JennAir Range Rise & Noir [REVIEW] – Best Curated Cooking Experience

JennAir Range Rise & Noir [REVIEW] - Best Curated Cooking Experience

JennAir range, RISE or NOIR, are hands down the most advanced stoves you will find on the marketplace today. The company spared no expense in building these “next generation” products. We are most impressed by the purposeful integration of technology in JennAir ranges where the wi-fi connectivity leads to an impeccable guided cooking experience.

The new JennAir range models, RISE and NOIR, are designed to make you a great cook. You can customize your cooking experience to your needs while maintaining a unique look in your kitchen. But what design expression is right for your kitchen? Let’s take a look into each of the JennAir range lineups and some crucial factors to consider when you are shopping for a new gas range.

Overview of JennAir Range Series

JennAir range features RISE and NOIR professional series stoves.

The RISE line features a range that is forged in mixed metals. This line has a diamond etched handle that extends the full width of the range, brushed brass knob collars with a backlit halo lighting, geometric grates, and a bold, large glass window on the front. The design appears industrial with a visible feel of premium quality.

The NOIR line is designed to look more minimalist. Unlike the RISE, the handle is flat and runs the entire width of the range. This line is forged in stainless steel and features a larger amount of black glass on the front of the range. The NOIR also has grates that are slightly lower in profile compared to the RISE line. JennAir NOIR ranges incorporate a seamless look with hidden details that get revealed as you become more familiar with them (as an example, check out the back of the handle for the hidden trim).

JennAir Ranges - Rise and Noir Styles
JennAir Ranges – Rise and Noir Styles

How Well Does JennAir Range Stack Up in the Market?

There are three essential factors to consider when shopping for a new JennAir range. Here is how JennAir stoves stack up against competition:

1) Fundamentals – Fuel Type and Size

Most people wonder what the differences are between a range, stove, and oven. In everyday language, we often use these terms interchangeably. In appliance talk, a range combines both an oven and a cooktop/stovetop.

JennAir offers two different fuel types for professional rangesDual fuel means that the cooking surface is powered by gas while the oven is electric. In the case of a gas stove, both the cooktop and oven are powered by gas.

Most discerning home-chefs prefer JennAir’s dual fuel ranges because they control the heat with more precision than gas-powered ovens. Consistent temperatures and accuracy come in handy if you bake a lot. Inside a gas oven, the heating element gets to the right temperature and then maintains that temperature by turning on and off. The oscillations in the heating element vary the temperature inside the oven instead of allowing it to remain consistent.

As far as the cooktop is concerned, the RISE and NOIR lines only offer gas flame. JennAir does not have electric or induction ranges at this time.


JennAir RISE and NOIR ranges come in three different sizes – 30-inches, 36-inches, and 48-inches in width. As a professional style, both range styles are 27 1/2-inches deep (with the handle 29 1/2-inch). It is imperative that you measure your kitchen before purchasing a range to figure out what size works best for you. The 30-inch and 36-inch sizes tend to be the most popular, and they provide a wide variety of oven and cooktop combinations. If you are looking for a flexible range, then these sizes might be for you.

Do you want to live a chef’s dream? Check out JennAir’s 48-inch range. These ranges feature two ovens, one with a 4.1 cu. ft. capacity and the other with 2.2 cu. ft. capacity. This way, you have tons of space for all of the delicious meals you want to make. This 48-inch also automatically comes with a chrome-infused griddle or grill.

2) Cooking Performance – Burners, Grills & Griddles

With JennAir, there are plenty of options to customize your cooktop to your liking – 34 different options.

All of the JennAir RISE and NOIR models come with four burners that have two 20,000 BTU burners, a 18,000 BTU burner, and a 9,000 BTU dual stacked burner. They are made out of brass, which demonstrates the standard for excellence. Apart from its stunning good looks, brass has superior heat retention. It’s also more resistant to burnt grime, and orifices that trap grease won’t expand so your burners stay cleaner for longer.


Every JennAir range comes with one dedicated simmer burner that can go as low 1,000 BTUs. The flame is so consistent and delicate that we have seen product demos where the chef melted chocolate on a paper plate.

The dual-stacked power burners allow you to have precise control over your flame. These types of burners are stacked and have symmetrical flames that can be controlled over a variety of heat settings – from simmering to high searing. Burners of this type have an upper and lower level of flame, hence the “dual” in the name. The Hi setting uses both of these flames to provide the most heat while the Simmer Hi and Lo settings use only the lower flame.

