Best Gas Oven: Our Top Gas Ovens of 2021

Best Gas Oven: Our Top Gas Ovens of 2021

A gas oven is less popular than its electric counterpart, but that doesn’t meant that finding a great gas wall oven is impossible. There are still multiple brands offering high-end, quality gas ovens in 2021. That’s why we created this handy buying guide to help you identify the best factors to consider when buying a gas wall ovens, as well as a copule of our top picks for models to choose from when making your selection.

Our Top Gas Ovens

Picking the Right Gas Oven for You

Gas ovens inherently tend to have slightly less even heat distribution than their electric cousins. That makes choosing an oven with a high rating for cooking quality extremely important. Besides that, you should also account for size, reliability, features, and design elements when choosing the model for you.

For example, some gas ovens allow you to control them via a smartphone app. Others feature high-end knobs or powerful touch screens that react to the slighest touch. Design elements matter, too, like whether you decide to go for fingerprint-resistant stainless steel or a different finish to match your existing decor.

From cooking power and interior capacity to reliability ratings and customer satisfaction overall, choosing the perfect gas oven depends on a mix of factors that add up to either a quality appliance that will last for years to come or a total dud.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at two of our favorite picks for gas ovens in 2019 and what makes them so special.

Our Top Picks

For our top picks, we chose a model from BlueStar and one from Frigidaire, two trusted appliance brands that each has their own gas wall oven model. We’ll compare some of their best features, design elements, and other positives so that you’re able to make an informed decision on the best model to buy.

1) Best 30-inch Gas Oven: BlueStar BWO30AGSNG


This absolutely beautiful gas wall oven from BlueStar has all of the hallmarks of a high-end design. From the restaurant-style French doors to the incredible range of color finishes (over 750+ options available!), there’s something here to please everyone.

The oven features a powerful 25,000 BTU burner plus a 3,000 BTU heat assist function for quick preheating to get you cooking faster. The 24″ depth is perfect for matching the depth of existing kitchen cabinets, while the True European convection and Infrared Broiler functions give you more cooking flexibility than ever before.

BlueStar is a trusted brand in high-end appliance design, so you can’t go wrong when purchasing an appliance from this trusted brand. The BWO30AGS is a great option if you’re looking for a gas wall oven—and even comes in a stacked double-oven arrangement for even more cooking capacity.

  • More on BlueStar: Ready our in-depth review on what BlueStar ranges are all about.

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2) Best 24-inch Gas Oven: Frigidaire FFGW2426US

Frigidaire FFGW2426US

Frigidaire has been creating workhorse, highly dependable appliances for generations. This 24″ single gas wall oven is no exception, offering three distinct finishes—black, white, and stainless steel.

Features include even baking technology to overcome the inherent disadvantages of gas heating, plus vari-broil temperature control to choose between two different heat levels. There are even built-in ready-select controls and a quick clean function to clean your oven in just two hours, rather than having to have it sit at a high temperature for the entire day in order to clean.

Overall, this Frigidaire model might not be the flashiest of the bunch, but it gets the job done and is a great option to consider for your home cooking setup.


There may not be as many options for gas wall ovens as their are for electric models, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a few extremely high-quality options to choose from. Just remember to do your research, and don’t hesitate to talk to a Designer Appliances expert before making your choice. Our job is to take time to understand your unique needs and set you up with the appliance that’s going to perfectly fulfil them. While the two models we listed above are excellent, you might have something else in mind. We’d be happy to help you find it and transform your home cooking experience into something more high-quality, stylish, and enjoyable.


What are the pros and cons of electric versus gas ovens?
Generally, electric ovens are able to distribute heat more evenly throughout the cooking space, though there are certainly exceptions. A high-end gas oven will heat more evenly than a low-end, budget electric oven any day of the week.

Electric ovens also tend to heat a bit more quickly than gas, which is interesting considering cooktops are the opposite.

Do I need a special hookup for a gas wall oven?
Yes, you’ll either need an existing gas hookup in the space where your oven will go or the means to have one installed. It can be a bit more complicated than an electric oven, so keep that in mind when planning your kitchen renovation or new appliance set.

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