Designer Appliances Visits the Good Housekeeping Miele Kitchen of the Future

Designer Appliances Visits the Good Housekeeping Miele Kitchen of the Future

In the bustling midtown Manhattan area of New York City stands the Hearst Tower, a geometric marvel of architecture that houses the many subsidiaries and publishing companies under the Hearst Communications umbrella. High on the 29th floor sits the Good Housekeeping office space, home to perhaps the world’s most famous home-centric publications.

The Good Housekeeping office space recently unveiled their brand-new, state-of-the-art Kitchen of the Future. It’s a highly-advanced and thoroughly stylish kitchen facility is designed to showcase the world’s most cutting edge appliances.

And who did Good Housekeeping select to furnish the appliances for their futuristic display? The entire cutting edge kitchen display was furnished with appliances by Miele.

The Designer Appliances crew recently had the opportunity to visit Good Housekeeping’s brand-new Kitchen of the Future and document our impressions and thoughts on this outstanding new display space.

Arriving at the Good Housekeeping Space


Still euphoric from an outstanding dinner at Butter NYC the night before (special thanks to our Miele rep Dan for a great night out), the Designer Appliances crew arrived for our tour of the Good Housekeeping office the next morning with high hopes. Top of mind for us was the opportunity to find out what exactly goes into Good Housekeeping’s coveted “seal,” a designation they use to recognize the absolute highest level of achievement in home furnishings and appliances. Is it just a marketing gimmick, or a true measure of quality that consumers should keep in mind? We would soon find out.

The Lab

But first it was time to behold the dazzling Good Housekeeping product evaluation lab, a glass-enclosed hive of activity where product testers (including trained engineers and biologists) type away into spreadsheets as they test and evaluate countless products under intense scrutiny.

From here our tour guide directed us into a nondescript entrance which led to an absolutely dazzling dining space, which we were delighted to hear had hosted superstars like Oprah herself. We took a seat and were treated to a wonderful breakfast as Doreen, our tour guide, gave us an overview of the Good Housekeeping seal and what it stands for.

The Good Housekeeping Seal


Our impression? Good Housekeeping takes their tests seriously. After hearing about their stringent process, we felt confident that any product that earned their seal has undergone some extensive, intense testing on a detailed level.

The details of the testing process also speak to an organization that really understands what matters to consumers. They don’t get tied up in specs and features, rather certifying products that integrate seamlessly and effectively into your daily life.

Finally, we were struck with Good Housekeeping’s confidence in their testing—they back up their seal by extending the manufacturer’s warranty of any approved product by a year at their own expense.

The Miele Kitchen of the Future


And now it was time for the main event. Doreen lead us away from the dining area and toward the Miele Kitchen of the Future. While the kitchen’s name might bring to mind a gleaming, chrome space lab that would look as at home on an alien spacecraft as a traditional farmhouse, we were pleased to see that this was not the case. Good Housekeeping knows interior design, and that was apparent in the effortless blend of traditional and contemporary elements that defined the kitchen’s aesthetic. Airy and light, combining natural texture with sleek, silvery tones, this kitchen paints a vision of the future where warmth and comfort are far from extinct.

The most powerful impression that struck us all was just how effectively Miele fits into the Good Housekeeping ethos. Miele often gets a reputation for having an ultra-modern approach to visual design, but here amongst the Kitchen of the Future’s transitional décor, the Miele products looked right at home.

We were also happy to hear that Good Housekeeping frequently hosts prominent events in this space, which pleases us as a company who believes Miele is always worthy of increased media attention. We hope that will translate to a greater understanding among consumers of how a full Miele kitchen can be a powerful option in their unique and diverse homes.


Overall, our tour of the Good Housekeeping office and their Kitchen of the Future was a resounding success. And with Miele receiving the Good Housekeeping seal, we are thrilled and excited to see more customers begin to discover what we believe to be the most groundbreaking and costumer-minded appliance company currently on the market.

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