How Much Does a Good Dishwasher Cost?

How Much Does a Good Dishwasher Cost?

Wondering what the differences between entry-level and high-end dishwashers are? Don’t want to break the bank or miss out on modern features? We’ve got you covered! We broke down exactly how much a good dishwasher costs, starting with budget-friendly options and working our way up to top-of-the-line models.

Meanwhile, check out our ranked list of best dishwashers to get a head start on learning about some of the most popular models.

Dishwasher Price Ranges

Dishwashers below $500

Dishwashers under $500

What to expect

  • Louder than average
  • Decent wash performance
  • Plastic tub
  • Limited flexibility in the racking
  • Lower build quality (May feel cheap)
Whirlpool WDT710PAHZ

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that will get the job done – that is, clean your dishes and save you from the hassle of doing it manually – this is the price range for you.

At this price point, it’s difficult to distinguish much in quality based on cleaning performance and energy efficiency from one model to the next.

Most brands and models in this range are dependable enough and feature the necessities to get your dishes clean.

What you’ll miss out on is more innovative features like WiFi connectivity and high-tech cleaning, overall capacity and flexibility in terms of racks and adjustable setups, and volume.

Dishwashers in this category tend to be between 51db and 55db. Certainly not quiet, but they certainly won’t deafen you while you’re eating in the kitchen.

Dishwashers Between $600-$999

Dishwashers $600 to $999

What to expect

  • Quiet operation
  • Great wash & dry performance
  • Increased reliability & build quality
  • Adjustable racking and 3rd racks
  • Stainless steel tubs
Bosch SHP865ZD5N

Within this price range, you’ll find excellent performance in just about every area.

Dishwashers in this range offer quiet operation (between 42dB and 48dB) and some fun and useful features, including pressurized spray arms and custom jets for advanced cleaning capabilities.

These dishwashers will typically last longer before breaking down and need fewer repairs.

Many models also have adjustable racks as well as 3rd racks for added storage. Features like these will make cleaning faster and easier, allowing you to tailor your dishwashing setup to your personal needs.

You’ll have plenty of options in this price range, and your choice will ultimately depend on which brand offers the unique mix of value and features that you want.

  • Did you know that Bosch makes the quietest dishwashers? However, given the 120 different products they make, selecting one for your needs is not easy. Read our Bosch dishwasher review to easily understand the differences among the models.
Watch our exclusive video review of Bosch dishwashers

Dishwashers at $1000 & Above

Dishwashers over $1000

What to expect

  • Whisper quiet
  • Extra wash cycles – like cycles specifically for fine China & Crystal
  • Enhanced drying results
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Panel ready doors to match your cabinetry
  • More flexibility in the racking
Miele G7566SCViSF

Now we move into the high-end range of dishwashers. If budget is not an issue, machines in this range might appeal to you. That being said, most of what becomes available in this range is more style than substance.

Features include the ability to knock on your dishwasher door to open it, or control it via mobile assistants like Alexa or your personal smart device.

There are also some real advantages that come into play at this price range. For example, machines become incredibly quiet (we’re talking library-quiet) and offer unparalleled cleaning quality and dependability.

You’ll also find that, like most things, expensive dishwashers look expensive. Their finishes are flawless and their designs tend to be cutting edge and visually stunning.

If you’ve got the budget for it, you’ll find that owning and operating a dishwasher in this price range is a pleasure.

  • Did you know that Miele dishwashers are world-renowned for their wash performance and longevity? Find our more in our review.

Tips For Choosing Your Price Range

  1. Buy based on your personal needs, not what has worked for everyone else. A bachelor who hardly uses any dishes will have different needs than a family of 7 who runs a load per day.
  2. Don’t get swayed into buying by a huge selection of wash cycles. The average individual or family uses only a small set of cycle types. Focus on the cycles you’ll actually use, and make your pick from there.
  3. Don’t be misled into buying from a company that’s better at marketing their dishwashers than they are at making them. Many brands are good at making a feature sound exclusive to them, when in fact its standard in even the most basic dishwashers. Use discretion when shopping and keep your wits about you. If it seems like you’re paying more for features you don’t need, or features that are available in a cheaper package, your instincts are probably accurate.

Our earlier article covers how to choose a dishwasher in detail by providing you with eight useful tips.

Final Verdict

As dishwasher technology has advanced, it’s become less expensive to obtain high-end features. Now that you know the differences between the entry-level and premium dishwashers, we hope that you have an idea about how much to spend to get the features and level of quality you need.

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