Bosch Refrigerator: 2021 Models Reviewed

Bosch Refrigerator: 2021 Models Reviewed

It’s an exciting time for the Bosch refrigerator lineup. For years, Bosch offered only built in refrigerators, and outsourced its manufacturing to third parties. But the company recently made refrigeration a priority when it came out with its own freestanding counter depth refrigerators, manufactured in house. Bosch has long been known for creating some of the world’s finest appliances. With the release of this refrigerator lineup, Bosch clearly raised the bar on what we expect from a modern kitchen appliance.

The new Bosch fridge lineup quickly ascended our best refrigerator brands rankings, and has stayed for the past several years.

More recently, Bosch added single compressor fridges to its refrigeration lineup. These models are 70 inches tall, and specifically designed to replace (i.e., fit neatly into the existing cabinets surrounding) legacy units made by other brands.

We created this guide to identify and explain the most important features you’ll find on a Bosch fridge. For more details, watch our exclusive video review below; it gives you an in-depth look inside.

Watch Our Exclusive Bosch Refrigerator Review

Why Should I Buy a Bosch Refrigerator?


Refrigerators are typically boring appliances. Aside from gimmicky touch screens or cameras that let you keep tabs on your milk and eggs, nothing significant has changed over the years.

Bosch had also given refrigerators the “cold shoulder” (sorry I had to) until recently. While Bosch factories make its dishwashers, ranges, and ovens, the company had outsourced production of refrigerators to third parties. This move allowed Bosch to market four-piece kitchen packages. Bosch never intended its refrigerators to be sought-after appliances.

All that changed with the counter depth French door refrigerator, which made some of the most high-end technologies available at a lower price point. Here’s a rundown of the benefits the latest Bosch fridges offer:

1) Your Food Will Stay Fresh Longer in a Bosch Fridge

Bosch Refrigerator Fresh Food Preservation
Have your strawberries ever needed a haircut?

Have you ever had strawberries look like this after just a few days? Or witnessed your greens wilt just as fast in the crisper drawer?

Bosch B36CL80ENS

Temperature fluctuations are the enemy of fresh food. The more it varies, the more bacteria will grow. In a typical refrigerator, the temperature may swing by 4 to 7 degrees F, which is not ideal for fresh food storage.

A standard refrigerator doesn’t actually cool itself. A small valve opens and closes to pull air from the freezer and bring its temperature down. If you’ve ever had items unexpectedly freeze in parts of your refrigerator, that’s why. This shared single compressor cooling system leads to sub-optimal results in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments.

Temperature is just one component of keeping food fresh. Humidity also plays a critical role. In the refrigerator compartment, the ideal environment is higher humidity, which helps keep moisture in your fresh foods. By contrast, in the freezer, dry air wards off freezer burn and preserves food for longer.

Rather than focusing on gimmicks, Bosch has innovated with its latest food preservation system, which keeps food fresher for up to three times longer than a standard refrigerator, and helps it hold onto its texture, flavor, and nutrients. **This is the same type of technology found in Sub-Zero built in refrigerators that cost two to three times the price.

For instance, Bosch designed different areas of the refrigerator to hold different foods, and help them retain moisture and crispness. Bosch’s 4-part FarmFresh system, which is designed from the bottom up, also helps keep food fresher longer than ever before, helping you limit food waste and make fewer trips to the grocery store.


Better Food Preservation with Dual Compressors and Dual Evaporators

With its new refrigerator lineup, Bosch has created the perfect environment for preserving food. Thanks to its dual compressor and dual evaporator configuration, Bosch refrigerators let you control the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator and freezer compartments independently. The result is the ideal environment for keeping you fresher, longer.

Bosch is the only manufacturer that offers dual compressors and dual evaporators in a freestanding refrigerator, a feature that’s typically found only in high-end built-in models, such as the Sub Zero fridge.

This adds up to longer lasting freshness for your food, whether it’s stored in the freezer or the refrigerator.


SuperCool and SuperFreeze

Looking to cool large amounts of food, or quickly chill some drinks right before a party? Switch on the SuperCool setting, which temporarily sets the fridge temperature to 34 degrees F before returning to normal after two hours.

Meanwhile, the freezer features its own SuperFreeze Function. It brings the freezer’s temperature down to -8 degrees F for six hours before returning to its standard temperature. This is great for quickly freezing food, or for returning items to their proper level of frozenness after the ride back from the grocery store.


MultiAirFlow: Refigeration is More Than Cooling

In a standard refrigerator, you’re going to get a certain amount of temperature fluctuation as the appliance tries to keep the temperature within an acceptable range. For the average fridge, even high-end models, that deviation ranges from 4 to 7 degrees F. This means that if your fridge is set to 40 degrees F, it might actually clock in anywhere between 33 degrees F and 47 degrees F. That’s quite a large swing.

