Best Slide In Range: Top 4 Slide In Stoves of 2021

Best Slide In Range: Top 4 Slide In Stoves of 2021

Looking for a new slide in range for your kitchen is not an everyday thing but it’s likely you’ll make this decision once or twice. If you’ve started researching, you’ll quickly realize how many brands, features, and options there are to consider. The best advice we’ve heard is to start by thinking about what you prepare in the kitchen that brings you the most joy. Then, what do you do for a quick weeknight meal and how can this appliance make those two things happen? The next step is deciding whether you’d like a slide-in or freestanding range.

Although both offer the same features, capabilities, and cooking power, there’s really no equal to the visual beauty of a slide in range. The slide-in stove is designed to fit to your cabinets for a low-profile, built-in look. Controls are placed in the front so there’s no back panel to reach over hot, steaming pans to access. Without the back panel, the backsplash can steal the show.

Slide-in gas ranges are also designed to slightly overlap the countertop on either side, which results in a seamless blend from counter to stove. This creates a built-in, custom look—not to mention the fact that clean-up is easy and there won’t be drips and spills down the side of your range.

Today’s slide-in ranges are a modern and stylish choice for well designed kitchens that showcase the clean lines of intentional design. In this article, we’ll take a look at what to consider when diving deeper into the world of slide-in ranges. We also prepared a video review to accompany this article so you have the visuals to help you make the most informed decision for your kitchen.

4 Best Slide-in Range Models
Best Slide In Ranges Ranked and Compared by Our Team

Picking the Right Slide-In Range for You

So how do you know which slide in range is right for your specific needs? When shopping, there are five specific areas that you’ll want to pay close attention to in any model or brand you consider.

Cooking Power & Range

This should go without saying, but your slide-in range has to have the cooking capabilities to back up its style and modern design. The power of an individual cooking element is generally measured in BTU, which essentially measures how much heat output that element can manage. The most powerful residential burners usually max out around 20,000 BTU. But it’s not just power you need—low-temperature simmering is also very important for tasks like melting chocolate or butter and warming foods at low heat. You want to make sure that the stove you choose features dependability at both ends of the heat spectrum.



The size of your range is particularly important to consider if you’re not going for a full renovation and the stove needs to fit a predetermined space in your kitchen. If you’re going from a freestanding stove to a slide-in, you’ll want to pay special attention. Ensure that you have a firm grasp on the dimensions of your area and the model you’re considering, and remember that the top edges of the slide-in will have to overlap the top of the countertop.

And don’t forget about depth—the build-in look of a slide-in range won’t amount to much if it’s sticking out several inches from the front of your



There’s no way around it—some brands make ranges that last longer. It comes down to quality materials, manufacturing methods, and a dedication to ensuring that their products work as well on the 1,000th use as they do on the 1st. Stick to brands with an established history of customer satisfaction and reliability according to actual users and reviewers alike.


It’s not just about cooking power. How does your stove stack up when it comes to additional features that make your cooking experience easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable? These can include flexible controls, WiFi connectivity, special indicators and custom built-in cooking programs.



Finally, it’s important that your range looks good. That’s particularly true with slide-in ranges, because they’re beloved for their modern looks and contemporary style. And because they take up so much space in your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that they’re visually pleasing. There are a wide variety of designs, finishes, and styles, so decide what you like and choose a stove based on that criteria.

Our 4 Best Slide-in Range Models

Ready to discover the four best slide-in ranges? Here’s our list of the top picks currently available on the market.

1) Best Double Oven Slide-in Gas Range: Cafe CGS750P2MS1


Cafe CGS750P2MS1

Available from GE’s Cafe appliances brand, this stunning slide in gas range features full convection capabilities, not to mention a double oven design that allows you to cook two entirely different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously.

The cooktop features 6 burners in a range of BTU output levels, ranging from 5,000 to a 21,000 BTU tri-ring burner. The self-clean function even features a steam clean option, while the sealed burners on the cooktop make for easy cleaning and avoiding gunk or grease buildup. The glass touch control panel is beautiful and seamless, and the stove is connectable to home assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest.

For a truly commercial-grade experience with high-end stylings, we can’t recommend this Cafe model enough.

