Miele Coffee Maker: 2021 Miele Coffee Machines Reviewed

Miele Coffee Maker: 2021 Miele Coffee Machines Reviewed

Ever wish you could skip the line at your coffee shop in the morning? Would you rather use some of that time to help get yourself or your family ready for the day? With a Miele coffee maker, you can skip the coffee line and savor a custom cup of joe in the comfort your own kitchen.

These industrial-grade coffee machines blend commercial performance with the freedom to express your unique taste. In other words, you can save your preferences when it comes to temperature and grind level, among other parameters, to ensure your coffee is made to your exact specifications. Miele coffee makers not only look stunning with their visually pleasing and timeless design, but also brew a fantastic cup of coffee each and every time. You can rest assured that Miele’s engineering team has thought of every small detail to please even the most critical coffee connoisseurs.

Some say that Miele coffee makers are a luxury indulgence, even avant-garde. However, we believe that a good coffee maker helps bring the spirit of shared values, found only in unique coffee houses, to our homes. It makes the home welcoming and gives you the satisfaction of being able to serve your guests a high-quality cappuccino after a long day.

In this article, we’ll lay out everything you need to know about the family of Miele coffee makers. We’ll discuss everything from built-in coffee machines to countertop models, and all the parts and accessories in between. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to select the best coffee maker for your needs.

Miele Coffee Maker – A Close Look

Types of Miele Coffee Makers

There are two types of Miele coffee makers: built-in and countertop. Miele built-in coffee machines are installed into your cabinets for a seamless finish. You even have the option to pair your built-in coffee maker with a cup warming drawer or place it on top of a wall oven. Countertop machines, on the other hand, have an equally effective brewing system but are more versatile and fit in any space.

Miele built-in and countertop coffee machines
Miele makes built-in and countertop coffee makers

Overview of Miele Coffee Machines

Series Features
Built-In (CVA) Makes amazing coffee drinks, saves counter space, elevates the look of your kithen. List price starts at $3,899

  • CVA6805 (Best Seller) Water Tank or Plumbed / M-Touch Controls
  • CVA6800 Water Tank Only / M-Touch Controls
  • CVA6401 & CVA6405 Traditional Controls
Countertop (CM6) Great for coffee drinks. Packed in a small body for versatile placement anywhere in your kitchen or your office. List price starts at $1,899

  • CM6350 (Best Seller) Milk Flask, Hot Water Spout for Tea/Hot Chocolate, Cup Warmer
  • CM6150 Fully featured, Coffee and Espresso Drinks

We’ll focus more on the features of each type of coffee maker in the upcoming sections.

While doing their research, most people ask; “What is the difference between the Miele built-in coffee machines?”. To summarize, the Miele built-in coffee makers come in two variations; plumbed (i.e. connected to a waterline) and water-tank only models. Most people choose the plumbed version for convenience.

In addition, the company makes iPhone-like elegant touch controls (a.k.a. M-touch). We like the M-touch screens because they are intiutive and user friendly. Although the traditional control panel (Miele CVA6401 or CVA6405) coffee machines come in at a lower price point, most people find these controls frustrating. Also, if you have other Miele appliances in your home, you may find the menu of M-touch controls to be consistent with the rest of your suite.

Miele CVA6805 Installed in our customers’ kitchen

As for the countertop coffee makers (a.k.a. CM6 series), Miele makes two versions. The CM6350 has a hot water spout and comes with a milk flask for one-touch espresso drinks with milk. However, the CM6150 lacks these upgraded features.

Before we go into the details of each type of coffee maker, let’s go over why the Miele coffee makers brew the best coffee/espresso drinks.

4 Reasons To Choose a Miele Coffee Maker

1) Easily make coffee shop style beverages at home

Brewing your favorite beverage at home has never been easier with the latest built-in coffee systems by Miele. With the touch of a button, you can brew everything from a classic cup of coffee to an espresso, or coffee shop-style milk beverage like a latte or cappuccino.

Miele’s espresso machines are capable of making many popular specialty drinks with just one touch. There’s also a spout that dispenses hot water with a maximum of about 180 degrees. The results speak for themselves and each drink is perfectly brewed every time.

For drinks requiring milk, you can use the included glass container. The container easily slides into place, and since it’s clear, you’ll always know how much milk is left. The glass container is also much easier to clean than the previous stainless steel versions. Since it’s removable, you can put the container in your refrigerator when it’s not in use.