With Bosch refrigerators’ MultiAirFlow capabilities, you can count on a temperature deviation of 1 degree F or less. That’s thanks to the dual compressors and incredibly well designed temperature management system.

This reduced deviation is extremely valuable as it helps ensure protection against growing bacteria at higher temperatures and freezing or freezer burn at lower temperatures.


2) Unique Storage Options Make It Easy to Fit All Your Groceries

Bosch B36CD50SNS

The interior design of the Bosch counter depth refrigerator is exquisite, with a stainless steel back wall, brilliant LED lights, and premium shelves. All of this is matched by luxurious controls, including a thermal touch screen that allows you to adjust the temperature and humidity levels in specific sections of the refrigerator.

You will notice the overall premium fit, form, and finish of a Bosch when you walk through our showroom. We are impressed by how the contours of cabinetry and countertops align with this fridge and result in a high-end, built-in look.

Adjustable FlexBar

The adjustable FlexBar gives you a mezzanine-style storage option at the top of your fridge for storing items like condiments that normally take up a large amount of space in your refrigerator.


Easy-to-Adjust Half-Width Shelves

Half-width shelves in Bosch refrigerators are included so that you have the flexibility to configure your refrigerator any way you like. For example, families with young children may have two or three gallons of milk on hand at any given time. Using half-width shelves in a custom arrangement can give you exactly the space you need for your storage requirements.

3) Multiple Design Options to Fit Any Kitchen Aesthic

No two kitchens are alike, therefore modern fridge types come in different door styles and finishes. That is why Bosch has multiple unique design styles to choose from.

Most Popular Bosch Fridges 36 inches
Most Popular Bosch Fridges

The Bosch 800 Series 36-inch counter depth fridges are the hallmark of German engineering. They come with double compressors, have elegant smudge-proof finishes, and are 72 inches tall.

Most recently, the company released its 500 Series refrigerators targeted at people in need of a replacement for their broken refrigerator. The 70-inch height is designed to fit the cutout dimensions of older kitchens.

Legacy and specialty Bosch refrigerators including 24-inch width
Legacy and specialty Bosch refrigerators including 24-inch width

Bosch still contracts Whirlpool refrigerators to manufacture its legacy models. We expect the legacy fridges to phase out soon. Therefore, we did not review these products in this article.

As for apartment-size Bosch fridges, you will find the fit and finish of the 24-inch wide units to be very attractive. At 79 inches tall, these fridges are intended for urban apartment dwellers.

Built-in Bosch Refrigerators
Built-in Bosch Refrigerators Come Under the Benchmark Series

Bosch makes 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch wide 84-inch high built-in fridges to fit flush with your cabinets. These models come with a stainless steel front or ready to accept wood cabinetry panels.


4) Fridge Door Open? No Problem With Bosch HomeConnect Wifi

No modern refrigerator would be complete without wireless connectivity and smart home features. All new Bosch refrigerators come complete with HomeConnect, allowing for remote controlled functionality via your smart phone as well as diagnostics to help you see exactly what’s going on inside your fridge at any given time. It’s a great way to have peace of mind and make changes to your fridge and freezer settings while you’re on the go.

Other Conveniences

Here are some of the most user-friendly design upgrades Bosch has implemented into the counter depth refrigerators.

Convenient Internal Water Dispenser

Hidden Water Dispenser

Tucked neatly into the left front wall of the fridge, the water and ice dispenser activates with a gentle touch. External water dispensers can ruin the sleek look of a stainless steel door, so Bosch installed these inside the door to keep them accessible yet out of the way.


The Bosch UltraClarityPro filter lasts for approximately 700 gallons of filtration, or an average of around 6 months. Meanwhile, the ice maker creates pyramid/diamond shaped ice of the highest quality we’ve seen in a fridge.


It’s also worth noting that ice makers are the number-one reason for service calls to any refrigerator manufacturer, as they involve mechanical moving parts that tend to get stuck, jammed, or broken. But Bosch has seen a dramatic drop in service calls in the two years since it upgraded its ice makers, suggesting that it has created a design that’s less prone to issues than other brands.

Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

Bosch uses highly fingerprint resistant stainless steel, which is vital if you want to keep your refrigerator from looking like a fingerprint collection device within days of installing it in your kitchen—especially if you have young children.

While black stainless steel has become a popular aesthetic choice for appliances, some brands simply tint standard stainless steel to achieve the black profile. This may look fine on the surface, but these materials are notorious for scratching—leaving bright silver scratch lines that quickly make your brand-new, expensive appliance look old and dingy.

Bosch has changed the game with a method that injects paint all the way into the metal, ensuring an incredibly durable finish that won’t show wear at the first scratch or ding. The new black stainless steel Bosch refrigerators will flawlessly match your Bosch dishwasher or range.