2) Best Value Slide-in Range: GE Profile PGS960YPFS


GE Profile PGS960YPFS

Occupying the second spot on our list is this GE Profile PGS960YPFS slide in gas range, which features a cooktop with dual purpose center burner that allows you to use a special sized circular burner when necessary or an oval burner for griddle tasks (sandwiches, pancakes, etc.).

The 18,000 BTU power boil burner is great for getting that intense heat that’s perfect for fast boiling and searing, and the range’s connectivity means you can receive notifications about preheat, completed cooking tasks, and more directly to your smartphone or digital home assistant. The range even features automatic syncing through GE’s Chef Connect program, and the oven boasts true European convection thanks to a third heating element and fan combination system.

The new GE Profile PGS960YPFS incorporates Air Fryer cooking.

3) Best Style Slide-In Range: Samsung NX60T8711SS


Samsung NX60T8711SS

This Samsung range has all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a high-tech entry from the technology brand, but don’t get it twisted—there’s plenty of substance under all that flash. A large-capacity 5.8 cu. ft. oven allows for cooking multiple dishes at once, while the flexible cooktop features 5 specialized burners that can be used simultaneously. And with a total cooking power of 700 BTU to 18,000 BTU, you’re not likely to find a task this Samsung NX60T8711SS slide in gas range can’t handle.

This model features many of the treats you’ve come to expect from high-quality slide-in gas ranges, including true convection oven cooking, an included reversible cast iron griddle, and even a custom wok grate that perfectly accommodates the round bottom of a wok. Another great feature? Included temperature probe to take the guesswork out of cooking meat, plus grate indicator marks on the cooktop to let you know where to place your pots and pans for optimal heat distribution.

The new NX60T8711SS packs in Air Fry cooking.

4) Best Overall Slide-in Gas Range: Bosch HGI8056UC


Bosch HGI8056UC

We saved the best to last with the Bosch 800 series. This Bosch HGI8056UC range is built on the rich heritage of its predecessor HGI8054UC with an important design improvement on the overhangs on the left and right. Bosch replaced the old angular flanges with the a 90 degree clean-cut overhangs.

This full-depth slide in gas range features five burners with a max power of 18,000 BTU. 4.8 cubic feet of oven space will accommodate most pots and pans, while heavy duty metal knobs add a premium look and feel to this stainless steel beauty. You’ll also love the built-in warming drawer, 9 specialized cooking modes, standard convection capabilities, and extra-large door window for easy monitoring of your cooking.


GE Cafe and GE Profile, Samsung, and Bosch have all created world-class slide-in range models. Which one you choose will depend on your own unique situation—your kitchen setup, cooking needs, budget, and preferences. But any of the four slide-ins listed above will reward you with a phenomenal cooking experience, world-class features, stylish design, and reliability you can count on to get the job done for years to come. And, now with that decision behind you, you can get back to pinning backsplash ideas.


Why are slide-in ranges more expensive than freestanding ranges?
The componentry of the controls in slide-in ranges is more complex. With the built-in dimensions and easy-access controls, manufacturers have reconfigured where on the cooktop the componentry exist. This design aspect and the components increase the manufacturing cost, which is why you’ll often see slide-in ranges with higher price tags than their freestanding counterparts.

Can my slide-in range be positioned at the end of a cabinet?
Unfortunately, no. Slide-in ranges are designed to be positioned between two cabinets, and as a result, their sides are generally unfinished.

Do slide-in ranges cook better than freestanding ranges?
Not necessarily. A slide-in won’t automatically offer better cooking quality than a similar freestanding range. What you want to look for is a comparison of two individual models rather than one category over another. A high-end freestanding range will likely have more options and power than a mid-range slide-in model.

Can I replace my freestanding range with a slide-in range, or the other way around?
Possibly. It all depends on the dimensions of the space where your previous range stood, as well as the dimensions of your new range. If you’re not sure whether a model or style will fit your existing space, ask an expert to assess the space for you. As far as electronics, slide-in ranges and freestanding ranges don’t require unique setups as a rule—but keep in mind that going from electric to gas fuel will always require different needs, regardless of range style.

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