Miele Range New for 2021, Everything You Need To Know [REVIEW]

Miele Range New for 2021, Everything You Need To Know [REVIEW]

The new Miele range carries the quiet sophistication we are accustomed to seeing throughout the Miele product line. A few years ago, Miele made a bold statement by introducing a range that appeared sleek, refined and more contemporary than other high-end ranges. A new class in kitchen trends was born.

This professional range with a beautiful, brushed stainless steel finish and black glass door, seamlessly integrates technology and modernity, creating a statement piece found in well-appointed homes rather than in commercial kitchen settings.

Miele’s core values guarantee a level of unparalleled quality. As a family-owned company, Miele can respond quickly to customer feedback and make improvements within the next development cycle of their product.

Let’s take a closer look at what Miele range brings to you:

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Miele Range Sizes and Configurations

Miele Ranges 30-Inch Overview

Series Main Configurations
30-inch Gas: 71,000 Total BTU’s by 3 x 19,500 BTU and 1 x 12,500 BTU Powerful Dual Stacked Burners. Fast Pre-Heat via powerful bake and broil elements, Twin Convection Fans, 5 Operating Modes for the Oven including Self Clean, Soft Close and Soft Open Door, from $5,599
30-inch Dual Fuel: The Basic HR1724DF and Deluxe HR1924DF Models maintain the same burner output as the all gas range. Deluxe model incorporates M-Touch Screen Control for the Oven, 21 Operating Modes, Wireless Probe, Moisture via Steam, MasterChef Programming with 100 plus automatic recipes, from $5,499
30-inch Electric/Induction: Electric HR1421E comes with knob controls for the oven and 8,500W max power its elements. The popular induction HR16222i boasts 13,100W power and incorporates the Deluxe oven, from $5,999


Miele Ranges 36-Inch Overview

Series Main Configurations
36-inch Gas: 84,500 Total BTU’s by 3 x 19,500 BTU, 2 x 9,000 BTU and 1 x 8,500 BTU or with 4 Burnes and Optional Grill or Griddle. Powerful Dual Stacked Burners. Fast Pre-Heat via powerful bake and broil elements, Twin Convection Fans, 5 Operating Modes for the Oven including Self Clean, Soft Close and Soft Open Door, from $6,799
36-inch Dual Fuel: Dual Fuel ranges maintain the same burner output as the all gas range. Deluxe oven incorporates M-Touch Screen Controls, 21 Operating Modes, Wireless Probe, Moisture via Steam, MasterChef Programming with 100 plus automatic recipes, from $9,349


Miele Ranges 48-Inch Overview

Series Main Configurations
48-inch Dual Fuel: 125,200 Total BTU’s by 4 x 19,500 BTU, 2 x 13,600 BTU and 2 x 10,000 BTU or with 6 Burnes and Optional Grill or Griddle. Powerful Dual Stacked Burners. Fast Pre-Heat via powerful bake and broil elements, Single Powerful Convection Fan, 5 Operating Modes for the Oven including Self Clean, Soft Close and Soft Open Door, from $6,799


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What Differentiates a Miele Range?

Miele appliances are part of an impressive brand. Miele makes the best dishwashers, washers and dryers. Most recently the company introduced the best cordless vacuum cleaner in the industry. With the addition of the “American” style gas range, the company became a powerhouse in the cooking category.

But do Miele ranges genuinely live up to the hype? We will examine their performance based on the three most important attributes to look for – build quality, cooking performance, and design and cleaning. Miele has managed to obtain top marks in each of these categories.

Build Quality

Since 1899, the Miele name has long been associated with quality, and for a good reason. As a family-owned company, Miele values guaranteeing a level of quality control that’s truly unparalleled in the appliance market. Investing end-to-end in their products, Miele sources from their foundry and controls each step of the manufacturing process. Not only do they manufacture the appliances and its components, but they also manufacture and house the equipment that builds all of their appliances as well.

With this level of investment in quality, it’s no surprise that Miele ranges are dependable and long-lasting from knob to the burner. As an example of the unparalleled attention to detail that goes into Miele ranges, their knobs are made from high-quality zinc. Zinc reacts with ink in a way that keeps ink bonded to knobs for a more extended time without wearing off. This is the sort of minor yet impressive detail that doesn’t slip through Miele’s hands.


Cooking Performance & Control

Power and Speed

All the quality parts in the world don’t add up to much if a range can’t cook effectively. Fortunately, Miele ranges are not only built to last but are also constructed to cook at a high-end level for the entirety of their lifespan. That includes dual-stacked burners capable of hitting up to 19,500 BTU’s.

