Samsung Cooktop: 2021 Samsung Cooktops Reviewed

Samsung Cooktop: 2021 Samsung Cooktops Reviewed

Samsung cooktops are hands down one of the most reliable and feature-rich stovetop you will find on the market today. Samsung was the first company to realize that amazing looks should accompany cooking performance and smart features. But what other factors make Samsung cooktops great? This article will explore all of the details you need to choose a cooktop that is perfect for you and your kitchen.

Our Top Samsung Cooktops

How to choose the best Samsung cooktop?

Samsung Cooktop Types

Samsung cooktops come in three different types: gas, electric, and induction. Gas stovetops use gas to ignite a flame that in turn heats your cookware. Electric cooktops heat electrical elements that then transfer that heat to your cookware. Induction cooktops use alternating electric current to create a magnetic field that then produces heat to heat your cookware.

Samsung cooktop sizes

Samsung cooktops come in two distinct sizes, 30-inches and 36-inches. It is crucial that you measure your kitchen before purchasing a cooktop in order to determine what size is right for you. Generally, the 30 and 36-inch stovetops are the most popular due to their flexibility and cooktop combinations. You are also able to find cooktops with 4 or 5 burners in both sizes and for all fuel types.

Samsung Cooktop Review

Samsung Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops have become increasingly popular as consumers have gotten more comfortable using them. Gas cooktops, unlike electric, give a visual indication by way of a flame that can be adjusted for size and heat. Gas is a very efficient fuel source because the gas is turned directly into heat. Electric cooktops tend to result in some energy loss when they convert the electricity to heat.

Gas stovetops also react very quickly. As soon as you change the gas setting, your cookware immediately reacts to the change in temperature. Electric ranges however, have to take the time to cool down to lower temperatures.


Samsung’s gas cooktops come in 30-inch and 36-inch with both sizes including models with 4 or 5 burners.

What are dual powered burners? Samsung’s gas cooktops feature dual power burners. Dual power burners have the versatility to intensely heat to boil water quickly or simmer to slowly melt chocolate. These types of burners are called “dual power” because they have two burners stacked on top of each other, which provides you with precise control over your flames.

How do I clean my Samsung stovetop? Samsung gas cooktops feature sealed burners that are designed to minimize the gaps that allow liquid and spills to get under your cooktop. These sealed burners have a small cap on that that causes the flame to swerve, thus avoiding any spillage on the burner nozzle. This makes cleanup a breeze.

On Samsung’s gas cooktops the distinctive blue LED knobs will illuminate when your cooktop is in use. This not only makes for a sleek look, but also provides you peace of mind of knowing when your cooktop surface is hot.

How many BTUs do I need in my cooktop? This answer depends on what type of cooking you are trying to do. For gas powered cooktops, the strongest burner packs a power of 22K BTUs and has two heat options so you can quickly boil water or maintain a simmer. Other burners have different power ranges designed for a variety of cooking methods.

Samsung Electric Cooktops

There are some downsides to the electric cooktop. Some areas do not have gas hookups, and therefore your only option might be to use electric. Electric cooktops are also slower to respond and boil water (compared to induction) and the surface stays hot even after you finish cooking, which could increase the risk of you accidently burning yourself.

Is cleaning an electric cooktop easy? With no areas for food debris and liquids to be trapped, cleaning an electric cooktop is as easy as wiping down your counters.

All of Samsung’s electric cooktops come with the option for 4 or 5 burners depending upon your needs. Each of these burners also serve a distinct purpose – from rapid boiling to warming.

Samsung has introduced additional design features on their electric cooktops, such as the Sync Elements feature. This allows you to combine two elements at once, so you can easily cook with a large griddle or pot.

Samsung electric cooktops come with distinctive blue LED illuminated knows that light up when the cooktop is in use. This visual que can always let you know if your stovetop is on or not.

These electric cooktops also come with an added safety feature of the hot surface indicator light. This light stays on until the surface is cool enough to touch, which makes cooking safer for you.

Each burner on the electric cooktop services a distinct purpose. The strongest of these burners boasts a power of 3300W for powerful, controlled heat while the warming burner has a power of 1200W.

Samsung Induction Cooktops

The induction burner does not technically generate heat. Because of the magnetic field, you preferably should use flat surface stainless steel or cast iron cookware (remember that magnets stick to ferrous metals).

