Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – Worth the Money? [2020 REVIEW]

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator - Worth the Money? [2020 REVIEW]

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator captures the spirit of the modern American home where the kitchen is the center of activities. It’s where the family gathers, where meals happen, and where everyone ends up at the beginning and end of every day.

In the past, we wrote notes and to-do lists and attached them to the refrigerator. We hung calendars on our fridge, so everyone was aware of appointments. Now, thanks to Samsung’s Family Hub, all of these capabilities are available on a 21.5” touch screen (larger than an iPad). You can send messages directly to your family via Family Hub’s connected network, like announcements about when dinner will be or who’s coming over that night. You can even let your children draw pictures on the fridge and send them to mom or dad on their way home from work. Samsung’s Family Hub truly connects all family members at once, bringing families together to interact with an enhanced touch screen that features Wi-Fi, voice activation, interior cameras and more. It’s a centralized command center for your entire home.

Samsung refrigerator models feature the latest trends in kitchen design. Advanced 3-door French door, different versions of 4-door fridges are some of the innovations we can attribute to Samsung.

Overview of Samsung Family Hub Fridges

36″ 22 cu ft Counter Depth 4-Door Features Starting Price
RF22NPEDBSG in Black Stainless Steel or RF22NPEDBSR Stainless Steel FlexZone Drawer (the ideal refrigeration for a variety of foods) $3,093
RF23M8570SG in Black Stainless Steel or RF23M8570SR Stainless Steel FlexZone Drawer and Recessed Handles $3,193
RF23M8590SG in Black Stainless Steel or RF23M8590SR Stainless Steel FlexZone Drawer, Recessed and Polygon Handles $3,594
RF22N9781SG in Black Stainless Steel or RF22N9781SR Stainless Steel Recessed Handles, Wine Racks and Triple Cooling (for optimal temperature and humidity-conditions) $3,694
36″ Full Depth Features Starting Price
RF265BEAESG in Black Stainless Steel or RF265BEAESR Stainless Steel 24.2 cu ft, 3-Door $2,293
RF28NHEDBSG in Black Stainless Steel or RF28NHEDBSR Stainless Steel 28 cu ft, 4-Door w/FlexZone Drawer $2,993
RF28N9780SG in Black Stainless Steel or RF28N9780SR Stainless Steel 28 cu ft, 4-Door w/Recessed Handles, Wine Rack and Triple Cooling $3,594


What is Samsung Family Hub?

The Samsung Family Hub is an Internet of Things-enabled refrigerator with a massive touch screen that brings refrigerators into the future. Acting as a giant tablet attached to your refrigerator door, it features a voice-controlled assistant named Bixby (think Alexa for your fridge) that recognizes individual voices and provides personalized information for each member of the family.

For example, you can leave a message specifically for one of your children that will be played back when that specific child asks Bixby for any messages. It will truly make your family feel as if you live in the future.


What are the benefits of Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?

When it comes to the benefits available through the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, there is a long list. In addition to syncing up food storage and benefitting from an internet connection and the ability to send or receive messages from smartphones, it also features 36 distinct apps such as Spotify, FreshDirect, Uber, and others. Morning Brief provides a rundown of your day’s schedules, outlining appointments, to-do lists and other activities.


The Fridge Manager app controls the temperature of the refrigerator, proving that Samsung hasn’t forgotten about the core purpose of the appliance. It can even connect with other home appliances and track their status, plus providing games and entertainment for your little ones. Imagine being able to tell your kids that if they eat all of their veggies, they can play a game on the fridge right there in the kitchen while you clean up. You can even read news sites and other web pages directly from the fridge.


One of the most appealing elements of this fridge is its ability to update itself over time, so you’ll never be left behind as appliance technology advances. We believe that’s well worth the few hundred bucks extra on the price tag for the Samsung Family Hub.

Who is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator For?

The Family Hub is definitely, not surprisingly, best suited to families living under one roof. It helps consolidate the busy schedules, notes and messages, and other forms of communication that happen in a busy family household. Therefore, we list Samsung in our coveted best refrigerator brands rankings as our top selection.

