Wash technology, Samsung washing machines can handle the toughest stains without pre-treatment. Unlike other washers, Samsung steams clothing from the bottom — ensuring that every garment is saturated for a deeper, more dependable clean.

PowerFoam, another trademarked Samsung feature, offers the ideal mixture of water, air, and detergent. This enhances the detergent’s performance as it penetrates deeper into fabric for a more complete clean.


Having a young athlete at home will always put these machines to the test. If you have an active baseball player, they might trudge in the mud in the outfield or slide home a few times in a game. When it comes time to wash those dirty white pants, the Steam Wash and PowerFoam will work together to diminish the stains without any extra effort on your part.

A feature that’s often overlooked, the Self Clean keeps your laundry drum and door gasket odor-free and clean with jet streams and spinning. Front load washers often get negative feedback for lingering smells and molding on the door gasket. The Self Clean feature helps eliminate these problems. As a plus, no chemicals are used during self clean process.

Did you forget to wash that shirt that’s needed early in the morning? Samsung’s Quick Wash takes as little as 36 minutes to complete a wash. For even more flexibility, some Samsung Washers offer FlexWash. This allows you to separate loads as you like and wash them either together or independently. That means you can wash colorful clothes and whites at the same time with one quick cycle and one regular cycle.

As for the dryers, you’ll enjoy Sensor Dry technology that adapts the drying time based on program chosen and moisture level detected. You no longer have to guess drying time and end up with overdried garments or excessive moisture.

Multi-Steam technology in the dryers help avoid the need to iron clothes. You can refresh and even sanitize your clothes in Samsung dryers. Steam dryers also known to reduce static.

Samsung offers FlexDry feature to match the FlexWash option in washers. This lets you dry two different types of clothes at the same time.

2) Energy Efficiency

Washers and dryers are an essential part of a modern home. Energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment, it also ensures that you save money with no sacrifice in washing performance, resulting in less water and electricity usage. That means a clear conscious and a reduced utility bill. What could be better than that?

Samsung washers are known for energy efficiency. All of the brand’s front-load washers have received Energy Star® certification, even exceeding far beyond minimum Energy Star® requirements.


3) Front Load vs. Top Load

Depending on your unique needs, front load vs top load washers might offer a better design option for you.

Front load washers generally offer greater capacity and higher energy efficiency due to less water and energy consumption. Front-load machines are also stackable, which means that you can place a washer and dryer on top of each other to save room in your laundry space.

Top load washers, on the other hand, can fit fewer clothes but offer easier reach as you don’t have to bend all the way down to load them. If your heart is set on a Samsung top load washer and dryer check out our in-depth review. Some of our customers insist on getting a traditional agitator top load washer. Please keep in mind that Samsung does not manufacture the agitator top loaders.

If you have questions about whether to buy a front-load washer or top-load washer, take a look at our video that shares 8 factors to consider:

Watch our video review – front load vs top load washers

4) Noise & Vibration

If your last machine rattled and created a vibrating cacophyny in sync with the spin cycle, rest assured, Samsung fine-tuned VRT Technology to eliminate the unnecessary noise in their machines. The VRT Technology involves an innovative tub design with special sensors to balance heavy loads at all speeds. This also reduces vibration, meaning your washer and dryer can be installed anywhere in the house without disturbing other rooms or floors.

Some advanced models even feature VRT Plus Technology, which promises 40% less noise than the already-impressive VRT Technology models.

5) Size, Configuration & Ergonomics

Most front-load washer and dryer models are stackable, which means that you can place the dryer on top of the washer to save room in your laundry space.

If you are placing the washer and the dryer side by side you may want to consider getting a storage pedestal (typically 15″ high) so you don’t have to bend all the way down to load and unload.

Samsung’s full-sized washer and dryers are 27 inches wide, 33 to 34 inches deep, and 39 inches high.

Since the sizes of Samsung models can vary from model to model, it would be beneficial to measure your available space and purchase your bundle accordingly. In case you have limited space in a closet or live in an apartment you may want to consider a stackable, compact washer and dryer from Samsung such as the WW22K6800AW. However, make sure you have adequate depth as Samsung’s compact laundry is deeper that that of Bosch or Miele at 27 inches.

6) Wifi & App Connectivity

Samsung is the leader of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. Therefore, all Samsung washer and dryers come with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Through your mobile device you can monitor and control your Samsung washer and dryer from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Monitor remaining cycle time and get notifications when your laundry is done.


With Samsung’s SmartCare feature, you can quickly diagnose your washer and get quick solutions on your mobile phone. Without bothering to contact customer service, you can troubleshoot issues directly from your smartphone. Higher end models feature more capabilities on wi-fi displaying laundry time and giving you wash tips depending on fabrics you choose.

