Bertazzoni Range: A Hands-On Review [w/VIDEO]

Bertazzoni Range: A Hands-On Review [w/VIDEO]

Most people are captivated by the beautiful design and the rich colors of the Bertazzoni range. Upscale and unique, Bertazzoni blends seamlessly with counters and cabinets giving a professionally designed look to the kitchen space.

We’ve found that Bertazzoni carries a reasonable price point for a high-end appliance, especially if you are looking for a splash of color as a focal point in your home. However, not much has been said about Bertazzoni’s cooking performance which can be hard to discern if you’ve read the reviews. We commissioned Chef Jonathan, who regularly cooks on a Bertazzoni range, to highlight the top features and show us how these stoves can elevate your cooking experience.

With the help of Chef Jonathan, we put this range through its paces. Here is what we found.


Cooking Possibilities with Bertazzoni Range [VIDEO REVIEW]

Bertazzoni Range Unpacked

Years ago when Chef Jonathan first saw the Bertazzoni range, he thought that it was just a pretty toy made for those who don’t cook often. After using this stove, he found out that it packs a ton of cooking power. Here are some examples of his observations:


Fast Boiling & Heat-Up Times

In our first test, we boiled water for pasta and were able to achieve a rapid boil in under 10 minutes thanks to the 19,000 BTU power burner featuring Bertazzoni’s unique dual ring design. The inner and outer flames work together to maximize the heating surface area over the burner flames, which quickly gets a pan up to high heat for searing or, in our case, water up to a rolling boil.

Unique Truly Counter-Depth Design

Bertazzoni ranges are available in 3 unique stylesHeritage, Professional, and Master series. In our review, we used the 6-burner 2019 Professional series gas range.


The large cooking surface and heavy-duty continuous grates made it easy to move around pots and pans as we managed the multiple dishes we prepared.


In addition to high power output, Bertazzoni gives you the flexibility for delicate tasks as well. For the pasta, we prepared both a red and a white sauce using the simmer power level, and we were able to keep a steady low simmer going while we prepared the rest of the meal.

Similar to the cooktop, the oven also packs a ton of chef-inspired features. You’ll notice right away the beautiful edge to edge glass door. The door gives you a clear view of the progress of your meal. During our testing, we learned the interior light stays on during the entire cooking cycle, so your food will always be easy to monitor.

Most Consistent Heat in a Gas Oven

Inside, Bertazzoni has a dual convection fan system. The dual fans circulate air inside the oven cavity resulting in even cooking across all racks.


If you’ve been on the market for a range, you may have heard that electric ovens are better than gas ovens for baking due to their even, consistent temperatures. The reason for this is because most gas ovens continuously cycle the flame on and off in order to reach the desired temperature. Unfortunately, the cycling action results in huge temperature swings. For many home-chefs this can make or break the end result when baking.

Bertazzoni utilizes a variable gas flame in the oven that is automatically adjusted to maintain temperature instead of cycling on and off for more precise control over the oven temperature.

Full Width Broiler Provides Even Searing

To show off the chef-inspired design of the Bertazzoni range, we tested the gas infrared broiler. Unlike other smaller broilers that are an afterthought, Bertazzoni designed theirs with home chefs in mind. The full-width design gives you even results across whatever you are broiling.


We tested the broiler with both chicken and lamb, and the results speak for themselves. For the chicken, each piece has the same level of sear regardless of where they were sitting in the broiling pan. The same goes for the lamb. The lamb rack was seared evenly across its entire surface.

Unique Safety Features

One last thing we wanted to highlight was the unique safety features found on the Bertazzoni.

With a high powered gas range, there is always a concern about what happens if the flame gets blown out. You may boil a pot of pasta and walk away for a few minutes just to come back to find out that water has boiled over extinguishing the burner flames. Since the burner is still on, gas would continue to flow into your kitchen creating a hazard. Bertazzoni has a unique safety valve that will turn off the gas after 7 seconds when no flame is detected. We demonstrated this in our video review.

Another nice safety feature, especially if you have kids, is the triple glass oven door, which is cool-to-the-touch even after we were cooking for over 2 hours.

Bottom Line

After spending a few hours in the kitchen with the Bertazzoni range, we were impressed by the performance. Coupled with the fact that Bertazzoni appliances come with a full 2-year warranty, we do recommend the Bertazzoni stove as an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or stop by in one of our New Jersey showrooms. You can find Chef Jonathan for private events on Instagram @chefjonharris.

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