Lynx Professional Grills – Self Cleaning Ceramic Burner [REVIEW]

Lynx Professional Grills - Self Cleaning Ceramic Burner [REVIEW]

Lynx professional grills have been the pinnacle of luxury built-in bbq’s, ever since entering the market in 1996. Eye catching design and powerful burners have been the hallmarks of Lynx gas grills, and their latest innovation, the ceramic burner, further elevates the outdoor cooking experience.

Restaurant-Quality Professional Grills

All products in the Lynx lineup of professional grills offer restaurant quality features that truly set them apart from the competition, and enhance the outdoor cooking experience, including:

  • Ultra high-quality manufacturing
  • Variable Searing
  • Ceramic Briquettes
  • Infrared Rotisserie
  • A host of integrated outdoor kitchen products

Aren’t All Lynx Burners Good Burners?

It’s true that all of Lynx professional grills have excellent burners. You can cook restaurant quality meats using the Lynx 25,000 BTU brass burner. And the unique ProSear2 infrared burner with variable power settings has differentiated the Lynx brand for decades.

So Why the Switch to Ceramic?

As the marketplace for high end grills got crowded over the past few of years, Lynx decided to elevate the cooking experience in their Professional BBQ line up. Ceramic burners have several advantages over the stainless steel or brass burners, such as:

  1. Effective heat source: At 25,000 BTU’s, they retain heat very well and radiate it better than metal burners, including brass and stainless steel.
  2. Stays Clean: Juices and sauces will not stick to the surface thereofore they are easier to clean. (Lynx marketing team calls this self cleaning, and while we prefer not to strech the language that far, we do appreciate any enhancements that limit our cleaning time and maximize our fun.)
  3. Non-Corroding: Ceramic does not corrode, especially after contact with acidic foods such as marinades and BBQ sauces. This means the burners will last a long, long time.
  4. Cordierite Ceramic: This is the same ceramic used in kilns and commercial ovens. It is specially engineered and fortified in density for durability and performance. In fact, quality assurance tests for these burners include abnormally hot temperatures along with extreme cold cycles, which also ensures that these burners will last a long, long time.


Lifetime Warranty

Like their other products, Lynx is so confident in quality of their products that their new ceramic burners are covered under a lifetime warranty.


The Future is Ceramic

As of April 2018, the new ceramic burners will be available, in tandem with the traditional brass burners, on all Lynx professional grills that we sell at Designer Appliances. Meaning, that if you purchase a Lynx grill now, you’ll get to experiment with both styles of cooking at home. However, we expect the brass burners to be fully phased out of production starting in 2019, and ceramic to remain the new standard.

Many Models to Choose From.

The new ceramic burners can be found in both the built-in (27″ 30″ 36″ 42″ sizes), and freestanding grill models.
Check ’em out:
Lynx Professional Built-In Grills
Lynx Professional Freestanding Grills

(Don’t panic if you decide that you don’t like the new ceramic burners, because Lynx Sedona grills will continue to come with the 23K BTU stainless steel burners, so you still have options.)

Come and See for Yourself

Stop by our Bedminster New Jersey location to experience the new line of Lynx Professional Grills with ceramic burners.

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Need More Info About Lynx Grills?

Check out our guide on selecting the most suitable Lynx grill, Professional or Sedona Series

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