The Bosch Refrigerator Line-Up

The 800 Series 36-inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

These Bosch refrigerators are 72 inches high with a box depth of 24 inches (without door and handles), to stand in concert with your cabinets. All refrigerators in the lineup share the same internal features. The dual compressors and VitaFreshPro settings are designed to guarantee the freshness and longevity of your food. The internal water dispenser works with any size container.

  • 4-Door: The B36CL80SNS with 800 series handles, or the B36CL80ENS with handle-less design feature a cool-fresh crisper drawer that provides easy access, from $2,964
  • French Door Refrigerators: The B36CT80SNS has the regular 800 series finish, and comes in Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel from $2,784
  • Pro-Style: The B36CT81SNS comes ready with Thermador’s professional handles, so it’s ideal for you if you have other Thermador appliances. (Thermador and Bosch are owned by the same parent company.) It is designed to complement a pro range at an affordable price tag from $3,144

The 500 Series Freestanding Refrigerators
Following the successful release of the 800 Series, dual compressor, 72″ tall refrigerators, Bosch addressed the needs of the high-end replacement market with the 500 Series freestanding models. The 500 Series Bosch refrigerators have the traditional single compressor design and come at 70″ height to fit in most legacy replacement spaces. Naturally, these fridges have a more affordable price point around $2,500 based on seasonal promotions.

  • French Door Refrigerators: The B36CD50SNS comes in stainless steel and black stainless options.

Bosch Benchmark Series Built-In Refrigerators

These are true built-in products, flush-mount and 84 inches tall. Bosch Benchmark refrigerators mimic their Thermador cousins but come with with a handle set that matches rest of the Bosch appliance suite.

  • French Door: The built-in B36BT930NS is 36 inches wide, and comes with stainless steel or panel-ready finish to match your cabinets, from $6,384
  • Bottom Freezer: The 30-inch bottom freezer model, from $5,574
  • Columns: The 30-inch B30IR900SP to match with the 18-inch freezer companion B18IF900SP to fit in a 48-inch opening, from $5,034

Bosch 24″ Urban Refrigeration

Ideal for urban apartments where kitchen space is at a premium.

  • 70-inch tall: The built-in 800 Series B09IB91NSP comes with a door that accepts a custom panel for flush cabinet installations, and is HomeConnect wifi ready, from $2,400
  • 73-inch tall: The counter-depth 800 Series B10CB81NVW comes in 2 finishes: white or black, from $2,424
  • 79-inch tall: The counter-depth 500 / 800 Series B11CB50SSS features two configurations with or without an ice maker, from $2,334

Legacy Refrigeration (soon to be retired)

Bosch still has an inventory of its legacy refrigerators made by various third party manufacturers

  • Side-by-Side Refrigrator: The 300 Series B20CS30SNS features the ice and water dispenser on the door, from $1,974
    French Door: The counter-depth 800 Series B21CT80SNS has been popular and comes in three variations, Stainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel, and a model with ice/water on the door; a special pro-style handle set matches with Thermador ranges, from $2,694

Many people ask us what makes a good refrigerator. We covered all important factors in our guide.

Bottom Line

From advanced features and beautiful design to impressive and dependable cooling power, you can’t go wrong with a Bosch counter depth refrigerator.

Bosch already makes the best dishwashers in the marketplace. Its cooking products, including stoves and wall ovens, are also highly rated. With this most recent update to its refrigerator lineup, Bosch gives you even more reasons to choose an entire suite of its kitchen appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get extra savings if I buy a Bosch suite of appliances for my kitchen?

Yes is the short answer. Depending on your product selection we offer exclusive rebates, so you get from 10 to 15 percent off on your packages. Seasonally, we run additional promotions to maximize your savings.

Where are Bosch refrigerators made?

In China. Bosch is a German brand that competes in the global marketplace. Bosch has many factories around the world to serve local markets. For the U.S. market, Bosch predominantly manufactures its appliances in North Carolina. However, Bosch maintains a large selection of products ranging from laundry to dishwashers to cooking and ventilation. Therefore, select product lines may be sourced from various Bosch factories around the world. The new Bosch refrigerators are currently coming from Bosch factories in China.

I read mixed reviews on Bosch refrigerators. Why is that?

It took Bosch over 10 years and a considerable investment to perfect its refrigeration line. In the meantime, Bosch tried many outsourcing partners to serve its customers. Unfortunately, some manufacturing partners were not able to live up to the standards we experienced with other Bosch products. The good news is that the new Bosch refrigerators are now made with 100 percent Bosch technology. So far, we’ve noticed greater customer satisfaction with the latest Bosch refrigerator lineup.

How much is a Bosch refrigerator?

  • Bosch refrigerators start at $1,974 before seasonal promotions.
  • Side by side fridge starts at $1,974.
  • 24-inch Bosch refrigerators start at $2,334.
  • Bosch counter depth French door refrigerators range from $2,514 to $3,144 before promotions.
  • Bosch also makes 84-inch high built in fridges that cost around $7,199.

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