Hestan Grill: 2021 Review, Everything You Need to Know

Hestan Grill: 2021 Review, Everything You Need to Know

While the world of outdoor gas grill manufacturing might seem to be dominated by a few long-standing and recognizable names, every once in a while a promising newcomer shakes up the game with a unique approach to grilling. Enter Hestan, a brand whose one-of-a-kind designs are making waves throughout the industry and among hardcore grill masters. But what makes Hestan grills so unique, and are they worth the high-end price tag that accompanies them? Here are five factors to consider when weighing a Hestan grill against more recognizable big-name brands.

The Unique Style of Hestan Grills



The most instantly noticeable trait of the best Hestan grills is there distinctive and stylish look. Made from heavy-gauge welded body construction, these fashionable machines come in twelve different colors. Some of their most popular include orange, red, blue and stainless steel. And the Hestan V-shaped freestanding gas grill is their most remarkable and stylish by far.

Built in gas grill heads come in 30”, 36” and 42” width, and when the cart side burner and shelf are added in that brings the total to 48”, 54” and 60”, respectively. Marquise accented control panels and hood handles feature commercial-grade end caps, adding a subtle yet eye-catching detail to these luxurious barbecues.

What About the Quality?


Hestan GMBR42NG

Countless Hestan grill reviews have remarked on the noticeable Hestan build quality the moment you open the hood. That spring-assisted “Horizon” hood is perfectly counterbalanced, allowing it to hold its position firmly at any height. The hood is also designed to be safe, and will never slam shut. Additionally, powerful and motion-activated stadium-style lights are built into the hood, so you never have to worry about lighting when your hands are full. Front controls are also illuminated with LED lights.

Quality control is also of the utmost importance to the Hestan company. Their engineering team runs each grill design through a 500-hour salt spray test to simulate intense beach weather, ensuring that the word ‘rust’ never enters into the vocabulary of any Hestan grill owner.

High Performance Burners


All of the dazzling good looks and phenomenal build quality don’t add up to much if a grill isn’t great at grilling. Fortunately, the Hestan grill has plenty of substance to match up with its style. Under the hood you’ll find a unique and powerful one-touch grilling system that’s loaded with features.

Hestan GSBR42CX2NG

On the bottom layer you’ll find 321-grade stainless steel Trellis burners that burn at 25,000 BTUs each. The burners are designed to cover the cooking surface from left to right and front to back for even heat distribution every time. Meanwhile, the controls for these burners are impeccably precise.

Above the burners rest the monogrammed ceramic briquettes attached to a stainless steel radiant tray. This system serves three critical functions—it eliminates flare-ups, adds flavor to your cooking by capturing runaway juices and vaporizing them to infuse into the food, and provides even heat distribution throughout the gas grill. Plus, the tray is amazingly simple to clean with a flip-up feature that allows you to easily burn off unwanted food remnants.

Additional performance features include laser-finished, stainless steel DiamondCut grates as well as a sear burner available in certain models that allows incredible control anywhere from 700 BTUs to 25,000 BTUs.

Luxury Features

One of the traits that sets the best Hestan grills apart is their impressive and unique features. These include a concealed, whisper-quiet rotisserie motor system built right in, with a convenient space for storing the rotisserie rod so it doesn’t end up lost in your garage.

The infrared burner is located on the top wall, unlike many of Hestan’s competitors, allowing you to expand the functions of the infrared burner to serve as a warming tray, broil-zone or salamander. And speaking of warming, the diamond-cut steel warming drawer uses a full-weight grate design that’s laser finished and able to rest in three distinct vertical positions. It also can be stored and concealed when not in use.

Finally, each Hestan grill comes stocked with a porcelain broiling pan for next-level cooking.

Built To Last Come Rain or Shine

Like any high-end grill manufacturer worth its salt, Hestan stands by the quality of its products both in word and deed. Every grill features a lifetime warranty on all burners, grates and body elements. Not only does this protect you in the case of wear or damage, but it also serves to highlight the trust Hestan places in their grills to perform for a lifetime. Peace of mind is a wonderful element to include in any grilling experience.

Understanding the Hestan Nomenclature

Here are some quick specs and tips to help you decipher the Hestan grill line when shopping at their website or a retailer.

Hestan grills generally come in three size profiles:

  • 30″ – 519 sq. inch primary grilling surface + 189 sq. inch rack
  • 36″ – 647 sq. inch primary grilling surface + 236 sq. inch rack
  • 42″ – 774 sq. inch primary grilling surface + 282 sq. inch rack

Grills are additionally categorized into three model number classes, signified by a letter:

A: All Trellis burners
M: Trellis and sear burners
S: All sear burners


When it comes time to select a gas grill, it can be tempting to turn to one of the big-name brands with long histories and name-recognition. But if you’re willing to stray from the beaten path and let yourself be impressed with the many positive Hestan grill reviews available online, you might just find yourself enjoying a truly one-of-a-kind, powerful and enjoyable grilling experience that will last you decades.

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