GE Washer and Dryer: Top GE Washing Machines of 2021

GE Washer and Dryer: Top GE Washing Machines of 2021

GE washer and dryer models consistently top best-of lists for tons of good reasons. The company invests in new technologies that have real benefits you’ll appreciate every day for as long as you own your washer and dryer—and that will help them last longer.

For instance, in 2020, GE leaped ahead of the competition and released its new UltraFresh front load washing machines. These units have a unique venting system that eliminates the biggest pain point with front load washers: the way moisture and oils build up in the door gasket, leading to stinky mold and mildrew. As these machines have entered on the market over the past year, we’ve seen from customer feedback and from experience that the technology works. We’ll explain it in more detail below.

Considering that GE offers more than 80 washer and dryer sets, it can be confusing to choose the right pair. Read on; this guide will help you make a decision you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

Best GE Washer and Dryer

What’s new in GE washer and dryer products?

Front load washers are gentle on clothes and are energy and water efficient. The latest GE features make them more user-friendly, too.

UltraFresh with Odorblock
As we mentioned above, the downside of front load washers is that mold and mildew can build up in the door gasket and make it smell musty. It’s a pain to prevent and fix, considering that you have to remember to leave the door and detergent drawer ajar, wipe down the gasket with bleach, and self-clean the drum continuously. After more than two years of research, GE introduced washers with its UltraFresh vent system. Problem, solved.

How does UltraFresh prevent a stinky gasket? Per GE, three components work together to do the job:

  • Drain: The system drains extra water after the wash cycle to help keep the washer fresh. To do that as effectively as possible, GE developed a wider gasket to drain this leftover water, which helps to limit bacteria growth.
  • Dry: A unique airflow system right on the door helps to eliminate any excess moisture inside the washer, so you don’t have to leave the door open after each cycle.
  • Defend: GE partnered with Microban, a global leader in odor-control technologies (used in everything from yoga leggings to cleaning sprays), to create a new type of washer gasket, pump, and dispenser. These parts are equipped with Microban technology to help prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing.

GE also introduced a detergent auto-dispensing feature that makes laundry faster, more convenient, and less messy to do. Select models now come with SmartDispense, which holds 50 ounces of detergent (enough for about 32 loads) and automatically dispenses the correct amount based on the load weight and clothing material. Since the washer always uses just enough, you never waste any detergent, or use too much or too little to get your clothes clean.

GE washer upgrade features
GE Washers Upgrade Path

1 Step Wash + Dry
We’ve all had the experience of realizing at bedtime that we need an outfit ready for the next day, be it a baseball uniform or a work polo. This combination wash-and-dry feature, available on some GE washers, lets you launder very small loads (under two pounds) in your washer from start to finish, all without applying any heat. It works by pulling air from the vent into the front of the drum; a fan then circulates the air to dry the load.

Washer Link
This is a smart connectivity feature that lets your washer communicate with your dryer. This feature allows your dryer to know exactly how long to dry your clothes and which setting to use based on the wash cycle. That way, your clothes will never spend too much or too little time in the dryer. It’s better for their fabric and for your energy bill.

New Colors
GE also has a new color option, Sapphire Blue, which adds a pop of color to your laundry room. Satin Nickel is another, more understated choice.

Dynamic Balancing Technology
To help with the usual loud washer vibration, GE has added sensors that gauge whether the load is balanced before increasing the spin speed.

Reversible Doors
In terms of space savings, GE introduced reversible doors for both the washer and dryer. Now you can save even more space in your laundry room with doors that open inward.

Wifi Connectivity
GE has expanded on its connectivity options with Wifi enabled washer and dryer models that are able to be connected and controlled via your smart phone.

What makes a good washer and dryer?

When purchasing a new washer and dryer set, there are six factors and features you want to consider:

1) Cleaning and Drying Performance

GE laundry machines have many unique settings and features to boost their cleaning and drying performance. You’ll especially appreciate these.

Steam in the Washer and Dryer
Steam is a popular washer feature for a good reason: It penetrates clothing fibers better than water and detergent alone to release stains, odors, and ground-in dirt, while being gentler on your clothes. Some GE washers come with the steam option—be sure to look for it.

In the dryer, steam helps to remove both odors and wrinkles from your clothing. GE dryers have a special Steam Dewrinkle setting that allows you to freshen up articles of clothing without having to break out the iron. This is especially nice for things you’ve worn once or twice but aren’t ready to throw in the hamper just yet.