List of Miele coffee maker drinks
Drinks you can make with Miele coffee maker

Make Barista-Quality Coffee Drinks with One Touch

The one-touch system really shines with complicated drinks like the latte macchiato, which requires three separate steps to make. First, the brew unit will automatically lower to the height of your cup. Next, the system dispenses hot milk. Then, the machine will freshly grind coffee beans to make a strong espresso. Since the brew unit has lowered to your cup, there will be minimal temperature loss from exposure to air as the espresso is dispensed.

Finally, a milk froth is dispensed and sits on top of the beverage. The lowered brew unit is the ideal distance to ensure the froth sits perfectly on top. The result is an extremely impressive at-home beverage that will make you want to pursue a new career as a barista (…maybe).


The picture above is from our customers in Basking Ridge, New Jersey who opted for a built-in Miele coffee maker after realizing that skipping the Starbucks line would give her more time to get her kids ready for school in the morning. Her husband prefers regular coffee, but she enjoys lattes, and they had never found a convenient way to make both drinks at home. Their new built-in Miele coffee maker has given them the freedom to brew their favorite beverages in the comfort of their own home.

2) Brew the best coffee you’ve ever tasted

Making a perfect cup of coffee comes down to the amount of beans that you use, the brewing temperature, and the pre-brewing time. Miele achieves coffee perfection with their Aromatic System, which is made up of five components:

  • Bean selection: Miele’s built-in coffee makers can process all types of beans. This means you can choose any bean on the market, including ground coffee or decaf.
  • Coarseness of grind: Having more surface area for extraction (the process of water draining through the grind) means that a finer grind brings a bolder and more flavorsome brew. Miele’s ceramic conical grinder is extr
  • emely effective, as you are easily able to adjust the coarseness with a small lever.
  • Brewing temperature: Miele provides you with the option of using either the default or custom settings, which range from minimum, low, medium, high, and maximum. Since each bean type has a different ideal temperature, you’re able to set temperatures for each drink on the user profile. This comes in handy when you’re experimenting with various bean types.
  • Pre-brewing time: The pre-brewing setting determines the amount of time that the water sits in the chamber before dispensing.
  • Portion size: You have the option to use the size system defaults or you can adjust the settings for each drink on your user profile. You can choose the amount of water and milk that you need and save all settings, or have the machine learn your favorites without having to study a complicated menu.
Miele coffee maker built-in installation
We installed this built-in Miele coffee maker under a steam oven

3) Great for your morning coffee, flexible enough for an entire party

Miele Coffee Maker 2 Cups of Coffee
Make 2 Cups of Coffee Simultaneously

The Miele coffee system is all about convenience. Miele has introduced the ability to create custom drink profiles so everyone in the house can easily set and save their preferences. You can even brew two beverages at the same time, which is perfect for busy, on-the-go couples or roommates.

But – I have guests coming over! Can I make an entire pot of coffee?

Yes, you can! Miele’s coffee pot feature demonstrates the effectiveness of the pump system (which is otherwise lacking in other manufacturer’s models.) It enables you to make either eight consecutive cups at a time or dispense this amount into a coffee pot so that you can have it ready when your guests arrive. Miele has also introduced a stylish, one-liter coffee pot so that you can easily serve coffee to your guests while relaxing in your home or garden.

4) Durable for decades to come

Miele coffee makers definitely live up to their German heritage. Whether built-in or countertop, these machines are known for their automatic self-cleaning regimens.

I once asked the manager in charge of the product line why I could not override the Miele coffee descale and clean program. He was not amused by my question and responded that he cannot leave things up to chance when his customers expect a 20-year operational longevity with their coffee machines.

Miele Descaling Tablets 2 pak

Miele patented its easy-to-open comfort door design to provide user-access to the internal components. Inside, you’ll find a removable drip tray that comes in handy if you overfill your cup. The drip tray also serves as a major component of the automatic cleaning system and will collect water as the system automatically rinses the coffee and milk systems. You’ll also find waste containers for used coffee grinds. For optimal convenience, the system will automatically notify you if either the grinds or drip tray need to be emptied.

