Lynx Grills: 2021 Sedona vs Professional Gas Grills Reviewed

Lynx Grills: 2021 Sedona vs Professional Gas Grills Reviewed

Lynx grills recognize that today’s pleasures are about enjoying time outdoors with family and friends regardless of the season or the weather. Lnyx earned its reputation through a dedication to crafting high-end gas grills of unmatched quality. With the Professional and the Sedona series, the company always keeps an eye on the future by pushing forward and innovating.

Lynx’s signature design innovations such as the fully adjustable sear burners are unique giving a nod to user-friendly accessibility. High-quality construction, exquisite design, and unmatched features are guaranteed to dramatically enhance your barbecue experience.

But sifting through Lynx grill offerings can be tough, especially when it comes to choosing between the Professional vs. Sedona series. Considering the outdoor kitchen is going to serve your family for more than 15 years, you will not want to miss out on features that might be made for you. This article examines the features offered by both series and compares how they stack up against one another.

Our exclusive video review of Lynx grills

Lynx Grills: The Professional Series

The Professional series of Lynx grills is highly-regarded and certainly lives up to its reputation. These barbecues offer restaurant-quality features and grilling versatility which appeals to grill masters of all kinds.

There are over 30 different grills offered within the Professional series. At a quick glance, this table will give you a good overview on what is available and the differences amongst the models.

Overview of Professional Gas Grills

Sizes Models / Features / Price
27 inch Feature 2 Burners (Infrared Trident 23,000 BTU and Ceramic Burner 25,000 BTU Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 685 grilling space (470 primary, 215 sqin secondary)

  • L27R3 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $3,549 (built-in only)
  • L27TR 1 x Trident, 1 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burner, $3,559
30 inch Feature 2 Burners (Infrared Trident 23,000 BTU and Ceramic Burner 25,000 BTU Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 840 grilling space (600 primary, 240 secondary)

  • L30R3 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $4,159 (built-in only)
  • L30TR 1 x Trident, 1 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burner, $4,159
  • L30ATR 2 x Trident Burnes, $4,159
  • SMART30 2 x Trident Burnes, Wifi, Smart Programs, $7,119
36 inch Feature 3 Burners (Infrared Trident 23,000 BTU and Ceramic Burner 25,000 BTU Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 935 grilling space (640 primary, 295 secondary)

  • L36R3 3 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $5,859 (built-in only)
  • L36TR 1 x Trident, 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $5,859
  • L36ATR 3 x Trident Burners, $5,859
  • LF36ATR 3 x Trident Burners, FlameTrack Safety, $6,089
  • SMART36 3 x Trident Burners, Wifi, Smart Programs, $8,889
42 inch Feature 3 Burners (Infrared Trident 23,000 BTU and Ceramic Burner 25,000 BTU Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 16K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 1,200 grilling space (885 primary, 345 secondary)

  • L42R3 3 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $6,849 (built-in only)
  • L42TR 1 x Trident, 2 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $6,849
  • L42ATR 3 x Infrared Trident Burners, $6,849
  • SMART42 3 x Trident Burners, Wifi, Smart Programs, $10,089
54 inch Feature 3 Burners (1 x Infrared Trident 23,000 BTU and 3 x Ceramic Burner 25,000 BTU). Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Two Level Rotisserie. 1,555 grilling space (1110 primary, 445 secondary)

  • L54TR 1 x Trident, 3 x 25K BTU Ceramic Burners, $7,819


What Makes Lynx Grills Special?

(1) Superior Design & Elegant Aesthetics

Every Lynx grill is designed with flawlessly seamless welding and come fully-assembled (Lynx does not believe in Ikea projects).

While some of these features might be considered merely cosmetic, they help add up to a grilling experience even after hundreds of uses. As an example the seamless welding ensures that grease, moisture and debris don’t collect in unwanted areas.

Lynx engineers thought of every single detail on your behalf. The “hood assist” system which incorporates smart spring system helps you lift the 50 lb hood with a slight touch effortlessly.