Special Stain Removal Features
Ever desperately googled how to get red wine out of your blouse? GE now offers a Stain Removal Guide that tells you exactly how to modify any wash cycle to focus on specific stains like red wine, dirt, and grass. Some GE washer models also let you to pretreat clothes before they go into the wash in a built-in Water Station. It dispenses water mixed with detergent (or just water) at your desired temperature, and allows you to work out stubborn stains before the wash cycle begins.

Detergent SmartDispense
As we mentioned above, this new GE feature lets you fill up the Smart Dispenser with enough detergent for up to 32 loads, so you don’t have to heft and pour the big jug of detergent every time.

This system also regulates detergent usage and automatically dispenses the exact amount of detergent every wash cycle. There is enough to get your clothes clean, but not so much that any gets left behind to leave a film on the fabric or in your washer drum.

A Rich Set of Cyles and Options
Do you ever forget that your clothes are in the washer, only to come home to musty, damp laundry? If you have GE’s Tumble Care, it’ll never happen again. This feature automatically tumbles your laundry in the washer periodically for up to eight hours, ensuring that your clothes stay fresh in the washer even after the cycle is done until you take them out.

Sanitize is another useful option available on some GE dryers that extends the heating cycle time to kill certain types of bacteria, and is certified by NSF International. Some GE washers also have an internal water heater that raises the water temperature to kill bacteria, too.

And for when you’re short on time, GE washers have custom settings to help get your clothes clean in a pinch. You can use the Quick Wash setting to get lightly soiled items done fast, or the Time Saver setting to handle a full load of clothing in just 37 minutes.

2) Energy Efficiency

Want to save some money on your electric and gas bills? GE washer and dryers can do just that. GE models are Energy Star qualified, which means that your units exceed the minimum standards set by the government to conserve natural resources and cut your energy use.

To save water, GE top load washers have a custom setting called Deep Fill that allows you to determine just how much water you want to use in your wash cycle.


3) Top Load vs Front Load Selection

Choosing a front load or top load washer is one of the most common debates when people buy a washer. GE makes both the top load as well as front load washers. The company has innovative features for both.

Front load washers tend to be favored since they are gentler on your clothes and more efficient. Most front loaders can be stacked atop a matching dryer—an ideal space saver for smaller homes or setups. But there are cons: Front load machines are expensive, and loading and unloading may require you to bend down if you don’t buy a pedestal to go underneath each unit.

Top load washers are less expensive and more traditional, but they use more energy. But the debate doesn’t end there.

Agitator vs. High Efficiency (HE) Top Load Washing Machines
Within the category of top loaders, there are agitator and HE machines. Agitator top load washers have a familiar technology, in which a central post rubs against clothes to remove and rinse away dirt. HE machines utilize an impeller that spins and rotates to rub clothes against each other to get them clean. Typically, agitator machines have shorter cycle times, use more water, and can be tough on fabric. HE machines are the more expensive of the two, but they’re more efficient in terms of water and energy use and gentler on fabric. The higher spin rates on HE machines equate to shorter drying times, which means more time and energy savings for you.

Watch our exclusive video review – front load vs top load washers

4) Noise and Vibration

In general, top load washers are noisier than front load washers.

GE front load washers are capable of spinning at 1250 to 1400 RPM. Surely metal spinning that fast would make a lot of noise, right? Well, not as much as you would think. GE has standard adjustable legs and a vibration control system embedded into every front load washer.

Uncontrolled vibration is an issue for stackable washer and dryers because the dryer is placed on top, but as we mentioned above, GE introduced Dynamic Balancing Technology to help sense balanced loads before accelerating the spin speeds. As a result, a GE stackable washer and dryer should vibrate less and make less noise.

5) Configuration, Ergonomics & Size – Apartment Size to Jumbo

Washing machines come in different sizes (height, width, and depth), so it’s critical to measure your space before you do anything else.

mapWith GE, you can find a compact front-loading washer with a depth of 25-26 inches, a width of 23 inches, and a height of 33 inches. Larger full-sized washers have around 33-34-inch depth, 27-28-inch width, and 39-inch height without a pedestal. If you do require a pedestal, then you’ll need to make sure you have space to allow for at least 47-inch height on a front-loading machine. As you can see there is quite a bit of difference among the sizes, so determining your space first will make things a whole lot simpler when you’re browsing the available options.

More and more households are opting for space-saving appliances, and you can achieve this in your laundry by using stackable washers and dryers. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, make sure to choose stackable models. Stackable washers are always front-loading machines due to the fact that washers are placed underneath a dryer since they are heavier and have more vibration and longer cycles.

