Samsung Ovens: 2020 Samsung Wall Ovens Reviewed

Samsung Ovens: 2020 Samsung Wall Ovens Reviewed

If you are looking to buy a new Samsung oven, you have several suitable options to choose from. This article will guide you through important factors to weigh before choosing your Samsung oven. Considering the features and characteristics of Samsung wall ovens are very similar, decision making revolves around style and salient differences. We examined the entire catalog and picked the best oven in each configuration.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Overview of Samsung Ovens

Samsung is mostly known for its phones, TVs, and electronics. But the company has grown to become a reputable home and kitchen appliance brand in the US. Their home appliance product line includes refrigerators, cooktops, ranges, microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers, among others. These products are known for their innovative features, reliability, and brilliant design.

Samsung ovens do not fall short of that same standard. The average Samsung wall oven has an elegant design, comes with features for better convenience, is very reliable, and produces excellent cooking results.

Top feature for the Samsung oven is the Wi-Fi connectivity. Samsung is one of the few premium appliance brands, which offer meaningful internet connectivity in their wall ovens. The feature allows you to remotely monitor the oven, perform basic oven tasks, and also to receive alerts.

So, if you appreciate great design, top innovation, and you would also like your phone to tell you when your turkey is ready, then a Samsung oven might just be great for you.

How to Pick the Best Samsung Wall Oven?

Your choice of wall oven may be influenced by personal preferences. Still, there are certain parameters you should consider first. If you want to get a headstart, check out our round-up on best wall ovens. Below you will find what distinguishes wall ovens:

1) Design

If you’re a fan of sleek kitchen appliances or you want your kitchen to look more enticing, then the design should be a top factor in your wall oven checklist. Most brands try to provide collections with different designs to meet various consumer tastes.


Samsung is known for its top quality and sleek design across all its products. The wall ovens are designed to blend in with your kitchen design and provide that chosen touch of class. Each oven also has variants with different exterior finishing, such as the black stainless steel and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel.

Samsung also offers you the choice to go for the modern touch control and display instead of the traditional use of knobs. Our top Samsung single oven in black stainless steel, the NV51K6650SG, comes with a brilliant electronic touch display which amplifies the Wi-Fi remote control feature. The Samsung NV51K7770SG, with its accented knobs, also offers a touch of elegance and class to your kitchen.


2) Size

Not sure of the right oven wall size to pick? If you are going for a replacement, measure the size of your cabinet opening and get an oven with the same dimensions.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then you need to think of possible cooking needs before deciding on the size of the wall oven to buy.

Samsung’s 30-inch wall ovens offer you more than enough space for your basic cooking needs. Their ovens have a 5.1 cu. ft. minimum capacity, which is one of the largest you can find in any 30-inch oven in the industry.


3) Configuration

Wall ovens generally are classified into three types by configuration – single wall ovens, double wall ovens, and combination ovens. Unlike the single ovens, the double ovens have an upper and a lower oven, which offers more cooking space. The combination ovens are double ovens, which combine either a speed oven with a standard oven, or a microwave with a standard oven.

Samsung single and double ovens are some of the best in the industry and are equipped with premium features. The combination ovens are microwave/standard oven combinations. When it comes to double wall ovens most manufacturers limit the feature set of the lower oven to save on cost. Not with Samsung. Both ovens come with the same feature set (except for in ovens with steam cooking, only the upper oven will have the feature).

Within each configuration Samsung further classifies products based on a step-up feature set. As an example single ovens with have 3 options in goodm, betterm best fashion. Same is true for double ovens and combination ovens.


Here is how Samsung upgrades and distinguishes its wall ovens:

  • Entry Level: The most basic feature set. They contain what you’d find in most in homes, including Halogen lights, self-clean or steam clean, and 175F-550F bake. These wall ovens do not have convection. Wifi comes standard, and, of course, glass touch controls.
  • Deluxe ovens on the other hand, are an improvement on the entry level. This class of ovens have more astonishing features such as dual true convection, backlit touch control, Self-Clean, Steam Clean or Hybrid Self-clean with steam, 175F-550F Bake, (Steam cooking technology) Steam Bake & Steam Roast 230F-550F, Favorites Stored in App, Rapid PreHeat, Temperature Probe, LED and Halogen Lights. A good example of this oven is the NV51K6650DS.
  • Premium ovens are a perfection of the good and better. They contain some of the features of these categories of ovens, but also have more features such as Digital-Knob Controls, Gourmet Cook, Favorites Stored in App, Rapid PreHeat, Steam Cooking on the top oven, FlexDuo on top oven. The NV51K7770DS is a sure example of the best ovens.