The wind breaker fin on the back of the gas grill looks simple yet it is very effective in blocking the wind to prevent temperature fluctuations which result in uneven results.


(2) Versatile Trident Burners – Restaurant Quality Searing

The Trident burner defines the Lynx Professional grill. It is the most beloved feature among users so much so that Lynx makes many models with all-sear infrared Trident burners avoiding traditional pro-style burners.


Many high-quality grills offer a searing burner, but only Lynx guarantees restaurant quality results.

What does an infrared burner mean and how does it benefit you? Here is the skinny; Gas powered infrared burners release the flame through a ceramic element with many tiny holes. These points of convergence create intense heat far higher than that of a traditional pro-style gas burner. With Lynx the infrared trident burner not only offers 23,000 BTU cooking power but it gives you the ability to infinitely adjust the temperature settings from 300 degrees to 1,000 F. As a result you can use the Trident burner for all food types and cooking methods. Also, as a side benefit you you can sear food more quickly while leaving the inside rare, if desired.

Here is the up close look of the Trident burner:

Infrared Triden Sear Burner

(3) The Self Cleaning Ceramic Burner

Gone are the days of the heavy duty brass burners. Lynx replaced them with the 25,000 BTU ceramic burners. We covered the advantages of these burners in detail on our review article. But here is the skinny: you don’t need to maintain these burners as they self clean. They offer a great heat-source.


(4) Ceramic Briquettes to Retain Heat for Even Results

All Lynx professional grills use ceramic briquettes, which promote even heat retention and distribution to ensure a dependable cooking experience across the entire surface of the grill. That means no more moving your meats around so that each one gets some time in the hot area — it’s all a consistently hot area.

(5) Powerful Infrared Rotisserie

Lynx abides by the idea that the best grills are more than just grills-that’s why they offer infrared rotisseries built into each of their professional-level grills. It’s just another way that they’ve proven their determination to give their customers everything they could ever need, and some things they never knew they wanted. Please note that all Lynx Professional grills come with a 14,000 BTU power with the exception of the 42-inch wide units that feature 16,000 BTU’s. The Professional series rotisserie has 2 positions so you can adjust the distance from the heat source.

(6) Hot Surface Ignition – Eliminates Frustration

Over the last 25 years Lynx experimented many different igniters on their gas grills. The latest technology currently in circulation is the hot-surface-ignition. Lynx tested this igniter under many different weather conditions and made it easy to use with a push of a knob.

(7) Maximum Grilling Surface for Each Width Size

Most Lynx Professional grills are deeper than that of competition (>20 inches). You will appreciate the greater surface area when you are entertaining.

(8) Illumination

Lynx Professional grills feature an iconic “calm” blue light that accents the look. This unmistakable Lynx design element has been copied by other manufacturers over the years but let’s give credit where credit is due.

Additionally, the Lynx Professional grill has 2 durable halogen lights which activate when you open the lid.


(9) Premium Smoker Accessory

The stainless steel smoker box is a standard accessory packed in each Lynx gas grill.

(10) The FlameTrak Safety Feature

This is the latest technology that Lynx introduced in 2018. Currently, FlameTrak is only featured on L36ATR gas grill. FlameTrack is designed to detect when the flame is out. The system will try to re-ignite the burner but if it does not succeed it will turn off the gas flow after 13 seconds. Lynx expects to roll out this technology to the rest of its lineup.

Does Smart Grill w/Wifi Live Up to the Expectations?

Lynx outfitted its select grill with microphones and computers to recognize voice commands before Amazon Eco and Siri. They even came up with an app during the app craze. This sets Lynx light years ahead of its competition and the company deserves kudos for introducing smart grill technology.

Similar to other kitchen appliances, wifi features are not widely embraced by the user community (At the end of the day, the grill does not cook on its own and it needs a grill-master.). At this time, we eagerly await for improvements and enhanced usability on all kitchen and outdoor appliances across the industry.