Now, Samsung offers Bixby AI voice assistant on select models.

Samsung Terminology Explained

Even though the terms mentioned above can give an idea about the most striking features of Samsung washers and dryers, let’s take a closer look at what these features truly have to offer.

Washer features

In a single machine, Samsung offers you two separate washers, letting you wash different type of garments or cycles simultaneously. Imagine a scenario where you’ve completed a cycle and your washer is full, but you’ve just realized that your favorite shirt is dirty just before heading out. Now you can run a quick cycle for just that shirt without disturbing the rest of the washed clothing.

If bubbles come to mind whenever you think of cleaning, then this feature is perfect for you. It uses a foaming combination of water, air, and detergent for a deep clean that can’t be matched by other washing machine manufacturers.


The design allows detergent to spread evenly throughout the entirety of a load of linens. The function even works differently depending on the specific cycle for maximum customization.

If you’ve ever forgotten to add a shirt or pair of pants after the cycle’s already started, then Samsung’s AddWash feature was developed just for you. The AddWash feature is the first distinctive access door on front load washing machine that allows users to add any item during a wash cycle without opening the main door.


Super Speed
With no decrease in cleaning performance, your laundry can be completed in as little as 36 minutes. This is the perfect solution when you need certain items of clothing or linens fast. Think about all the times an unexpected guest arrives and there are no clean sheets on the bed. This lets you get them cleaned quickly without sacrificing cleaning power.


Steam Wash
Power of steam: remove tough stains without pre-treatment. Unlike other washers, Samsung washers release steam from the bottom of the machine to expose all clothes to steam for a deeper clean.

Diamond Drum Design
The diamond drum design treats fabrics gently, resulting in longer clothing life. Plus, the small water holes ensure that fabrics are well preserved and don’t snag along the side of the drum resulting in damage.

Samsung Washer Diamond Drum

Self Clean+
This powerful feature keeps the laundry drum and door gasket odor-free with powerful jet streams and spinning technology, all without chemicals. A cleaner washer means cleaner clothing overall.

Samsung Washer self clean

Features Available in Samsung Dryers

Just like FlexWash™ for washers, Samsung has also developed FlexDry™ for dryers. It uses the same concept as in washers: one machine, two independent dryers. You can dry different types of clothes simultaneously. The dryer with a smaller capacity is perfect for delicate garments in need of gentle care.

Sensor Dry
This powerful feature customizes drying cycle timing according to the needs of your clothes using the latest innovations. Moisture sensors will turn the dryer off when clothes are dry to protect laundry from overheating. That provides more peace of mind when doing laundry, ensuring that you won’t permanently damage or shrink your favorite clothes.

Samsung Dryer Sensor Dry

Multi-Steam Technology
With multiple options for using steam within the dryer, you can make constant ironing a thing of the past. This feature helps avoid wrinkles and crinkled clothing. And there’s no need to refill the water reservoir, unlike many other dryers.

Cleaner, safer vents
Samsung allows you to continually monitor your dryer’s air duct to ensure safe and efficient operation. At any sign of trouble, a signal goes on to let you know something is up. According to U.S. Fire Administration 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. HVAC professionals recommend that your ventilation system should be cleaned at least once a year to not only ensure proper ventilation, but also to avoid any potential fire hazards. A clogged dryer vent is a major fire hazard, so this monitoring feature is key for ensuring safety in your home.

Dry Rack
This is a feature that’s absolutely perfect for drying delicate items like sneakers, sweaters, and your favorite stuffed animal. This external rack provides maximum drying ability without damaging your items by letting them bounce around the drum.

Convenient light
An internal light helps you easily empty the dryer without leaving anything behind, giving you speed and accuracy to correctly match your laundry. It’s no longer possible to forget some items of your laundry inside the drum.

Reversible Door
Most advanced Samsung dryers feature a reversible door. This lets you change the direction that the door opens according to your needs. If your closet or laundry room is better suited to a door opening from the left than the right, then this feature is the perfect way to switch its arrangement easily.

Eco Dry
The Eco Dry cycle uses 25% less energy compared to regular drying cycles without a decrease in the performance– but a major decrease in your utility bills.

Samsung Dryer EcoDry

Our 5 Best Samsung Washer and Dryer Picks

1) Samsung Washer and Dryer for Budget: WF45T6000AW

Samsung Washer WF45T6000AW

Who’s it for: This model would be ideal for a new homeowner or family on a budget.

Why we picked it: The WF42H5000AW features VRT Technology for reduced vibration and noise and SelfClean+ for automatic cleaning of the drum itself. Additional features include Smart Care for quick diagnosis of any trouble directly through your smartphone and Diamond Drum Interior to prolong the life of your clothing. You’ll also find standard wash cycles in this product. This model is Energy Star certified.