Summary of Upgrade Features of Samsung Ovens

Feature Enty Level Deluxe Premiun
Display: Glass Touch Controls Backlit Touch Control Digital & Knobs
Convection: N/A Dual True Convection Dual True Convection
Preheat: Standard Rapid Preheat Rapid Preheat
Self Clean: Self Clean or Steam Clean Self Clean, Steam, or Hybrid Self Clean, Steam, or Hybrid
Wifi Yes Yes, Store Fav Recipes on App Yes, Store Fav Recipes on App, Gourmet Cook Guided Options
Probe: N/A Yes, Wifi Enabled Yes, Wifi Enabled
Steam Cooking: N/A Yes (Top Oven) 230F-550F Yes (Top Oven) 230F-550F
Flex Duo: N/A N/A Top Oven
Lights: Halogen Halogen LED
Racks: 2 3 including a Gliding Rack 3 including a Gliding Rack
Double Ovens: NV51T5511DS/G $2,919 NV51K6650DS/G $3,144 NV51K7770DS/G $3,594
Single Ovens: NV51T5511SS $1,299 NV51K6650SS $2,244 NV51K7770SS $2,694
Combo: NQ70T5511DS $2,739 NQ70M6650DS $3,324 NQ70M7770DS $3,774

4) Cooking Performance

An oven’s cooking ability is an essential feature you should look out for. What type of convection technology does it use? Does it have a suitable temperature range? How good is the heat distribution? Does it have a rapid preheat feature? How long does it take to complete a self-clean cycle? These are crucial questions you should ask before paying for a wall oven.


Fortunately, Samsung is a brand that takes all these into consideration before releasing any wall oven model into the market. This makes them one of the best wall oven brands in the industry. Samsung ovens operate with the dual convection system, which makes use of two fans and two heating elements at the back of the oven for better heat distribution even if you are baking on multiple racks.

Steam ovens allow you to cook healthy and results are delicious. You can use steam feature to reheat in liue of microwave. You will notice that your food from last night will come alive when you use the steam oven. Many high end brands offer standalone steam ovens. Samsung saves you the trouble of finding an extra spot for this oven type and incorporates the feature in its regular ovens.


The NV51K7770SG has a temperature range of 175F – 550F, which can suitably handle all your baking and cooking needs. It has an effective self-clean feature, a temperature probe for monitoring the oven, and the Flex Duo, which creates two temperature zones within your oven so you can cook two dishes at the same time on different temperatures.

Innovative – Samsung Flex Duo Ovens

5) Connectivity

Samsung is one of the few brands that incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity in a meaningful way to your every day cooking. This results in a slight increase in their standard oven price. Still, the extra convenience it offers is totally worth it.

Besides, receiving alerts and notifications, Samsung’s connectivity feature grants you access to a lot of smart features. You can preheat your oven from your car on your way home, and you can also increase or reduce the temperature inside the oven from your phone. You also have access to recipes and the Gourmet cooking mode that assists you in making perfect meals.

6) Reliability

You certainly would not want to spend much on a wall oven and then end up repairing it every other month. This is why you should choose a trusted and reliable appliance/oven brand.

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in the home appliance industry, and they have continued to maintain the reliability and quality for which they are known for. Your wall oven is less likely to develop an issue if properly maintained. The company also offers a comprehensive 1-year parts and labor warranty on all their wall ovens.

7) Special Features

Apart from the regular features, Samsung ovens have some unique features we cannot fail to mention.

  • Gourmet Mode
    The Gourmet Mode is one of the features that make Samsung one of the preferred wall oven brands in the industry. It reduces the need for guesswork as it gives you access to a cooking guide and lots of recipes. This may not be so necessary for top chefs, but will surely come in handy for your regular home cooking needs. It’s noteworthy that this mode is not available in all ovens, rather it comes as a premium feature in the dual oven, single oven, and microwave combo categories.


  • Flex Duo Zone
    The Flex Duo Zone lets you split your oven into two cooking zones with the aid of a removable divider. The feature keeps these two zones at two separate temperatures, allowing you to cook two different dishes at the same time. Awesome, right? But you can only enjoy it in premium versions of dual ovens, single ovens, and microwave combo categories.

  • Steam Assist
    Top Samsung oven models, like the NV51K6650 and the NV51K7770, come equipped with the steam cooking feature. The oven releases moisture into the oven at precise and calculated times to guarantee tender results. You will love this feature if you bake frequently. It gives your bread/cake a better and flakey crust than a normal oven would deliver.