Lynx Grills, Sedona Series

In 2013, Lynx introduced its Sedona series in order to compete with some of its sleekly designed but lower-cost peers like Coyote and Napoleon. What they had found was that while some of these cheaper options had the look of high-end grills, they were lacking the true performance and quality that consumers were looking for. Naturally, Lynx changed all that. Their Sedona series is designed to provide a lower price point than its Pro series while staying true to the core principles of quality and engineering.

Sizes Models / Features / Price
30 inch Feature 2 Burners (Infrared ProSear and Stainless Steel Burner Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 12,5K BTU on L500 Series, 14K BTU on L600 Series and 16K BTU on L700 Single Level Rotisserie. 733 grilling space (508 primary, 225 secondary)

  • L500PSR 1 x ProSear, 1 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel, Rotisserie, $2,639
  • L500PS 1 x ProSear, 1 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel, $2,289
  • L500R 2 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel Burners, Rotisserie, $2,639
  • L500 2 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel Burners, $2,289
36 inch Feature 3 Burners (Infrared ProSear and Stainless Steel Burner Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Single Level Rotisserie on Select Models. 891 grilling space (618 primary, 273 secondary)

  • L600PSR 1 x ProSear, 2 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel, Rotisserie, $3,199
  • L600PS 1 x ProSear, 2 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel, $2,869
  • L600R 3 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel Burners, Rotisserie, $3,199
  • L600 3 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel Burners, $2,869
42 inch Feature 3 Burners (Infrared ProSear and Stainless Steel Burner Combinations). Built-in or freestanding. 14K BTU Single Level Rotisserie on Select Models. 1,049 grilling space (728 primary, 321 secondary)

  • L700PSR 1 x ProSear, 2 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel, Rotisserie, $3,779
  • L700PS 1 x ProSear, 2 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel, $3,429
  • L700R 3 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel Burners, Rotisserie, $3,779
  • L700 3 x 23K BTU Stainless Steel Burners, $3,429

But how exactly do Sedona series grills differ from the Lynx Pro series? What follows is a feature-by-feature breakdown comparing the two series:

Overview of Professional vs Sedona Series Lynx Grills

Professional Sedona
304 grade, heavy duty 14 gauge Stainless Steel 201 grade, 16 gauge Stainless Steel
25,000 BTU Ceramic Burners 23,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burners
Premium 23,000 BTU Trident Infrared Burners 23,000 BTU ProSear1 Burners
Patented hot surface ignition Standard spark ignition
Dual Position Rotisserie 14K or 16K BTU, 3 Speed Single Position 12.5K, 14K and 16K BTU, Single Speed
Dual interior halogen lights over cooking surface Single interior light
Large drip tray Standard drip tray
Freestanding models come fully assembled with the cart Cart and grill head need to be assembled on site
FlameTrak Safety on Select Models N/A

Exterior Construction

Lynx Professional series gas grills are constructed with superior-quality 14 gauge, 304 steel. This is measurably better (for coastal areas and for harsh winters) than Sedona models, which feature a still-impressive 16-gauge 201 steel construction.


Pro series grills boast incredibly durable ceramic burners with a max output of 25,000 BTUs. The advantage of ceramic is that it protects the power source and nozzles from clogging or expanding over time. That being said, Sedona series grills still feature 23,000 BTU burners crafted from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel.

Trident Technology on Infrared Burners


The good news for those looking to buy a Lynx grill on a budget is that the Sedona series features their patented Trident technology, allowing for excellent searing. However, Pro series grills offer the even more advanced Trident system that prevents flare ups by up to 60% (ProSear on the other hand is the original Lynx technology from 2006-2008). Trident burners are also made with inconel wire (use by NASA withstand up to 3000 degrees) for enhanced durability and longevity. This is arguably the most impressive feature available on Lynx grills, and it makes the Pro series remarkably attractive to serious grillers.

The dome shaped stainless steel mesh on Trident burners is a superior design for protecting the burner from juices and food debris.


Sedona series grills feature a standard spark ignition system, while Pro Series grills feature their patented hot surface ignition system which Lynx claims will never fail. But if you go for a Sedona grill, never fear: even when manufacturing ‘standard’ features, Lynx ensures high-quality and dependability.


