JennAir Wall Ovens (2020 Review) – Buying Guide, and More

JennAir Wall Ovens (2020 Review) - Buying Guide, and More

JennAir wall ovens measure up to all other leading brands in performance, design, and convenience, but proudly towers over them when it comes to connectivity and smart features. JennAir wall ovens have the most advanced wifi connectivity features, and their app integration is one of the best in the industry.

Are you looking for a high-end wall oven that is exceptional in performance and also gives you convenient controls? In this article, you will learn about the difference between Rise and Noir styles as well as the standard and deluxe feature sets of JennAir wall ovens.

JennAir Wall Oven Types

JennAir, just like most top brands, offers the three popular wall oven configurations – single, double, and microwave combination.


The single wall ovens have just one oven space for baking and grilling. They fit nicely under countertops and work best for small households.


The double wall ovens allow you to cook multiple dishes at the same time, and they are great at handling large parties. The double wall ovens come in either the 27-inch or the 30-inch width. Each size has a standard and a deluxe step-up model. There are some major differences between the standard and deluxe models: single convection fan vs. the dual vertically positioned convection fans. Or wifi connected guided cooking via the JennAir culinary center vs. no wifi connectivity. We should note that the V2 vertical dual-fan convection variant is limited to the 30-inch size.


JennAir’s combination ovens have a microwave on a standard wall oven. The combo ovens come in the 27” and 30” sizes and follow the same step-up logic as the other JennAir wall ovens.

The steam ovens help to preserve the tenderness and nutrients in vegetables, meats, and baked food. They have convection systems to ensure that the right heat is distributed in the oven. JennAir is expected to release the new Rise and Noir series steam ovens in late 2020.

JennAir Wall Oven Buying Guide: What to consider?

Before buying or replacing your wall oven, you need to know how the ovens in a particular selection fare using some important oven parameters. These oven parameters include cooking performance, design, size, connectivity, and reliability.

Let’s look at how the JennAir wall ovens perform under these parameters.

1) Cooking Performance

The cooking performance is the most important oven feature. How fast does it take for the oven to preheat? How well does it distribute heat? Does it have the right convection technology? What are the cooking options available? These are important considerations before you make the purchase.

JennAir offers three different types of convection technology to choose from – the single multimode convection, and the impressive V2 vertical dual-fan convection technology.

The multimode convection is far superior to conventional ovens in that the fan circulates warm air for a uniform distribution of heat in the oven. This improves the cooking experience. The only downside about the Multi-Mode convection oven is that it has regular oven controls and no WiFi feature.


The V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection system is an improvement upon the multimode convection. One reason that makes it stand out is the fact food cooks evenly without having to turn the tray intermittently. The dual fans dissipate heat evenly in the oven, giving you astonishing uniform cooking results. It’s great for baking cookies on multiple racks.

Unlike the multi-mode convection system, the V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection oven has WiFi, culinary center (step by step guided cooking), ramp up theater lighting, a larger screen, and, of course, two vertical convection fans that generate up to 6800W of convection power. These ovens handle any cooking or baking task. The auto convection modes also adjust the airflow automatically to match each unique baking need.

Besides the convection system, JennAir ovens have an 8-pass broil element that heats evenly across a large tray of food. That means you don’t need check the oven to reposition the tray during oven cycles. You’re guaranteed consistent heating power from low heat for warming to high heat for searing and broiling.

JennAir wall ovens feature Rapid Preheat function. JennAir achieves this by means of firing up the bake element, broil element as well as the convection fan so that your oven will be set to heat up your food as soon as you slide it in. Using the WiFi feature, you can remotely turn up preheat even when you are away from home.

2) Design

If you are a big fan of style, or your kitchen has a certain feel, then you need to be particular about your oven design. Most oven brands offer several collections with different designs to meet consumer tastes.

JennAir has two collections that show the distinction in design – the Rise and the Noir appliance series. The Rise models come in an elegant silver finish while the Noir sport an all-black look. The exterior is given the JennAir DuraFinish protection, which protects the metal from scratching or staining.