In general, we do not need yet another device in our lives. But, if you like to have a cool looking fridge and want to take advantage of latest technologies you may want to consider a Samsung Family Hub. The adults in the family will use it to do shopping lists, post quick to-do’s and keep up the family calander. While the creative side of the family will post pictures and decorate the large screen with interesting “screen-savers”. This modern refrigerator can truly act as a powerful hub for the whole family.


But let’s get into specifics a bit more. In the following section, we’ll highlight four distinct areas where the Samsung Family Hub can have a significant positive impact on your family and everyday home life.

4 Pillars of Samsung Family Hub

1) Food Preservation

In this section, we’ll start with managing your fridge space and shopping then move on to how Family Hub can help you manage recipes.

Shopping and Fridge Space

Imagine being able to see inside of your refrigerator while you’re at the grocery store trying to determine what you need. With the Family Hub, you can. Using the Family Hub’s View Inside feature, Interior cameras allow you to see your fridge’s interior from absolutely anywhere via your smartphone, so you’re never left wondering whether you’re out of butter or milk.

Before you hit the store, you can make a shopping list on the touch screen to stay organized, then transfer it to your phone. You can even use the Food Reminder app to name the items with expiration dates in the fridge so that you’ll receive notifications when they’ve expired. In this way, the Family Hub can save you hundreds of dollars over time by ensuring you never buy food you don’t need.

Looking for great deals? Samsung’s New Deals app allows you to save sale-priced groceries to your shopping list or even a supported shopping loyalty card.

With the Fridge Manager app, you can view and change the fridge temperature and settings as well as handling all of the technical aspects of your fridge’s settings. And what if you don’t want to cook that week? You can have food delivered directly to your home with Instacart, GrubHub, or Nomiku with just one click.

Managing Recipes and Meal Plans

Ready to get cooking? The Meal Planner app will help you decide what to cook for the week, reducing the stress of wondering what to make every night. If your recipe calls for marinating a steak or chilling bear, your fridge can even notify you of when these items are perfectly ready.

With the Family Hub’s online connectivity, you can access recipes from around the world and prepare food your family already loves or introduce new favorites. No more flipping through old, torn and greasy recipe book pages or squinting at your tiny smartphone screen that keeps turning off and on. Recipes are listed right on the backlit screen. The Meal Planner app can even recommend recipes based on your family’s food preferences, allergies, and (with help from the interior cameras) the ingredients you have on hand. This makes your fridge more than just a food storage tool—it’s your new official assistant chef.

2) Connecting the Family

The Samsung Family Hub comes with an extensive list of features, apps, and capabilities for keeping your family connected and close. We won’t cover absolutely everything the fridge can do to make family time better, but we can certainly try.


With the built-in calendar and bulletin board functionality, you can share schedules, track what you plan for the week and share plans with your family members. Each family member can know the others’ plans from one centralized calendar, so there are no missed appointments or double-booked events. Imagine if your three teenage children could schedule in who gets access to the extra car directly from the fridge. No more arguments over who gets the keys.

Other features include built-in To Do lists and memos so that you can effectively track what needs to be done and what information other families need to be aware of. With the Whiteboard feature, you can post and share messages, leave notes for kids and even draw pictures. This can be both a useful and fun feature that you and your kills will both love. Leave homework reminders, sweet love notes, or funny pictures that your whole family will appreciate.

Want to share and enjoy favorite family memories while you’re gathered in the kitchen? Photo sharing and slideshow capabilities turn your fridge door into a canvas where memories and beautiful images from your family’s life can be shared.

If you want to let the folks at home know you’re on your way, you can use the Glympse app to share your location and show how far from home you’ll be. For more travel-related options, you can book an Uber directly from the fridge as well.

Other fun and useful features for your family include a Pinterest app for sharing what interests you with family members, plus parental controls for limiting app access to young ones in the household.