The RISE and NOIR lines all feature sealed burners that are designed to minimize gaps that allow liquid and spills to get under the cooktop. Sealed burners have a small cap on them that causes the flame to swerve, thus avoiding spillage on the burner nozzle. This feature helps make cleanup easier.

Electronic Ignition with Flame-Sensing Reignition is an important safety feature. If for some reason the flame gets blown out, this feature sparks it back to life.

JennAir features professional, heavy-duty cast-iron grates that are dishwasher safe. Grates are an important element of your range as they retain heat and help to distribute temperature evenly to your pots and pans.

The surface of the “cooking pan” is black. Its special coating makes cleaning up a breeze.

If you prefer making French toast or pancakes, you should look into purchasing a cooktop with a griddle. JennAir simply makes the best griddle on the market. The griddle is chrome infused, which makes it easier to clean. This way, your griddle will look new even after years of use. Also, the griddle is completely sealed, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning hidden nooks and crannies.


The griddle is electric-powered, features no hot and cold spots, and has a range of 150F to 500F. In a pinch? The griddle can heat up to a whopping 350F in only 15 minutes.

The JennAir griddle is versatile. As a rule of thumb, you can cook anything you could make on a skillet on the griddle.

If you like to barbeque, a range with a grill is the way to go. JennAir’s grills are made with cast iron grates and give you 16,000 BTUs of even heat to cook your food to perfection. There are lots of advantages to cooking with cast iron, such as the fact that it is extremely durable, provides a naturally non-stick surface, and retains a lot of heat.

3) Oven Performance and Smart Features

The RISE and NOIR lines used dual fan convection cooking inside their ovens. These heated convection elements are located in the back of the oven cavity and two convection fans help provide evenly balanced temperature. It is important to note that the left oven (small oven) on the 48-inch models only has one convection fan with no broiler element (this is standard across all manufacturers).

JennAir has gone away from its touch screen LED display and moved all of the features to an ever-so-capable app. The app, compatible with Apple and Android, allows you to stay connected to your range, no matter where you are. JennAir has enhanced its Culinary Center and packed it with information to assist you in cooking and baking. As you use the Culinary Center, you will set your cooking parameters such as type of food, pan type, and doneness level. The center will then provide you with helpful tips and tricks as you work through the menu. The program will also make adjustments on the range based on the parameters you set.


JennAir’s parent company Whirlpool recently acquired the popular cooking platform Yummly. We expect to see many Yummly features to be integrated into the JennAir app. The good news is, you do not need to change your range. It will receive its updates from the cloud while personalizing to address your needs.

The My Creations feature on the JennAir app allows you to curate your own recipes at the push of a button. You are able to combine three cooking modes and save settings for your favorite recipes. This allows anyone in the household to get dinner started without having to worry about setting cook times and methods.

Connected Temperature Probe is an important element of the guided cooking process as the probe is tied to the progress of the menu. It also eliminates the need to open the oven door to check your food’s temperature during the Bake, Convect Bake, and Convect Roast cycles. The oven will beep when your food has reached the desired temperature.

Are your hands full? You can use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your range, such as setting cooking timers or baking modes.

Have a question or issue with your range? Connect with the JennAir Epicenter to receive professional support from the experts. This support is also available to you 24/7, so your questions can get answered anytime, anywhere.

All JennAir ranges, including all gas models, come with a self-clean feature. “CustomClean” with automatic lock allows you to tailor your cleaning levels to the amount of build-up inside your oven. Make sure to take out the racks when running the self-clean cycle.

While designing the new ranges JennAir did not forget about details such as the Sabbath Mode to bypass the oven’s automatic shut off for those who observe Sabbath or other religious holidays. Also, the Smooth Close Door makes sure that your oven door never slams shut. The oven instead gently pulls the door closed. Both a safety feature and an expression of attention to detail.


The new JennAir ranges with RISE and NOIR design expressions deserve your attention. They combine stunning good looks with impeccable connectivity features that are sure to wow you. Not to mention that these ranges will bring an air of sophistication to your kitchen.

JennAir no longer makes its legacy ranges with an integrated ventilation hood in the middle. The company also shifted its focus from electric and induction cooking surfaces to establish its leadership in gas and dual fuel ranges.

We hope this article has given you a deeper understanding of the features and options that you have when choosing a RISE or NOIR range. From a second look to your final contender, we believe you will enjoy every second of cooking on your JennAir range.


How well do JennAir ranges stack up against brands such as Wolf, Thermador, or Viking stoves?

Wolf, Thermador, Viking, and JennAir are all highly rated, premium brands. It is hard to compare all of them. However, we reviewed them individually. You can find our reviews and buying guides on our ranges hub.

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