To keep your Miele coffee maker working with optimum performance, regular cleaning and maintenance need to happen. The more you look after your machine, the longer you’ll be able to use it. To make things easier for you, Miele has included pre-programmed features to remind you when it’s time to clean your machine.


So – when should you plan on cleaning your machine?

Daily: Both built-in and countertop CM6 models run a quick rinse program. This lasts less than 10 seconds and helps to keep the internal pipes and nozzles clean after each drink. Otherwise, on a daily basis, there’s not much to do other than basic sanitation. At the end of each day, you should clean the milk flask and empty the waste unit and drip tray, if prompted.

Weekly: Once a week (or more if you’re a heavy user), we recommend that you clean the front of the machine, main dispenser, sensor cover, interior, inside drip tray, and brew unit. You should also clean the milk valve with a cleaning brush.

Monthly: The coffee bean container should be cleaned once a month. It’s also suggested that you lubricate the cap on the main dispenser connector.

Miele Cleaning Tablets

When prompted: As mentioned, the Miele coffee maker will tell you when the waste needs cleaning, along with the milk pipework and brew unit (degrease with cleaning tablets). You’ll also be notified when the machine needs to be descaled.

While most of the machine’s parts are dishwasher safe, it’s important to only hand wash the main dispenser cover, brew unit, coffee bean container, and service cover.

Since calcium deposits stemming from the hard water are harmful, you will find a water hardness test strip in your package. Based on the results of this test, you can further tune the descaling routine of your coffee machine.

cleaning the miele coffee maker
Cleaning the Miele Coffee Maker is Easy and Menu Driven

You have everything you need to get you started

Miele really thought of everything when it comes to their built-in coffee makers – including everything you need to take care of your machine. Here is the list of accessories that come included in your Miele espresso maker packaging:

For coffee and machine preparation:

  • Measuring scoop for ground coffee
  • Milk flask with lid
  • Water hardness test strips

For cleaning and maintenance:

  • Cleaning agent for cleaning the milk system
  • Two cleaning containers
  • Descaling and cleaning tablets
  • Silicone grease for lubricating the main dispenser connector seal
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spare parts: main dispenser connector cap and milk pipework elbow

As you need to replenish your cleaning supplies, you can use the following links to order your Miele accessories:

Miele Cleaning Tablets
  • Descaling Tablets 10178330 – As water streams through the built-in coffee maker, it naturally leaves a calcium deposit behind. Therefore, it’s recommended that you clean the coffee maker after 500-1000 uses, depending on your local water hardness. Your Miele will even prompt you with a countdown alert when it’s time to perform this task.
  • Cleaning Tablets 05626080 These help to clean the brew unit, which is the heart of your Miele espresso machine.

  • Milk System Pipe Cleaner 07189940 This helps to clean up any old milk residue.

Which Miele Coffee Maker should I buy? Our Top 2 Picks:

All Miele coffee machines (countertop or built-in) are capable of brewing a great cup of coffee, and making espresso drinks with or without milk. There are only subtle differences among the different models. Below we will talk about our top two picks and why they stand out from the pack.

1) Best Built-in Coffee Machine: Miele CVA6805

Miele Built-in Coffee Machine

Direct Sensor Controls vs. M-Touch (Recommended)

When it comes to the two available control styles, we tend to prefer the M-Touch controls. The large touch-screen is similar to that of a modern phone or tablet. You can easily swipe and navigate to the available beverage options and settings. We’re surprised to still see the direct sensor controls in this day and age. However, if you are price sensitive you will notice a savings of approximately $400, which may make your struggle with the menu worthwhile.

Plumbed (Recommended) vs. Non-Plumbed

The Miele coffee system can be ordered as either plumbed or non-plumbed. The plumbed version will allow you to directly connect a water supply line to the system, which is a major convenience. It also means that you won’t have to constantly refill a water tank. The non-plumbed version has a water tank that needs to be refilled with water periodically. If you are on the fence about which machine to buy, the plumbed version also has a water tank. So if you don’t currently have a water line but want to have the flexibility to add one in the future, we recommend going with the plumbed version.

2) Best Countertop Coffee Maker: CM6 Series Miele CM6350

Miele Countertop Coffee Machine

Unless you’re renovating or already have an older, built-in machine, odds are you’ll have a hard time working a built-in coffee machine into your kitchen design. Luckily, you can still get all of the same great features of the built-in models with the Miele CM6350 countertop model!