But one of the most significant design features of JennAir wall ovens is the huge full-color LCD touch screen that also doubles as the control window. It takes away the need for knobs, giving the oven a truly sleek and futuristic feel. Flush installation (the front of the oven is exactly in line with your kitchen cabinet) is also possible with JennAir wall ovens.

The incredible designs of JennAir are seen in their other products, such as refrigerators, JennAir ranges, and dishwashers, among others. JennAir ventilation systems still stand out among other brands and are most loved for their sophistication and aesthetic brilliance.

3) Size

The size of the wall oven is very important, especially if it’s a replacement. You need to take appropriate measurements and be sure the size of your choice oven matches the oven opening. If you are renovating your kitchen cabinets, it’s better to go for sizes that will fit your cooking needs. Your kitchen designer will work around your oven size.

JennAir wall ovens come in 27-inch and 30-inch variations.

4) Reliability

An oven’s reliability is just as crucial as its cooking power. You wouldn’t want to buy a high-end oven and then spend extra money servicing it. Therefore, our reviews also highlight their reliability.

JennAir is a premium brand which offers lots of features on their wall ovens. But even with the sophisticated functions, the wall ovens are very durable. The materials and parts are carefully designed to withstand the wear and tear of the standard kitchen. With proper care and use, the average JennAir oven can last beyond 12 years.

5) Effective Self Clean

Some ovens can be cleaned manually, but cleaning an oven is a pretty onerous task. The self-clean feature, which is present in most high-end oven models, has a cycle specifically to clean the interior eliminating the need for manual cleaning. The cycle runs at a high-temperature to burn away soil and grease, leaving some leftover ash, a little smoke, and a shiny oven after completion.

JennAir wall ovens take between 2 to 4 hours to complete a self-clean cycle (depending on the model). The AquaLift self-clean cycle lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour, which is pretty fast for an oven. But, don’t forget to read the manual and remove the oven racks before starting the self-clean cycle.

6) Purposeful Integration of Technology

JennAir has some amazing technologies that are currently the envy of the oven industry. Over the years, we have seen ovens move from being able to calculate cooking temperature and predict cooking time to being remotely controlled. The latter feature is now mostly associated with top models of high-end oven brands.

JennAir has one of the most advanced Wi-Fi connectivity features in the industry. JennAir’s deluxe models are Alexa-enabled and connect to Google Assistant as well. This makes it easier to control the oven using voice commands. The app integration is one of the best in the industry too. Besides receiving alerts and access to multiple recipes, you can carry out some minor (and significant) oven tasks using the app.

Culinary Center
The Culinary Center is one of the most exciting JennAir features. It serves as a cooking assistant, offering a step-by-step guide to making perfect meals. The feature is much more detailed than the Master Chef feature and Gourmet mode of competing brands.

Multi-point Temperature Probe
JennAir ovens have the remarkable probe technology, which allows you to know the exact temperature of your food, which at most times different from the temperature of the oven. The probe itself has a sharp, metallic-pointed head on one end, and an electrical plug on the other end. Stick the pointy end into the food and the plug into a plug socket inside the oven.

The good thing is that you can use the probe whether the oven is preheated or not, and you also get to see the real-time temperature of both the oven and the food on the LCD screen of the oven. With this technology, all you need to do is to set the food temperature you want as well as the oven temperature. Once the food temperature is attained, the oven will stop heating.

Chef’s Light
JennAir wall ovens have their interior’s equipped with theatre lighting, which makes food items within the oven clearly visible even without opening the oven. But JennAir took the lighting a step further with a third halogen lamp that shines above the door at the top, in the middle, and also at the front.

The Chef’s Light is designed to present food inside the oven in it’s best light. It does this by reducing the shadows around and providing bright illumination. This may not mean a lot, but it contributes to the luxury feel of the kitchen and also saves you the stress of opening the oven to check the state of the food.