3) Fun

No one’s ever called a refrigerator ‘fun’ before, but all of that’s about to change with the Samsung Family Hub. You can play music directly from the fridge through popular third-party apps including Spotify, which blasts home-filling music through the fridge’s impressive AKG built-in sound system. Kitchen dance parties will quickly become a family tradition for you and your loved ones.


Need to head to the kitchen but don’t want to miss what’s happening during the big game? You can set up your Family Hub screen to mirror your television, keeping you in touch with what’s on even when you’re in the kitchen. Your family will love the idea of being able to watch TV on the refrigerator.

Another fun activity that you’ve never done on a fridge before? Browsing the web. A built-in web browser is now available at the touch of the screen directly on your refrigerator door.

4) Remote Management via App

Finally, the Family Hub offers a whole host of connectivity options that make it the world’s smartest refrigerator. You can control and monitor your smart home setup directly from the fridge, including the ability to see who’s at the door when the bell rings, or even power up Samsung’s PowerBot vacuum cleaner from the fridge screen.

Even setting light levels, adjusting the thermostat settings or temperature, and monitoring your baby while they’re sleeping are all tasks that can now be done from your refrigerator.

At Designer Appliances, we see these capabilities as more than gimmicks. They truly provide a centralized hub for managing your home in a location that’s already the natural center of your home—the kitchen.

Our Top Picks for Samsung Family Hub Fridges

Samsung RF265BEAESG 36″ 24.2 cu. ft. Family Hub French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF265BEAESG
  • All the features Family Hub Screen offers including built-in cameras, 21.5” touch screen (larger than an iPad), exclusive built-in apps such as Meal Planner, Built-in Calendars, *WhiteBoard, Spotify and more.
  • 24 cu. ft. capacity with Width: 35 3/4″, Height: 70″, Depth: 35 5/8″
  • CoolSelect Pantry™ lets you choose the optimal temperature, while separately storing fruit and cheese trays.
  • Twin Cooling Plus prevents spoiling and freezer burn for fresher, better-tasting food.
  • Fingerprint Resistant reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance
  • External water and ice dispenser
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified

Samsung RF23M8590SG Family Hub 36″ 22.2 Cu. Ft. Family Hub Counter Depth Refrigerator

Samsung RF23M8590SG
  • All the features Family Hub Screen offers including built-in cameras, 21.5” touch screen (larger than an iPad), exclusive built-in apps such as Meal Planner, Built-in Calendars, *WhiteBoard, Spotify and more.
  • 22.2 cu. ft. capacity with Width: 35 3/4″, Height: 70″, Depth: 31 1/8″
  • Twin Cooling Plus prevents spoiling and freezer burn for fresher, better-tasting food.
  • FlexZone™ drawer with a Smart Divider that sections off food to cool at different temperatures for flexible storage.
  • Auto Fill Pitcher automatically refills, providing cold water anytime you need it and the option to infuse your favorite refreshing flavor.
  • Fingerprint Resistant reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance
  • External water and ice dispenser
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified

Bottom Line

As our lives get busier and busier with each passing year, families often find it a struggle to spend time together like they used to. The Family Hub offers access to a truly powerful tool for encouraging family members to connect, have fun, share quality time together, and more. Children can enjoy drawing pictures on the tablet with their parents. Siblings can share messages of support for each other. Parents can leave reminders about dinnertime so that no one misses a family gathering.

Besides this powerful capability, the Family Hub is also an amazing organizational tool to help families stay on top of responsibilities and stay organized throughout their busy lives.

Like any real hub should, the Samsung Family Hub will transform your kitchen back into the heart of your home. It can connect every part of your life, from shopping for groceries to lining up schedules to seeing who’s at the door to visit—all from your refrigerator. Managing a household has never been easier, simpler, or more enjoyable than it is with the Samsung Family Hub.


Can you customize the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator screen?
One of the most impressive parts of the Family Hub system is that the home screen is customizable. Move and remove icons, reorganize where apps appear, and even give each member of the family a unique screen that they can personalize to their tastes and choose which family photo or background art will appear. And even from these custom screens, the fridge’s main controls are always just one left-swipe away.

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