Samsung Chef Collection

Samsung’s Chef Collection is one of its innovative introductions in recent years. Designed to suit a chef’s needs better, the Chef Collection brings professional kitchen experience to your home. The collection cuts across refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, and ovens.

The Chef Collection NQ70M9770DM combines a speed oven with a traditional oven to offer you more versatility in your kitchen. It also has a seamless/sleek look and is designed for flush installation. Just like other top ovens, it also has the Steam cook feature for smart and tender results. The challenge, however, is that we’re not certain if Samsung will continue the manufacture of the Chef series of ovens. But let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Best Samsung Ovens in 2020

Finally, let’s look at our top Samsung oven picks from each configuration. We ranked these wall ovens based on cooking performance, feature set, exterior design, and price.

1) Best Single Oven: Samsung NV51K6650SG

Samsung NV51K6650SG

The 30-inch single Samsung oven is truly remarkable and one of the best in the industry. It is equipped with a dual convection system that uses two fans and two heating elements to circulate heat evenly within the oven. Its steam cook feature also enables you to bake, roast, or broil food items with tender results.

The NV51K6650SG is designed for flush installation and is also ADA compliant. The exterior design has a brilliant fingerprint-resistant finish, which reduces smudges and dirt. It has a gliding rack for easy access to food and an elegant touch display that eliminates the need for knobs. The model’s Wi-Fi connectivity gives you convenient control of the oven and also access to lots of food recipes through the app.

2) Best Double Oven: Samsung NV51K7770DG

Samsung NV51K7770DG

The 30-inch Flex Duo double Samsung oven may not have the modern touch control as its counterpart, the NV51K6650DG, but it has some extra features. First, the traditional knobs have a metal accent. They are illuminated with blue LED lights, giving your kitchen a top classy feel.

Then the Flex Duo feature is one extra talking point. The divider can conveniently separate any of the lower or upper ovens into two cooking zones with different temperatures. This enables you to cook more than two different dishes at once. Of course, the two ovens offer you more space, which works nicely for a large household.

The NV51K7770DG’s other features include the Gourmet mode that gives you access to lots of recipes and a cooking guide. It uses the dual convection feature for a better distribution of heat. There’s the Samsung steam cook feature, the Wi-Fi connectivity, and the gliding rack. The classic exterior design and the brilliant fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish is another strong point in its favor.

3) Best Combination Oven: Samsung NQ70M6650DG

Samsung NQ70M6650DG

We had a hard time picking between the 30-inch Samsung oven NQ70M6650DG and the Chef Collection NQ70M9770DM. We finally chose the former because of its lower price for basically a very similar feature set. While the NQ70M6650DG is a microwave and oven combination, the NQ70M9770DM is a speed oven and a standard oven combination.

Besides the noticeable difference in configuration, the NQ70M6650DG is very similar to the NV51K6650SG in features, performance, and appearance. The NQ70M6650DG operates using the dual convection technology, has the steam cook feature, and the Gourmet Mode feature.

It has similar touch controls with guiding lights and step-by-step cooking instructions. Its Wi-Fi connectivity is just as excellent as that of the NV51K6650SG, and the Hybrid Clean feature is effective too. It also rocks the same seamless design with the brilliant fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.


Now that we’ve seen and reviewed what Samsung ovens have to offer, let’s answer an essential question – Are Samsung ovens good for you?
Well, if you are looking for a wall oven that offers you great spaces, sleek design, Wi-Fi connectivity, and good reliability, Samsung wall ovens fit the profile perfectly.

Besides the brilliant exterior finish and the impressive Wi-Fi connectivity feature across all models, you also get additional features. You will love the Steam Assist if you bake frequently, and the Gourmet Mode will come in handy if you like to experiment with new recipes.


I am thinking of getting a Samsung kitchen appliances and washer. Do you recommend them?
We reviewed the entire Samsung appliances offering in our in depth reviews. Here are some helpful links:

How long do Samsung wall ovens last?
With proper care and maintenance, Samsung ovens will last around ten years, which is at the upper end of the industry standard for wall ovens.

How long is the warranty on the Samsung wall ovens?
Samsung offers a minimum of one year warranty period on wall ovens bought within the United States.

Do I have to remove the oven racks before starting the self-clean?
Samsung recommends you remove the racks first before commencing the self-clean cycle. The high temperature of the cycle may damage the racks.

Are Samsung wall ovens ADA compliant?
Yes. Samsung ovens meet the requirements for ADA compliant home appliances.

Wolf, Thermador, Viking, Miele, and Samsung are all highly rated, premium oven manufacturers. It is hard to compare all of these brands against each other. However, we made sure to offer you in depth reviews and buying guides on all of our wall ovens.

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