The associated dryer partner for this model is the 7.5 cu. ft. DV42H5000EW (electric) or DV42H5000GW (gas) dryer with Sensor Dry for automatic turn-off when clothes are dry and Smart Care for quick diagnosing of any issues with your smartphone.

2) Samsung Washer and Dryer w/Steam: WF45R6100AW

Samsung WF45R6100AW

Who’s it for: This unit would be a great fit for a busy family looking for most of the latest features of a premium model (including Steam), but still at a value price-point.

Why we picked it: The WF45R6100AW features VRT Plus™ Technology which cuts down 40% of noise and vibrations. This way you can start a cycle even when your children are asleep. The Swirl+ enhanced drum patterns help extract quickly more water and prevent fabrics from snagging.

Matching dryers are 7.5 cu. ft. DVE45R6100W (electric) or DVG45R6100W (gas). Both models feature Multi-Steam Technology which removes wrinkles, odors, bacteria, and static.

New Color – Champagne

Samsung has just released Champagne color option for WF45R6100AC and WF45R6300AW.


3) Samsung Washer and Dryer w/Speed Clean: WF45R6300AW

Samsung Washer WF45R6300AW

Who’s it for: If you need to get things done quickly, or if you want to wash your favorite clothes in a jiffy before wearing them you found your match. Super Speed cycle will get things done under 30 minutes.

When it comes to difference between Samsung WF45R6100 vs WF45R6300, the WF45R6300 gets you the Super speed option and the Bixby voice controls. Otherwise, both washers have the same “closet-fit-depth” at 31 1/2-inches.

The Samsung WF45R6300 is almost idential to model WF45T6200AW.

Why we picked it: The WF45R6300AW comes fully loaded with most desirable Samsung features such as VRT Plus, the upgraded Swirl+ drum, and myriad of specialized wash cycles. Wifi capabilities are enhanced with Bixby AI-enabled voice assistant.

Matching dryers are 7.5 cu. ft. DVE45R6300W (electric) or DVG45R6300W (gas). Both models feature Multi-Steam Technology which removes wrinkles, odors, bacteria, and static.

PRO TIP – Make sure to contact our staff at (888) 714-4938 to inquire about savings on Samsung laundry packages.

4) Samsung XL Capacity Washer and Dryer: WF50A8600AE

Samsung Washer WF50A8600AE

Who’s it for: A big family that has a wide range of laundry needs would benefit from machine. Larger capacity means fewer washes and time savings.

Why we picked it: With 14 cycles, the WF50A8600AE expands on all of the features of WF45R6300AW. PowerFoam™ technology which we explained above ensures deeper cleaning. The enhanced Swirl drum protects your clothes so they can last longer.

Noteable Specialty Samsung Washer and Dryers

Samsung FlexWash 2-In-1 Washer and Matching FlexDry 2-In-1 Dryer: Samsung WV60M9900AV

Width: 27-inch | Height: 46 15/16-inch | Depth: 34-inch | Capacity: 6.0 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 12/11 | RPM: 1,300 | Color: White, Black Stainless Steel | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes/Yes | Stackable: Yes | Energy Star: Enhanced Level, CEE Tier 2

Samsung WV60M9900AV

Who’s it for: This unit is ideal for the family looking for the latest innovations and versatile options. Allows you to do 4 loads of laundry simultaneously or just wash a small load in a hurry.

Why we picked it: This model features a 5 cu. ft. main washer and a 1 cu. ft. secondary washer. You’ll love the FlexWash™ technology that lets you wash two different loads simultaneously. For example, you can use the top washer for delicates or baby clothes and clean your regular weekly laundry in the main washer. That’s the kind of flexibility this dual-drum setup offers you. Finally, you’ll get the 30-minute Super Speed wash when you need to clean your favorite outfit before going to your favorite bar.

So is FlexWash worthwhile? The truth is that this model is one of the best front-load washers in the market, and the secondary small top washer adds a welcome splash of efficient functionality. With the ability to wash two separate loads at once, this model is perfect for larger households with mixed laundry needs. It makes coordinating laundry loads less difficult and more flexible for your family’s needs.

WV60M9900AV in Black Stainless on Optional Pedestals (also in White)


Despite being relatively new to the market, Samsung appliances feature tons of useful innovations. Samsung’s stackable washers and dryers provide incredibly effective clean. Samsung has a laundry product for every budget. Even the most expensive FlexWash washers and dryers go on sale periodically. All in all, Samsung’s design makes doing laundry more laid-back, flexible, and quick.


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