There are a lot of advantages to induction cooktops. While other cooking methods heat your cookware AND the surrounding area, induction cooktops only transfer heat to your cookware itself. Because induction cooktops only heat your cookware, you don’t lose any energy and you can heat liquids and boil water much faster. Induction cooktops are also not hot to the touch, so you have less risk of burns or melted plasticware that has been left on your cooktop. Induction cooking is much safe than electric and gas cooking. In fact, it is the safest and most efficient cooking method out there.

In terms of design, Samsung likes to keep things innovative. The company took a major step forward with the use of the Flex Zone on its induction cooktops. The Flex Zone is made up of two burners that encompass the entire left side of the cooktop. This large area is used for flexible cooking, so you can use your smallest, largest, or most uniquely shaped pots.

Samsung offers a ton of different cooktop configurations all centered around if you want 4 or 5 burners. Technically, the Flex Zone counts as 2 burners, but how many pots and pans you use in the zone depends on your cookware size.

Are you used to being able to see the flames of your cooktop as you are cooking? A smart feature that is featured on some of Samsung’s induction cooktops is the Virtual Flame. LED surface lights shine onto your pans and give you the visual of gas cooking, all with the precision of induction cooking. The flames even grow smaller or larger depending on your heat setting.

Controls INNOVATION – magnetic dial is awesome when you want even more precise control, or your hands are wet
Samsung has put a lot of effort into the design of their controls. Digital-analog controls provide you with the ultimate interface. You can choose between a removable magnetic knob or use touch controls – it is all up to you.

The power really comes into play on Samsung’s induction cooktops with the use of the Power Boost. This allows you to focus heat more intensely on any element for faster boiling times. With the Power Boost, the most powerful element has up to 4800W of power, which far exceeds the industry average of 3700W.

Connectivity and Smart Features

Samsung was the first company to have a Wifi enabled appliance and many other manufactures have followed their lead. After a hectic day, the last thing you want to do is monitor your dinner on your cooktop. The Smart Control feature allows you to control your cooktop right through the SmartThings app on your phone.

The SmartThings app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android, and the app gives you the freedom to control prep times and temperatures without having to stay inside the kitchen. The app allows you to control a variety of items such as cooking temperatures and monitor your cooktop remotely. Want to make sure your cooktop is at the right temperature? The SmartThings app can send you real-time alerts on all temperature settings and turn your cooktop off if the temperature reaches an undesirable level.

The Samsung cooktop will sync with your ventilation hood and activate its lights and suction automatically upon starting the cooking process.

Our Top 3 Samsung Cooktops

1) Best Samsung Gas Cooktop NA36N7755TS

Samsung Gas Cooktop NA36N7755TS

The 36-inch wide NA36N7755TS model not only makes our list here as Samsung’s top gas cooktop, but it also made our Best Gas Cooktops list. This model features 5 burners, one of which is a high-powered burner used for rapid boiling or searing with a whopping 22K BTUs of power.

This model is also compatible with a griddle that attaches to two of the burners, so you can cook breakfast food or grill sandwiches.

The gas cooktop comes in 2 colors, Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel as well as 30-inch NA30N7755TS and 36-inch NA36N7755TS configurations.

2) Best Samsung Electric Cooktop NZ36K7570RG

Samsung Electric Cooktop NZ36K7570RG

The NZ36K750RG tops our list as Samsung’s best electric range, and it also made our list for Best Electric Cooktops. This 36-inch cooktop features 5 burners and Sync Elements. Sync Elements allow you to combine burners in order to accommodate your larger cookware.

With this model you also are able to choose how you set the controls, whether that be analog knobs or digital touch controls. Its sibling NZ36K7570RS features a decorative stainless steel trim to accent your countertop.

Samsung also makes this model in 30-inches as NZ30K7570RG.

3) Best Samsung Induction Cooktop NZ36K7880US

Samsung Induction Cooktop NZ36K7880US

The NZ36K7880US not only makes the our top Samsung induction cooktop, but it also made it into our best induction cooktops of the year. This induction cooktop is packed with features including the Flex Zone. The Flex Zone gives you a large area that can accommodate any of your uniquely-shaped cookware, big or small. This model also features Power Boost that allows you to focus heat on a burner to up the power, and is able to be controlled via Wifi.

Samsung induction cooktops come in 2 sizes 36-inches and 30-inches. The 30-inch model number is NZ30K7880US.


Samsung cooktops are a great addition to your kitchen with their powerful burners and heating elements. Modern styling and attractive price points on kitchen packages makes them a top pick for all budgets.

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