4 Steps to Microwave the Juiciest Corn on the Cob

4 Steps to Microwave the Juiciest Corn on the Cob

Your microwave and corn on the cob are a match made in convenience heaven. There’s simply no faster way to cook it. Plus, since you don’t have to boil any water or fire up the grill—just pop it in and hit the buttons—you definitely won’t break a sweat.

Yes, hot summer nights are when your trusty microwave swoops in, looking all helpful. Microwave cooking is nothing to be ashamed of: Recipe developers far and wide happily admit to using this technique, and have even refined it over the years.

You may be wondering, “How long do I microwave corn on the cob?”

But don’t touch any buttons just yet. The first move to maximum juiciness happens before you put the cobs inside your appliance, and actually saves you time. Go ahead and leave the husk on, advise the pros at “The Kitchn and Simply Recipes”. Steam gets trapped inside, so the corn cooks in its own moisture and is less likely to dry out.

And that’s not all you can do. Here’s a tip we’ve picked up from our food-editor friends: Set a bowl of water in the microwave along with your corn. It’ll create a little extra steam that will make your corn taste even juicier.

Pro Tip: To cook the juiciest corn in your microwave, leave the husks on and set a small bowl of water inside with the cobs. These two simple steps create steam that will make every bite taste even juicier.

The exact cook time depends on how many ears you want to do at once and your microwave model—there are many different types now, from an over the range microwave to microwave drawers —so it may take some experimenting. Most recipes recommend starting with four minutes, then cooking for intervals of two or three more minutes until the kernels are tender. Let’s break it down, step by step.


Microwave Corn on the Cob

Step 1: Prep It
Place one to four ears of corn in the microwave, husks on. Fill a small bowl with water, and set in the microwave alongside your corn.

Step 2: Steam It
Microwave corn for four minutes. Carefully peel back husk (it will be hot) to check the kernels’ tenderness. Depending on how many pieces of corn you’re cooking and your microwave, they’ll likely need more time.

Step 3: Refine It
Continue microwaving corn in increments of two to three minutes, checking the kernels after each round.

Step 4: Serve It
Carefully remove hot corn and bowl of water from microwave. Holding corn with a clean dishcloth or oven mitt, slice off the cut end, and slide off the husk. It should come off easily in one piece. Top as desired, and serve immediately.


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