Best Wall Oven Microwave Combos of 2021 (4 Top Picks)

Best Wall Oven Microwave Combos of 2021 (4 Top Picks)

Wall oven microwave combinations have become a popular choice in new homes and renovations around the country, and for good reason. They provide a built-in and custom look that puts your oven and microwave in the same area, giving a unified presentation that many homeowners love.

But how do you choose the best wall oven and microwave stacked combo for your home and your unique needs? That’s where we come in. We created this handy guide to not only highlight some of the top wall oven microwave combos of 2020, but also to help guide you through the most important elements of choosing the perfect oven for you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Best Wall Oven Microwave Combo

Picking the Right Wall Oven Microwave Combo for You

When it comes to wall oven and microwave combinations, you’re really talking about two entirely separate appliances. That means you need to take extra care to ensure that both appliances in the set feature powerful cooking capabilities, the right size for your needs, reliable performance, great features, and visually beautiful design.

Cooking Power & Capabilities
Obviously your oven and microwave handle a different range of tasks. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that between the two of them they can handle everything you would need out of an oven and microwave. That includes baking, convection baking, and broiling in your oven, as well as defrost, thaw, quick cook, and other tasks in your microwave. The best microwaves and ovens have preset custom cooking settings for specific dishes and needs, so look for these cooking features when shopping. They’ll make everything from roast chicken to corn on the cob taste better.

Your oven is likely to have a larger cooking capacity than your microwave, but even your microwave should have ample space to reheat or quickly cook average size dishes. You should also keep in mind that an oven and microwave combo will take up more vertical space than just an oven or just a microwave, so you need to ensure that if you have an existing kitchen setup that this double oven appliance is going to fit into the space assigned to it. Other than that, an oven capacity large enough to handle multiple large dishes is best for when you’re preparing a gourmet meal or entertaining large groups of people at once.

Who wants to have to replace their oven or microwave once every couple of year? Nobody. That’s why reading about the warranty, service guarantee, and custom satisfaction ratings of the brands and models you consider are so important. You don’t want to be caught off-guard by a visually impressive oven-microwave combo only to discover that it’s prone to issues after the first year or less of everyday use. These two appliances are some of the most used in the home, so it’s important that they come from a brand with a history of reliability backed up by a fully featured warranty or guarantee in the event of damage, issues, or defects.

From high-quality control knobs to advanced touch screen functionality and mobile controls from your smart phone, today’s ovens and microwaves are loaded with features that can make your cooking experience a more pleasant and enjoyable one. Safety features are also important to look for, including auto-shutoff or cell phone alerts in the event that an issue is detected during cooking or otherwise. Think about what you like and dislike in certain oven and microwave models from your past, or those you’ve tried out in the homes of friends and families. Some features will be more important to some users, while others won’t make much of an impact.

Your kitchen shouldn’t just help you cook effectively— it should also look great when you’re entertaining. Take time to think about the design profile you want in your oven and microwave combo, ensuring that it not only matches the other appliances in your home but also suits your decor–whether it’s modern, contemporary, vintage, or timeless.

Design also extends to the controls, doors, racks, and other elements of the oven and microwave. Do they all work they way they should? Are they designed for convenience and ease of use? These are all things you want to think about when shopping.

Our 4 Best Wall Oven Microwave Combination

Here are our four top picks for wall oven microwave combinations in 2020 based on cooking power, features, reliability, and overall design.

1) Best Speed Wall Oven Microwave Combination: Bosch HBL8753UC

Bosch HBL8753UC

This Bosch combination oven tops our list thanks to its modern good looks, 9 SpeedChef programs that make cooking a breeze, and the top speed oven that features 10 levels of power and cooks food to perfection a fraction of the time as a traditional oven without sacrificing quality.

You’ll also love the uniform baking results in the lower oven regardless of which rack you choose or how many dishes you load into the cavity, while the Bosch Home Connect mobile app lets you control the lower oven from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the home.

Overall, Bosch has produced a real winner whose combination of style and cooking features earn it the top spot on our list.

2) Best Steam Wall Oven Microwave Combination: Samsung NQ70M7770DS

Samsung NQ70M7770DS

Samsung hasn’t been in the appliance game nearly as long as many of their competitors, but they’ve already churned out some of the absolute best appliances ever made. This combination wall oven and microwave is no exception, with its stunning design (available in multiple finishes) and excellent cooking functionality.

It also wouldn’t be a Samsung product without smart features, and you’ll love being able to preheat your oven, set timers, and receive cooking notifications all from the Samsung smartphone app.

Other great cooking features include steam oven cook for moist dishes, Flex Duo that allows you to set two different temperatures for the oven’s two distinct zones, and two convection fans for even cooking—plus, of course, Samsung’s signature knobs illuminated by blue LEDs.

3) Best Overall Wall Oven Microwave Combination: Cafe CT9800SHSS w/ Speed Oven

Cafe CT9800SHSS

The Cafe line is GE’s high-end appliance series, and this model boasts both a powerful oven and a high-quality microwave to handle all of your cooking needs. From the upper microwave ovens Speedcook functionality that cooks food at lightspeed without sacrificing moisture and quality to the full convection capability of the lower oven, you’ll have everything you need to handle a wide range of dishes in no time. Meanwhile, it’s all house in a visually stylish and highly durable outer shell that’s backed by GE’s commitment to excellence.

Finally, you’ll love the over-175 preprogrammed menu selections in the upper oven that make picking the perfect dish and cooking it to perfection as easy as the touch of a button.

4) Best High End Wall Oven Microwave Combination: Jenn-Air JMW3430IL

Jenn Air JMW3430IL

Jenn-Air may not be the most instantly recognizable name on our list, but they produce high-end appliances with a distinctive look that’s evident in this wall oven-microwave combo.

Highlights of this model include the Vertical Dual-Fan convection system that ensures every inch of your dishes receive even heating even on multiple racks. You’ll also love that both the microwave and oven feature curated recipe presets for a wide range of dishes, including full-color images and an intuitive menu design that makes picking the perfect settings easy and pleasant.

The Jenn Air model comes in two flavors: Rise and Noir with different handle sets to match your other kitchen appliances.

Jenn-Air also offers robust warranties and excellent customer support to backup their glowing reputation. You can’t go wrong with this impressive oven-microwave wall combo.


A wall oven and microwave combination is a fantastic way to instantly upgrade the custom look and feel of your kitchen, while also maximizing the use of space and putting all of your main cooking needs in one area. Choosing the right combo is essential, and you can’t go wrong with any of the four picks above.

Have more questions about choosing the right wall oven-microwave combo for you? Talk to a Designer Appliances expert today to find out more and have all of your questions answered.


Can I have a gas wall oven and electric microwave combo?
Generally, oven and microwave combos installed into the wall are electrically powered for both appliances.

Are there disadvantages to having an oven-microwave wall combo?
Some models feature a microwave stacked on top of two built-in wall ovens. While this is a great option and doesn’t have any inherent disadvantages, you do need to be aware of how much vertical space this will take up. Arranging them on the vertical plane at the right position is essential, otherwise you’ll find yourself standing on tiptoes to reach the microwave or stooping way over to use the lowest oven.

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