7-Inch Full-Color Large LCD Screen
The large touch screen takes care of the controls and the display. Besides eliminating the need for knobs, the screen is highly interactive and has other dynamic display and control features for seamless navigation.

8) Rise Vs. Noir Series

JennAir introduced the Rise and the Noir collection across all their appliances early in 2018. The two collections redefine luxury with their different design styles. The difference between the two lies in the design.


Rise offers a more traditionally professional look. There’s the undeniable touch of luxury which it’s delicate cross-hatching, and thick handle reflects. The exterior has more stainless-steel to complete the look. Rise ovens have model numbers that end with “IL” while Noir ends with “IM.”

Noir shows a different definition of luxury with its more modern appearance. With black glass and clean angles, the Noir sports the perfect blend of geometry and sensuality. It’s extra and sleek obsidian parts stands in sharp contrast to the typical color blend of the everyday kitchen.

Best JennAir Ovens

Finally, let’s look at the three ovens that made it to our best JennAir wall ovens list. Also, check out our round-up on best wall ovens in our exclusive review.

1) Best JennAir Single Oven, JJW3430IL

JennAir Wall Oven JJW3430IL

The 30-inch JJW3430 is a truly remarkable single oven, a masterpiece that houses nearly all JennAir has to offer in an oven. The V2 vertical dual-fan convection system provides a better temperature range and heat distribution for your cooking needs.

Besides the convection technology, the JJW3430’s smart integration is second to none. When connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control the oven with voice commands. The app, too, grants you better control than any other oven brand will. These make kitchen duties much more comfortable and convenient for you.

The JJW3430 also has versatile cooking modes, rapid preheating, fast self-clean, cinematic lighting, and an irresistible obsidian interior. What’s more? The JJW3430 has two design variants – the Noir JJW3430IM and the Rise JJW3430IL.

2) Best JennAir Double Oven, JJW3830IL

JennAir Oven JJW3830IL

The JJW3830 is the double oven version of the JJW3430. Just like the JJW3430, it is equipped with the V2 vertical dual-fan convection system that delivers up to 6800W cooking power. The two ovens deliver a 10-cu. Ft. total capacity, which is more than enough to cook for the family.

The JJW3830 has great smart integration, just as the JJW3430. Its other cool features include the rapid preheating feature, the fast self-clean, the four-point temperature probe, the cinematic lighting, the smooth close door feature, the glide rack, and the luxury black interior. The JJW3830 has the Rise JJW3830IL and the Noir JJW3830IM variant to match your kitchen design taste.

3) Best JennAir Combination Oven, JMW3430IL

JennAir Wall Oven JMW3430IL

The JMW3430 is undoubtedly JennAir’s best wall oven microwave combination. Just like the JJW3430 and the JJW3830, the JMW3430 operates using the V2 vertical dual-fan convection technology.

Besides features like the 7-inch LCD screen, the rapid preheat, the smooth close door, and the smart integration which it has in common with the JJW3430 and the JJW3830, it has other added features. The microwave speed combines with the unique convection system to give the oven a speed cook feature. The JMW3430 also has an intuitive sensor that alters power depending on humidity, for best cooking results.


JennAir offers one of the best oven experiences in the industry. The entire catalog offers you two convection technology choices, two sizes, and two beautiful designs. With any model you choose, you are sure to get awesome cooking power, a best-in-class intuitive interface, and reliability you can trust.


Who makes JennAir appliances?
JennAir is Whirlpool Corporation’s major luxury appliance brand. The corporation has its headquarters in Michigan, and also owns KitchenAid and Whirlpool.

Are JennAir ovens good?
JennAir is the top luxury brand of Whirlpool Corporation and one of the best brands in the industry. Their catalog of appliances has models with excellent designs, good performance, and exceptional reliability.

Is JennAir a luxury brand?
JennAir manufactures high-end products and at premium prices. It is Whirlpool Corporation’s major luxury brand.

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