The Miele CM6 countertop models come in 3 colors – black, white, or gray. Known as the “pocket Hercules,” this loyal personal barista is there for you to grind fresh beans, apply perfect 15 bar pressure, administer precise amounts of heat and water, or froth your milk for a perfect cup of joe. Best of all, your personal barista self-cleans after each session, all with the touch of a button. Consistently. Every time.

When you own a Miele coffee machine, you’ll never have to worry about running out of filter paper. Moreover, you’ll have the right to put your friends to shame for feeding the plastic mountain that Keurig and its competitors are building.

With the CM6, you can conveniently whip up the following drinks (and their popular variations): espresso, coffee, cappuccino, long coffee, ristretto, latte macchiato, caffè latte, hot milk, and milk froth.

The CM6 family of coffee machines come under two model series: the CM6150 and CM6350. Both models share the same great conical burr grinder, which ensures uniformly ground beans. Users can also select the quantity and grade of coarseness. This high-quality grinder will not overheat your beans and will have them ready for the press. The Miele CM6 coffee makers are also able to accept ground coffee to include the “outliers” of the coffee universe (you know…your buddy who only drinks decaf or coffee with exotic flavors.)

When making your drink, you can program the quantity and temperature of the water as well as the amount of milk and froth. This coffee maker comes with a large water tank (1.8L) and the sealed bean container can hold 300 grams (10.6 oz) of coffee beans.


What’s different between the CM 6350 and CM 6150?
After looking at both models, you may wonder why the CM6350 costs about $400 more than the CM6150. The simple answer is that the CM6350 offers additional features, including:

  • A built-in hot water spout, which can be used to instantly heat water for tea or hot cocoa.
  • Additional pre-programmed coffee drinks, such as ristretto, lungo coffee, caffe latte, hot milk, and milk froth.
  • A cup warmer on its top surface for convenience.
  • The stainless steel milk flask comes standard with the CM 6350. You can purchase the milk flask separately on the CM 6150.
  • An elegant stainless steel backsplash.

Attention to detail has always been important for Miele, and the CM6 series of countertop models is no exception. For example, the plastic tube that comes out of the froth spout connects to the drip tray to facilitate cleaning. There’s even a compartment to store the plastic tubing to prevent clutter and chaos in your kitchen. These are just a few examples of the thought process that went into creating these products.

The Bottom Line

All in all, if you are in pursuit of the best at-home coffee experience, you will love Miele’s family of built-in and countertop coffee machines. Why? Because with these machines, you get…

1- The convenience and instant gratification to make the perfect cup of coffee or espresso.

2- A heavy-duty machine that you can even use in your office. (Cup after cup, the pump will always perform consistently!)

3- Amazing cleaning ability that ensures great-tasting coffee with maintenance-free longevity.

4- Commitment to Quality – If you happen to receive this product and notice ground coffee residue don’t panic. Miele tests each and every unit before shipping it out to a customer.


My brand new Miele coffee maker has coffee grinds in the unit.

We get this call once or twice a week from customers who worry that they may have gotten an old coffee maker. Miele is one of the handful of companies that test every product that they make. In terms of the coffee maker, the final quality assurance test involves testing the burr grinder with actual coffee beans. This is the reason why you run across remant ground coffee.

I have a plumbed coffee machine. Can I disconnect it from the waterline and use the water tank?

Yes. You can always use the water tank independently. You don’t even need to disconnect the plumbing line.

What does “plumbed” mean?
If you’re an architect or a civil engineer, you might use the word “plumbed” to describe level surfaces and objects. As far as the Miele coffee maker is concerned, the word “plumbed” means that your machine is connected to the waterline of your house.

Do Miele coffee makers have wifi?
No. The CVA and CM6 models do not have built-in wifi capabilities. This is a huge miss for the company in 2021. However, we understand that the next generation of G 7000 Miele coffee makers will have wifi (expected release in q2 2021)

I drink decaf coffee while other family members drink regular. How can we manage this with the Miele coffee maker?
Miele recognizes that family members may have different tastes among them. You may also want to try a cup or two of a new coffee flavor. In all Miele coffee makers, you will find a large container for coffee beans, which serves as the main feed. There is also an auxiliary chute for ground coffee that you can use for decaf or your trial batches.

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