Miele Rotary Iron – Best Way to Press Linens, Shirts and More [REVIEW]

Miele Rotary Iron - Best Way to Press Linens, Shirts and More [REVIEW]

The Miele rotary iron has quietly revolutionized an arduous task that had not changed in over 150 years. The original flat iron, used to remove creases in fabric, was designed on a slab of metal sized to be heated on a stove or over a pan of coals. Considering current technology and access to electricity, pushing a small heated metal plate over modern day wardrobes and home linens doesn’t make that much sense.

With that in mind, Miele’s rotary iron optimizes the ironing space with a full width of 34-inches and works in a conveyor-belt manner to easily rid fabric of wrinkles. The rotary irons are designed to complement washers and dryers and help sanitize your fabrics.

If you’re interested in how the Miele rotary iron has improved the task of ironing, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the basics of these machines and also learn about different features. Whether you are a bed and breakfast host, housekeeper, or restaurant owner, linens like bed sheets, tablecloths, napkins, and curtains are ironed quickly, evenly and efficiently with just the tap of a foot.

All about rotary irons

It is straightforward to operate the rotary iron – you feed the fabric through them as if you were placing something on a conveyor belt.

The irons are free-standing and 34 inches wide, essentially using the space of an old-fashioned ironing board. Additionally, most models are heavy-duty enough to be used in commercial applications – they can tackle just about anything you put through them.

Rotary irons allow you to customize how you iron in several ways, including switching up the roller speeds and temperature settings. Two models, in particular, the Miele B990 and HM1680 with steam, have been on the market for over ten years. In this article, we’ll take a closer look.

In addition, the Miele washers and dryers come with a rotary iron program to dry your clothes and linens at the most suitable temperature and moisture content to make life easier when ironing.

Miele Rotary Iron, B990

Miele Rotary Iron B990

As a manufacturer, Miele has a long and distinctive reputation for designing reliable, top of the line vacuum and laundry accessories. The Miele B990 (or coded as B990E by Miele engineers) rotary iron offers further evidence of the company’s production acumen, boasting easy to use features that come in handy in many different ironing situations.

This iron is ideal whether you’re looking to iron delicate clothes or larger swaths of fabrics like tablecloths and bed sheets. Its wide width – 34 inches – means that you have plenty of space to lay garments out while sending them through the machine. The B990E rotary iron has three temperature settings, and uses a foot pedal for operation, along with switches to vary the roller speed. The temperature settings are ideal for today’s synthetics, woolens, silks, cotton, linen, and every other fabric combinations out there. Basically, whatever your washing machine throws, the the rotary iron you should be able to tackle it.

Additionally, the B990 has features that make the whole laundry process easier; a bar attachment for hanging garments, a finger guard, an emergency release as well as a fold-up design for storage.

Miele Rotary Iron with Steam, HM1680

Miele Rotary Iron HM1680

Miele HM1680 uses steam technology. Steam combined with a continuous feed mechanism makes the HM1860 rotary iron quick and efficient. Its power comes from 220 volts of current and is well-suited for commercial uses such as pressing a sizable number of bed sheets or tablecloths. This model has a wide range of temperature settings – cool, warm, hot, and everything in between – and you can choose between steam and no-steam ironing.

The Commercial Miele Rotary Iron – PM1210

Commercial Miele Rotary Iron PM1210

Miele also makes the most popular commercial rotary iron in the world. This iron is designed to operate 24 hours in an industrial setting. It comes in 39-inches, 55-inches, or 65-inches width.

The commercial iron can be used by one or two operators depending on the complexity of the job. This unique product comes with myriad of programs and settings.

Delivery logistics on this Miele iron is a beast. Please make sure to contact our staff so we can take you through site requirements to ensure a successful delivery.

Consider Extended Warranty

Getting a Miele iron is a considerable investment. Although each Miele product is designed with a 20 year lifespan in mind, Miele provides additional assurances in two levels. For example, the rotary iron comes with a 1-year end-to-end manufacturers’ warranty. Miele also offers a manufacturer-direct 5-year extended warranty as an option.


Ironing your clothes is a good way of sanitizing your clothes, sheets, and linens. In addition, you will be pleased with the professional look ironing offers. Miele rotary iron makes it easy to join the wrinkle-free revolution.

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