As for the ovens, the preheat times are significantly faster due to the use of the bake element, broiler, and the convection heaters to give a boost to reach the required temperature.


Additional high-end cooking features include Euro-style convection that provides even heat across the entire oven as well as an infrared broiler that ensures zero hot-spots throughout the surface of your food. 30 and 36-inch ranges come with TwinFan convection blowers. Whereas the 48-inch ranges come with powerful single convection.


Griddle Performance

When it comes to the stovetop, an infrared ceramic burner heats the griddle allowing for even heat distribution across the stainless steel cooking surface. No hot spots, you will not have trouble heating the entire area of the griddle surface. As part of the new release now the griddle comes with a cover, so your range looks always fresh.


Powerful Grill

If you want to grill but the weather is not suitable to go outside you will love the performance of the Miele range grill. This infrared grill provides power to sear and cook. In the pictures below you will notice the large ceramic burner.


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The New Wireless Probe

And when it comes to precision cooking, Miele ranges offer a wireless temperature probe that doesn’t require charging (It is the first brand that came up with the idea of a wireless probe). That means precise cooking temperatures for consistent results every time.

With the new release of the ranges, Miele addressed the most annoying part of using a probe – Where do you exactly place it when cooking? Traditionally the probes take measurements from their tip and if you miss the correct location when say roasting a chicken you may get incorrect incorrect results. Now, the Miele range probes take measurements from 4 different spots on the metal needle part giving you the peace of mind that you will have the accurate measurement.

One downside is that the all-gas Miele’s do not come with the wireless probe. However, the dual-fuel range and Miele induction stove with the exception of the entry-level 30-inch HR1724DFG feature the new probe.


MasterChef Recipes

Speaking of precision cooking, no one offers more customization, precision and high-end control than Miele in their line of kitchen ranges.

MasterChef is Miele’s built-in cooking assistant. It boasts 100s of pre-programmed built-in recipes. Cook and bake cakes, bread, meat, fish etc. to perfection using Miele’s automatic programs. No need to program the mode, temperature, or duration MasterChef programs takes care of it for you. In addition, the degree of cooking and the browning level, e.g. for meat, can be individually defined to your desire. If your family likes to bake a pizza, the Miele range with MasterChef programming is ideal for you. It will let you define even how crisp you want your pizza to be. You can even program your custom steps in your favorites so you can repeat the epic performance over and over again.

MasterChef programs make full use of the wireless probe and the moisture plus steam feature. Many recipes can be found on the Miele website for your convenience.

Miele ranges feature MasterChef Plus functionality for cooking bread along with 15 unique bread recipes, plus optimal control of moisture to insert steam at precisely the right time. Where other ovens maintain a uniform temperature throughout baking, Miele ranges dynamically adjust temperatures throughout the cooking states.

Thanks to special MasterChef (all recipes) and MasterChef Plus (advanced bread making recipes) automatic programs, you can enjoy perfectly cooked, restaurant quality meals.


Built-In Catalyzer To Keep Grease Away from Your Surroundings

Available in their dual-fuel ranges, Miele offers a catalyzer function which removes grease and odors from vapors resulting from cooking. This can be customized based on the dish—for example, it can be maximized when cooking fish to eliminate odors, or minimized while baking cookies to allow that glorious smell to fill the home. This is an exclusive feature to Miele and keeps your walls and furniture from accumulating grease.

Design and Cleaning Performance

For the frequent baker or chef, cleaning is a critically vital part of the process—one that can quickly become a nuisance with poorly designed ranges. Fortunately, Miele ranges are designed from top-to-bottom with cleaning in mind. All grates are dishwasher safe, while certain Miele dishwashers offer special programs designed specifically to clean grates and racks.

The entire range top features a completely sealed surface. That means there are no areas for grease to hide and build up over time like in leading competitors’ ranges. The range also features high sides so that poured liquids are never in danger of spilling over the edge.

Clean-touch stainless steel is fingerprint resistant, while the fleet approach to Miele products means you can match the same finishes, interfaces and programs across the entire Miele product line.

Miele is the only brand that allows you to leave the racks inside the over during its self-clean mode. This is vitally important because the racks can be heavy and difficult to maneuver. This is just another way that Miele considers the user with every design.

Miele cooking products share similar design elements across all product lines similar to luxury car manufacturers. In a Miele kitchen, you will not help but notice the continuity for a seamless visual effect.