Both Pro and Sedona series Lynx grills feature heavy-duty stainless steel rod grates, which ensure great heat retention and distribution. However, Sedona grate rods are slightly smaller in diameter than the 3/8-inch/9.5-mm rods featured on the Pro series. Although this is what Lynx claims we are yet to see official documentation on the diamter of Sedona grates.


The difference here is fairly straightforward—two built-in interior lights for the Pro series and one halogen light for the Sedona series.

Additional Features

There are a few additional differences between Sedona and Professional series grills that might influence your selection. For example, Pro grill rotisserie feature two adjustable height positions for cooking while Sedona rotisserie is set in a fixed position. Additionally, Pro series grills features a versatile smoker box with grip tool that allow for even more cooking options. And finally, Sedona grills come in two separate parts, grill head and cart, that must be assembled by the consumer. Pro series grills come fully-assembled in one piece.

Will It Last? Warranty on Lynx Grills

Lynx grills are made in Downey, California. Professional and Sedona series come with a limited lifetime warranty which includes parts (not labor) on

  • Stainless steel body
  • Ceramic grill burners (Stainless steel burners on Sedona)
  • Cooking grates
  • Trident burner (ProSear on Sedona)
  • Rotisserie infrared burner

The limited 5 year warranty covers parts on:

  • Warming racks
  • Spit rods
  • Briquette trays
  • Manifolds and gas valves

The limited 2 year warranty portion covers defective parts on the entire grill. During the first year Lynx covers both parts and labor against defects.

When you have a warranty service issue Lnyx wants to hear directly from you and encourages people to use a simple form on the company website.

Completing Your Outdoor Kitchen

It’s likely that the bbq grill is for sure the most important element of the outdoor kitchen. However, a surface for food preparation, places for food storage and refrigeration are essential. Lynx boasts a complete line of outdoor kitchen products that are designed to work together. Lynx is your one-stop shop for your outdoor kitchen needs. And because it’s Lynx, you know that every additional product they offer will stand up to the highest level of quality.

Lynx Pizza Oven

Prepare Restaurant Quality Pizzas in Just Minutes
Product Place Holder

With Lynx pizza oven you can now have restaurant quality results right in your backyard. This oven preheats to 700F in about 1/2 hr so your stone is fully prepared for action. Mind you most indoor ovens operate on or around 500F. The infrared burners emit intense heat at 40,000 BTU’s. Stayin true to Lynx trident technology the infrared burners are very responsive to adjustments from the control knob.

You will be impressed by the internal illumination of the Lynx pizza oven. The internal light not only let’s you see what’s going on but also completes the luxurious look of the oven. In addition, the knob carries the blue accent light.

The cooking surface and the interior of the dome is specially formulated concrete refractory. This construction technique retains the heat efficiently and virtually eliminates the need to rotate the pizza since the cavity provides for uniform heat.

The chimney vent is designed to be reversible. This helps on windy days. Reversible vent also give design flexibility so you can place the pizza oven almost anywhere in your outdoor kitchen.

Lynx engineers did not shy away from extra work and provided us with a stunning fit and finish. From hand-polished mirrored edges to retractable cooking service Lynx pizza oven has all the convenience.

The oven comes with 400 sq. inches of cooking surface at 30-in W x 29-in H x 28.5-in D overall dimension. The set up even includes a 12 1/4-in x 20-in pizza peel.

Final Thoughts

The question of whether to choose a Lynx Sedona grill or spring for a Professional series option is one that can’t be answered by an online guide. The decision will ultimately come down to your individual needs and whether the advanced features offered by Pro grills entice you enough to be worth the higher price tag. But it is important to note that perhaps the most innovative feature Lynx has to offer, the adjustable searing system, is only available on Pro models. When combined with the other advanced features only offered in Pro models, it might be enough to make serious grill-masters spring for Lynx’s unparalleled Pro series of high-end grills.

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