Apartment-size washers and dryers are best suited for homes with little or no space for conventional sized appliances. The stackable configuration of compact washer and dryers, make it a great option when space is limited. Check out some details you need to consider when choosing the best compact washer and dryer.

6) Connectivity

These days everyone has a smart phone. So why not have a smart washer and dryer? GE has introduced the GE Laundry app that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This app lets you control both your washer and dryer from anywhere.

Need to know how much time is left in your wash cycle? The GE Laundry app monitors your cycle status and reports how much time is left. Forget to start the dryer before heading work? On select models, you can start it remotely.


GE Washer Dryer Combo


In addition to standard and apartment size stacking and side-by-side washing machines and dryers, GE also makes what you might call washer dryer combo. The term combo can be a bit of a catchall: You might be looking for a single unit that washes and dries, or a one-piece laundry center with a washer on the bottom and a dryer stacked on top. Luckily, GE makes both.

For clarity’s sake, we’ll call the former a washer dryer combo. GE’s single 24-inch unit washes and dries, and can be installed anywhere you have a standard 120 volt outlet. It doesn’t dry the way a standard electric or gas dryer does, by venting moist air to the outside. It’s nonvented, which is ideal for people who can’t vent to their exterior of their apartment building or home. But it also doesn’t dry the way European nonvented heat-pump dryers do, either. It’s a condensing dryer, which means that it uses cool water condensation rather than air-to-air condensation to dry your items. Practically speaking, that means long cycle times—up to three hours. Bulky items like towels may never get fully dry.


GE makes four versions of its one-piece laundry center: 24 inch and 27 inch, with either an electric or a gas dryer on top. Because of their compact size and shallow depth, these basic units are ideal for apartment closets. Their capacity may be small, but they’re easy to use—you won’t have to bend down to unload the washer the way you might with a front loader. However, if the washer or dryer breaks down, you have to replace the entire thing.

7 Best GE Washer and Dryer Models for 2021

We understand that it is overwhelming to choose the best washer and dryer set for your home among hundreds of choices. These are our top 7 GE models:

1) Best for Budget GE Washer: GTW335ASNWW

GE GTW335ASNWW Top Load Washer

Style: Top load | Number of Cycles: 11 | Wash Mechanism: Single action agitator | Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6 | Capacity: 4.2 cu. ft. | Dimensions: 27 in x 44 in x 27 in | Color: White

The GTW335ASNWW makes our list at the best budget buy with an MSRP of only $629. With 11 different wash cycles to accommodate every laundry load and 6 water temperatures to choose from, this washer lets you wash clothes your way. This model also features a heavy-duty agitator that helps to more deeply clean clothes. The deep clean cycle on this model cleans even the toughest stains with 67 percent more cleaning power than the most commonly used cycle (colors, normal cycle).

2) Best GE Top Load Washer, HE: GTW840CPNDG

GE GTW840CPNDG Top Load Washer

Style: Top load | Number of Cycles: 10+ water station | Wash Mechanism: Infusor (HE without agitator) | Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6 + automatic temperature control | Capacity: 5.2 cu. ft. | Dimensions: 27 in x 48 in x 27 in | Color: Diamond Grey, White

The GTW840CPNDG model makes our list as the best top load, and is in the same family as the discontinued GTW810SSJWS and GTW860SSJWS. This model is equipped with SmartDispense technology that holds up to 48 loads of detergent and automatically dispenses just the right amount for each load.

The GTW840CPNDG has an integrated Water Station that allows you to pretreat your clothes before the wash cycle. This washer also is Wifi enabled.

3) Best GE Top Load with Agitator: GTW465ASNWW

GE GTW465ASNWW Top Load Washer

Style: Top load | Number of Cycles: 14 | Wash Mechanism: Dual action agitator | Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 6 | Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. | Dimensions: 27 in x 44 in x 27 in | Color: White

Though smaller than our best top load washer, the GTW465ASNWW combines a lower price with multiple user-centric features. This model features the dual-action agitator, which can reverse rotation to give clothes a more thorough clean. The GTW465ASNWW also has a spin speed of 700 RPM that helps to remove excess water and cut down on drying time. Another interesting feature of this model is the PreciseFill, which takes the guesswork out of choosing the right water level.