Dual Fuel ranges are especially powerful as they feature fully functional ovens with all the same programming offered in Miele’s most expensive wall-oven lineup. M-Touch screens are amazing and operate with an Iphone-like interface. Control panels tilt at an angle to make it easy for you to program or monitor your cooking progress.

All range doors open and close softly with the assistance of a damper system to allow for safety for those of us that rush inadvertently. In addition, the swivel handle adds another level of comfort during use.

Finally, stainless steel knobs feature precision control whether you are in simmer mode, high power or anywhere in-between. You will not miss a Miele range when it is in operation as the knobs have a circular LED backlight accent.

4 Best Miele Range Models

1) Best Dual Fuel Miele Range: Miele HR19342DFG

Miele HR19342DFG

36-inch Dual Fuel Range 6 Burners – Powerful 3 x 19,5K BTU, 2 x 13K BTU, 1 x 12,5K BTU. Convection oven with Self Clean and Wireless Roast Probe. MasterChef/MasterChef Plus automatic recipes. Modern and intuitive touch control panel that lifts at an angle so that you don’t need to bend down.

2) Best Overall Miele Range: Miele HR19562DFGDG

Miele HR19562DFGDG

48-inch Dual Fuel Range w/ Griddle 6 Burners, Griddle. 3 Appliances under one roof. Features a full size oven, a speed oven and a warming drawer.

Incorporates the most advanced Miele programming and it defines the Miele range products.

3) Best Budget Miele Range: Miele HR1124G

Miele HR1124G

The Miele HR1124G 30-inch Gas Range features 4 Burners – Powerful 3 x 19,500BTU and 1 x 12,500BTU Burner. It has a convection oven with self clean.

A word of caution – professional all-gas ranges (across most manufacturers) typically do not have an oven temperature display (which is perplexing given the price point). This issue generates a learning curve for many confused customers. As an example, most people miss the “subliminal” signal which indicates the end of preheat process. Also, the lack of display of the oven cavity temperature forces home-chefs to use a thermometer to monitor temperature. This in turn generates further questions as to what is the correct temperature is in the oven. Should the front of the oven have a different temperature than the back (similarly top vs bottom part)? What happens to the temperature if the convection fan is on.

In Miele all-gas ranges this problem is magnified the stoves have a nifty front display as opposed to Wolf and other brands where there is no screen in the control panel. Therefore, most people simply assume that this basic issue would not be a relevant concern during time of purchase. We were surprised to see that Miele did not address this issue on their 2019 release.

All in all, HR1124G is a great range but it does rely on you to monitor the preheat process and start baking and broiling once the preheat is finished.

4) Best 30-inch Miele Range: Miele HR1724DFG

Miele HR1724DFG

This product still comes with powerful M-Pro Dual stacked burners with 19,500 BTU’s and a great Miele electric oven. However, it is missing the iphone like M-touch user interface as well as MasterChef recipe’s along with the wireless probe.


Time and time again, Miele continues to produce some of the most high-powered, user-friendly and elegantly designed ranges available anywhere on the market. While the all-gas ranges have great performance (minus the userfriendly display), the dual-fuel ranges with MasterChef programming is what truly distinguishes the Miele range. If you’re on the hunt for a powerful way to instantly upgrade your cooking and baking experience, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than the Miele dual-fuel range.

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My appliance dealer talks about “zero-gap-kit”. What does that mean?

Powerful burners, if installed improperly against a combustible surface, or in conjunction with a low-performance range hood, may cause a fire.

According to building code on many localities, the ranges hoods over pro-ranges need to have about 6-inch clearance on the left and the right side. In other words, it is not a good idea to have your wall cabinets touch the range hood (hence the name “zero-gap” was born). Reduction of the BTU’s on the rear burners eliminated the need for keeping the cabinets separated from the vent hood.

Miele has always allowed installers to turn down burner power when needed. However, with the 2019 release, Miele reduced the BTU’s on rear burners for an abundance of caution.

I understand Miele makes the best dishwashers. What are my options when it comes to Miele dishwashers?

Correct, Miele dishwashers are recognized as the best in the world. They are both ultra quiet and effective. We reviewed them in our earlier posts with an in-depth guide.

I am remodeling my kitchen. Is it worthwhile to consider a steam oven?

Steam ovens are popular for people adopting a healthier alternative to frying or baking in fat or oil. Steam cooking offers the convenience and speed of preparing food to retain the natural textures, flavor and nutrients. Check out our post where we compare multiple brands from Miele to Wolf.

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