4) Best Budget GE Front Load Washer : GFW550SSNWW UltraFresh

GE GFW550SSNWW Ultrafresh Washer

Style: Front load | Number of Cycles: 10 | Capacity: 4.8 cu. ft. | Dimensions: 28 in x 32 in x 39-3/4 in | Color: White, Diamond Gray

The compact GFW550SSNWW makes our list as the most innovative due to its stunning feature lineup. This model features the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock that helps prevent the growth of any odor-causing bacteria. This model also has built-in Wifi, so you can use the GE Laundry app to start, stop, and monitor your loads. The app can even send you real-time updates. In terms of energy efficiency, this model is Energy Star qualified, meaning it will save you resources and money.

One thing to note is that this washer, along with its matching dryer, do not feature steam technology.

5) Best Steam Front Load: GFW650SPNSN UltraFresh

GE GFW650SPNSN Ultrafresh with Steam Washer

Style: Front load | Number of Cycles: 12 | Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 5 | Capacity: 4.8 cu. ft. | Dimensions: 28 in x 39-3/4 in x 32 in | Color: Satin Nickel, White

The GFW650SPNSN makes our list as the best front load style washer. This washer introduced the Satin Nickel color, and though it does bring the price up, it looks stunning in any laundry room. This model is packed with features, including the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock (like the GFW550SSNWW). This model also includes SmartDispense technology to automatically release the exact amount of detergent each cycle, and store up to 32 loads of detergent. It’s also quiet, thanks to Dynamic Balancing Technology that senses and rebalances uneven loads during the spin cycle for quiet operation.

Unlike the GFW550SSNWW, the GFW650SPNSN uses steam technology (a.k.a. powersteam) for a deeper clean.

6) Best Overall GE Washer: GFW850SPNRS UltraFresh, Large Capacity

GE GFW850SPNRS Ultrafresh with Steam Washer

Style: Front load | Number of Cycles: 12 | Wash/Rinse Temperatures: 5 | Capacity: 5.0 cu. ft. | Dimensions: 28 in x 39-3/4 in x 34 in | Color: Sapphire Blue, Diamond Gray, White

The most stylish on our list is the GE GFW850SPNRS, which includes three stunning color options: Sapphire Blue, Diamond Gray, and White. It is also the largest GE washer on our list, with a whopping capacity of 5.0 cu. ft; allowing you more room for every load.

This model is packed with features such as the UltraFresh vent system with OdorBlock and SmartDispense technology. Something that sets this model apart is the 1 Step Wash + Dry feature. It allows you to wash and dry smaller loads all in your washer, so you don’t have to ever transfer the load to the dryer.

7) Best GE Washer Dryer Combo: GUD27ESSMWW

GE GUD27ESSMWW Spacemaker Laundry Center

Consider the GE GUD27ESSMWW as an ideal small-space washer and dryer combo. It may have a smaller capacity than most standalone washers, but it boasts a full array of wash cycles and auto load sensing technology. If you don’t have space for a full-size, separate washer and dryer—for instance, in an apartment, condo, or multipurpose utility room—it will allow you to wash at your convenience. Note the shallow depth: It may be just right for your closet. Compared with other compact units, many of which are nonvented, it also incorporates a traditional electric or gas vented dryer.


GE offers the best of both worlds when it comes to washers and driers: sleek functional designs and high-tech features. GE’s entire new line of washers with the UltraFresh vent system on the door and SmartDispense technology proved to be a solid release. The UltraFresh front load washing machines make life easier and get rid of any annoying washer odors. If you’re looking for a reliable washer and dryer with all of the features you love, be sure to check out GE.


How long do GE washing machines last?

An average washing machine lasts about five to seven years. GE is considered to be one of the most reliable brands on the market. With proper installation, level floors, and ideal water hardness conditions, you should be able to get up to 10 years of use out of a GE washer.

Is a GE washer reliable?

GE is considered one of the most reliable brands among its peers. The company backs each product with a one-year warranty that covers both parts and labor. In addition, GE has by far the most comprehensive service network in every corner of the U.S. market.

Are GE washers energy efficient?

Yes. In fact, GE washers were at the forefront of the energy efficiency movement in the appliance industry. As a result, GE washer and dryers use 64 percent less water and save 75 percent more energy—which can add up to nearly $500 in energy savings over the course of the appliance’s lifetime. GE approaches energy efficiency in the following manner:

  • Larger capacity: You can wash more clothes in a given load.
  • Load-sensing water fill: GE washers detect the size of the load in in the washer and release just enough water to get everything clean. If you have a small load to do, fine. A GE washer will know not to fill up the tub.
  • Longer agitation strokes: GE top load washers turn clothes over more efficiently for better cleaning.
  • Dryer moisture sensors: There’s no need to guess how long to dry your clothes. A GE dryer will sense the moisture level and stop when your clothes are ready.

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